Brighton, England, GBR

An established vocalist whose featured on labels such as Planet Mu, R&S and Black Acre. Collaborating with artist like Falty Dl, Starkey and Lone, and having done a Radio 1 Maida Vale Session. Anneka is currently causing waves with her original material and live show of electronic beat driven pop.


Anneka has collaborated vocally with many electronic artists such as Falty Dl, Lone, Starkey, Ital Tek, Vex’d and Blue Daisy, on labels such as Planet Mu, Fabric, R&S and Black Acre. Various tracks she has appeared on have been played on Radio 1, Xfm and 6music. She recorded and wrote a track live on the BBC Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs Show, at the BBC Maida Vale Studios with long time collaborater and producer; Starkey. The song won the Radio 1 review show and was played numerous times across the stations day time schedule.

Anneka's voice has been described as 'lustrous' (Juno Plus) and 'lush' (Drowned In Sound). Her alluring vocals depicted as having a ‘sultry beauty with an almost desperate streak of aggression‘ (OneThirtyBPM). With a strong visual arts background her lyrics are often filled with imagery and metaphors.

One of the most in demand vocalists in the dubstep and electronica scene today. She has impressed producers and fans alike with her ability to write vocals that perfectly complement each artist's work whilst still bringing her own distinctive sound to the track. Anneka is currently working on further collaborations as well as writing her own highly anticipated debut record.

Recent live performances of her own new productions have gained attention with Vice blog The Recommender describing her performance as; "a truly magical sight" and "the kind of music you lose yourself in, not to suggest it’s self-indulgent, rather that it’s hypnotic and dripping in atmosphere." "The crowd were completely hooked. Including me." Anneka has supported a range of artists from Neon Indian to Rustie.


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All of the following tracks/releases have received Radio 1, 6Music, Xfm and international airplay.

BLUE DAISY - THE SUNDAY GIFT (ALBUM) LABEL: BLACK ACRE : Anneka features on tracks Firewall and Spinning Channels. Released: Sep 2011

FALTY DL - YOU STAND UNCERTAIN (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU : Anneka features on the track Gospel of Opal
. Released: Mar 2011

VARIOUS - 14 Tracks From Planet Mu (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU : Anneka features on the track Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix) by Starkey. Released: Jan 2011


Anneka features on the track Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix) by Starkey : Released: Aug 2010

ITAL TEK - MIDNIGHT COLOUR (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU: Anneka features on the track Restless Tundra. Released: Jun 2010

STARKEY - EAR DRUMS AND BLACK HOLES (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU: Anneka features on the track Stars. Released: Apr 2010

Anneka features on the track Heart Space. Released: Mar 2010

STARKEY - STARS (Single) LABEL: PLANET MU: Anneka features on the track Stars. Released: Mar 2010

Set List

25/30 minutes live solo sets. Which consist of live vocals, keyboard, drumpads, percussion and laptop.

Tech requirements: 2 mics going into venue mixer + stands (one vocal, one for percussion), RCA or two jack leads going into DIs from Anneka's soundcard and 2 tables/stands that are keyboard stand height to put keyboard/drum pads/laptop/soundcard on. 2 plug sockets. Reverb on the mics from venue sound desk.