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Brighton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Pop EDM




"Various Quotes"

Heart Space:

..."Anneka contributing to the excellent "Heart Space" (her work here might be the most traditional vocal appearance on a truly great dubstep track since Pinch's Underwater Dancehall)"...
Sputnik Music

"...the glacial purr of Anneka on 'Heart Space'" - Norman Records "The highlight of the whole record is Anneka’s striking input into the shifting trip of Heart Space, a tune that smudges the very definitions of the genre."

Restless Tundra:

'When Anneka's vocal (her best yet) finally comes in, it juggles sultry beauty with an almost desperate streak of aggression, quite like Myson's productions.' - 130 BPM - Andrew Ryce

'...a calm contemplative number, featuring the lustrous vocal skills of Anneka.' - Juno Plus

"Annekas angelic vocals caress the beat. I can’t get enough of this lady at the moment "


Inverted Audio describes her vocals as "nothing less than breathtaking".

The BBC's review of Starkey's album Ear Drums and Black Holes, says that the track Stars is; " a dreamscape breathed all over by angel-voiced Brighton-based singer Anneka."

"‘Stars’ is a showcase for the lush if Björk-ish vox of Anneka" - Reviewed by Noel Gardner Source: (Drowned in Sound)
- Various


You could learn to play the piano, we could learn to play the piano, we could all be pianists if we really, really wanted to. If any of us spent a few months or years having drumming lessons then we may end up happy to take to the sticks in a band. However, not everyone can sing. Sure, you can have lessons, we can have lessons, but without any actual original talent to start with it’s pretty hard to get anywhere, especially professionally. You either have it or you don’t. Well, here’s a new artist that’s stepping out from the shadows of her obvious talent and into the light, because she definitely has it. In recent years she’s mostly been known as a vocalist for hire, appearing on tunes by artists that you could mostly associate with Planet Mu Records, such as the likes of Itel Tek, Vex’d and Starkey, among others. Now it’s her turn, as her recent original works are causing something of a storm that’s sure to go from the teacup to the wider media, as she plans to give focus to recording more of her own material.

We watched Anneka perform at a recent Vice Magazine launch party, which was being held at The Green Door Store in her home town of Brighton. We had been asked to DJ between the artists, pausing for the acts when they take to the stage. This inadvertently allowed us a front-row view of the performers. That night Anneka was on second and turned out to be a truly magical sight. She plays the kind of music you lose yourself in, not to suggest it’s self-indulgent, rather that it’s hypnotic and dripping in atmosphere. Her sound was quite the shift from what we’d previously been setting out as a DJ, where our focus was on getting the room worked up. She only seemed to notice the room’s change in gear after her first song. As she set up the second tune, she had the humility to apologise for the slightly quieter tones and asked the crowd if they minded. She needn’t have, for if she’d been able to see through the stage lighting she would have noticed the crowd were completely hooked. Including me.

She layers up her songs as if wafting clean sheets over her bed. It’s a smoothly synchronized show, although entirely electronic, with programmed samples and digitized beats, save for the occasional rattle that’s shaken in between hitting pads with the sticks. It actually turns what is otherwise a mostly synthesized collection of sounds into quite a percussive performance. The rhythms are cleverly stacked up in a way that could fall apart with the tiniest of distractions, requiring the kind of concentration that you would normally associate with the latter stages of Tetris, but then she adds the most organic of ingredients – her voice. No wonder she’s been repeatedly hired to sing for other artists, this voice is particularly special. It’s pure and clean and easily breathed in. Obvious comparisons to Grimes will most likely be welcomed, but this isn’t as pixie-cute. Instead of the high-pitched Glossolalia vocals on show with Clare Boucher, you get a more rounded soulful glide.

The voice really is her best special move. She even uploads stems of songs, mainly just of her voice, on Soundcloud and offers it up to others to work it into a new tune or remix. People have duly obliged – over 60 people submitted remixes to her – with a couple of particularly awesome versions based from her stems of the song, Shut Her Down, appearing on Hype Machine, (hear those here and here). All this shouldn’t discount from her entirely self-crafted music, which form the same kind of left-field electronica pop as Bjork – an artist that she confirmed is a direct inspiration, but then again perhaps we’d be slightly more alarmed if a solo female artist of this kind didn’t take inspiration from the Icelandic queen. You can catch her live show again at The Green Door Store on February 13th when she gets a perfect support slot behind High Places. And it really is a show, something that clearly comes naturally considering she has a degree in Music & Visual Arts, obtained at Brighton University. Her debut EP is still being designed and recorded, but on the initial evidence her shadow has some serious catching up to do. (MB) - The Recommender


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All of the following tracks/releases have received Radio 1, 6Music, Xfm and international airplay.

BLUE DAISY - THE SUNDAY GIFT (ALBUM) LABEL: BLACK ACRE : Anneka features on tracks Firewall and Spinning Channels. Released: Sep 2011

FALTY DL - YOU STAND UNCERTAIN (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU : Anneka features on the track Gospel of Opal
. Released: Mar 2011

VARIOUS - 14 Tracks From Planet Mu (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU : Anneka features on the track Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix) by Starkey. Released: Jan 2011


Anneka features on the track Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix) by Starkey : Released: Aug 2010

ITAL TEK - MIDNIGHT COLOUR (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU: Anneka features on the track Restless Tundra. Released: Jun 2010

STARKEY - EAR DRUMS AND BLACK HOLES (ALBUM) LABEL: PLANET MU: Anneka features on the track Stars. Released: Apr 2010

Anneka features on the track Heart Space. Released: Mar 2010

STARKEY - STARS (Single) LABEL: PLANET MU: Anneka features on the track Stars. Released: Mar 2010



Anneka has collaborated vocally with many electronic artists such as Falty Dl, Lone, Starkey, Ital Tek, Vex’d and Blue Daisy, on labels such as Planet Mu, Fabric, R&S and Black Acre. Various tracks she has appeared on have been played on Radio 1, Xfm and 6music. She recorded and wrote a track live on the BBC Radio 1 Mary Anne Hobbs Show, at the BBC Maida Vale Studios with long time collaborater and producer; Starkey. The song won the Radio 1 review show and was played numerous times across the stations day time schedule.

Anneka's voice has been described as 'lustrous' (Juno Plus) and 'lush' (Drowned In Sound). Her alluring vocals depicted as having a ‘sultry beauty with an almost desperate streak of aggression‘ (OneThirtyBPM). With a strong visual arts background her lyrics are often filled with imagery and metaphors.

One of the most in demand vocalists in the dubstep and electronica scene today. She has impressed producers and fans alike with her ability to write vocals that perfectly complement each artist's work whilst still bringing her own distinctive sound to the track. Anneka is currently working on further collaborations as well as writing her own highly anticipated debut record.

Recent live performances of her own new productions have gained attention with Vice blog The Recommender describing her performance as; "a truly magical sight" and "the kind of music you lose yourself in, not to suggest it’s self-indulgent, rather that it’s hypnotic and dripping in atmosphere." "The crowd were completely hooked. Including me." Anneka has supported a range of artists from Neon Indian to Rustie.