Anne-Lise Larsen

Anne-Lise Larsen

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Musical style: intense chill. An edgy cocktail mood that blends feelings with a retro inspired modern electronic twist.


A lifetime ago, Anne-Lise earned her bona fide musician stripes from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. But even then, there was a restless soul beneath the serious persona of the professional cellist. After years of freelancing and teaching cello, the desire to “sing and be free” was overwhelming. With no reason to stay in Brisbane, and wanting a fresh start with a new musical life,
Anne-Lise took the leap and moved to Sydney.

Sydney projects have included the A-L Larsen Duo, 2000-2003 and her band, Ayelle, with Paul Wheeler [Billy Thorpe’s Sunbury Aztecs) on bass 2003-2004.

A solo career is the latest phase of Anne-Lise's musical journey. Her debut solo release, I'm Alive [2006 EP], was an affirmation of arrival and survival in the music world. The EP was entirely written, composed, arranged and performed by Anne-Lise, and recorded and produced in her studio. Belying its one-woman origins, I'm Alive appeals to a wider, shared experience, exploring tales of love, loneliness, the pursuit of dreams and the seduction of envy. "Back Where She Began" from I'm Alive was selected for inclusion on the Sounds Like Cafe compilation album, Volume 17. Other artists on the CD include Eran James, Hayley Jensen and Cass Eager.

In May 2008, Anne-Lise accompanied herself with her cello, in a ground breaking acoustic set at Amanda Easton's PopTarts. A support for Sophie Serafino followed at The Basement in October. Two songs from that concert became the “b-sides” to Anne-Lise’s 2009 limited release single, “Could You Be The One (I’ve Been Looking For”).

The latest one-woman production is the new album Planets Aligned. "I learned a lot from releasing I'm Alive. This abum has better production than I’m Alive, is slightly more experimental and I have brought my cello into the mix to complement my sentimental groove. Making music as a solo performer isn’t exactly what I had planned, but now, I couldn’t imagine doing my music any other way". Planets Aligned explores themes of personal reflection, dissecting relationships, shattered illusions and the resolution of such with the discovery of new lust, love and finally contentment.

Planets Aligned is full of silky masterful lead vocals and backing vocals with a rich layering, reminiscent of 70s soul and disco. Anne-Lise has made full use sound textures, with sweeping string synthesizers, a traditional Fender Rhodes, exotic percussion, beat driven melodic bass lines and a mixture of traditional pop funk style drumming and dance drum loops. Planets Aligned is an album for those who crave passion, human emotion, musicianship, melody and power in their music with a bit more substance than pop, and more accessibility than jazz.


Back Where She Began

Written By: Anne-Lise Larsen

When she woke up that morn for a second she felt fine
For the brand new day
As she turned her young cheek for that sweet first morning kiss
It all came back to her
For the night just before he had said so carelessly
I don't love you anymore
And the tears rolled down realising that things would never be the same

Back where she began only slightly wiser than the last time
Back where she began all her hopes and dreams had fallen over
Back where she began maybe next time there's a happy ending
Back where she began maybe next time she would find prince charming
Maybe some day

As she dressed for the day she reflected on the man
Who had passed her by
All those laughs and some tears holding hands talking til late
But just another fling

There's no point in crying for your losses
There's someone out there right for you...just enjoy the ride

Seize The Day

Written By: Anne-Lise Larsen

Do you ever wonder what it's all about
And what a day could bring, all kinds of things
The world could be your oyster
Yet, we wallow in the trivialities
That only bring us down, before we drown
They really shouldn't matter

Think I'll seize the day
Before it ebbs away
Still delighting in this world of bitter sweetness

If the paradigms you hold from yesterday
Begin to rule your mind, just leave behind
Those thoughts can only harm you
Hope can be the only way to get us through
Some of our darkest hours, how doubt devours
Our secret wildest dreaming

Dreaming has no place here, it's hard to make it through
And if you dream too wildly, it's better me than you....and so it goes

Dreaming has no place here, from this fool I imbue
That if you dream too wildly, may to yourself be true...and life goes on

Cold Cold City

Written By: Anne-Lise Larsen

Walking through the city streets
I wonder where the people meet to make good times
Livin’ here for seven years
And still I feel I'm looking in from the outside
I'm not looking for a man
The desperate heat from a one night stand just don't appeal to me

Cold cold city
People only looking out for themselves
Cold cold city
What's behind those eyes I really couldn't tell
Cold cold city
Welcome to another cold day in hell

Old friends that you leave behind
Can break your heart a second time in this tough place
Invisible in the line
Wish I could be somebody's familiar face
I miss the warmth of my old home
Seems like such a long time ago...I didn't feel alone

Cold cold city
People only looking out for themselves
Cold cold city
What's behind those eyes I really couldn't tell
Cold cold city
Welcome to another cold day in hell

Keep on walking through the streets
Getting used to this old beat my constant friend
Surviving here haunted by fears
And yet I know I haven’t reached the very end
Hoping for some laughs again
But until then I’ll take comfort in my company, just me


Planets Aligned - 2009
Could You Be The One (I've Been Looking For) - digital single April 2009
I'm Alive EP - Anne-Lise Larsen 2006
Four Acoustic Songs - A-L Larsen Duo 2003

"Back Where She Began" from I'm Alive appears on "Sounds Like Cafe" Vol 17 CD sampler distributed to cafes & coffee houses throughout Australia.

The I'm Alive EP has received airplay in Australia, Europe, the UK and the USA.

Airplay Direct:
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Back Where She Began [acoustic mode] - Jazz download of the day - at

View live video snippets of Anne-Lise's previous band Ayelle at her myspace page:
Songs: Felt So Good, I Just Wanna Be Rich

Set List

All original music.

1 x 30 minute set:

Anne-Lise accompanies her singing with her cello plugged into her Fender Acoustisonic amp.

Cold Cold City
Could You Be The One
Mundane Blues
Felt So Good
Seize The Day

1 x 30 minute set with backing tracks:

Back Where She Began
Seize The Day
Cold Cold City
I Just Wanna Be Rich
The Weather

Keyboard or acoustic/jazz body guitarist accompanying:

Two 40 minute sets of originals

Back Where She Began
Seize The Day
Cold Cold City
I Just Wanna Be Rich
Felt So Good
A Little Dissonance
Rest of My Days

Just A Little Sadder
World Keeps Spinning
The Weather
The Dream
Could You Be The One?
Mundane Blues
That's The Way It Used To Be