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Anne Lorentzen


Great sounding, serious, unreliable and professional


Anne Lorentzen is a norwegian singer-songwriter. She was one of the first norwegian artists to combine the beats-electronica-soundscape with songs in the Norwegian singer-songwritertradion. Her latest album Såre Sinn was declared one of the best norwegian releases in 1999 by the influential fanzine Natt og Dag, while Aftensposten, one of the main newspapers in Norway, labelled Lorentzen as "the female artist of the year".

Anne Lorentzen startet her career as a guitarplayer in a number of unsigned all-female bands located in Bergen, in the the western part of Norway. Later on she startet the duo Ravn which quickly was discovered by the prominent Norwegian singer-songwriter Jonas Fjeld. He produced their first album "Rød Ravn i en blå by" which received a lot of attention in Norway. The norwegian broadcast channel P1 proclaimed Ravn as "the debut of the year", and the record received lots of airplay. I 1997 Anne Lorentzen released her debut as a soloartist, and the song "Kvinne søker kvinne" became a hit on several of the major radiochannels. I 1999 she released her second album, which became a-critics-favorite. The record was described as "Hypnoticand seducing" by Dagbladet, one of the major newspapers in Norway, and most journalists responded with 5 out of 6 stars.

In 2001 the song Mognad (from the Såre sinn-album) was declared Best Norwegian Entry in the songwriter competition Song Expo, The Benelux International Song and Culture festival, and in the summer of 2003 Anne Lorentzen was invited to play at The Chard Festival of Women in Music, by the Daily Telegraph og The Guardian characterized as "One of Europe's top ten musical events" og "One of the national events worth leaving home for".

Anne Lorentzen is at the moment giving concerts alone or with her band, while preparing new recordreleases. She is also doing gigs with noise-duo "BTwixt" and is making sound and music for art installations and liveperformances. Musical influences ranges from cabaret and electronica to melodic pop - rock.

Anne Lorentzen is to release her new cd Krim (Crime) on the January the 16th 2006.


In the queer

Written By: Anne Lorentzen/Yari Knuutinen

I don`t belong to a church
of any kind
I`m the tweedle deedle sheep that`s not easy to find
I don`t care if it’s a rainy day
I`ve got a hat with a feather,
so I don’t care about the weather

Ref: Cos when you`re queer, you`re so dear
And you don`t have to be
so straight

I don`t predict the future,
I don`t care about the end
I ain`t got the money
but everything to spend
I `m singing with a stranger
and I would love to be your friend
But I `m a dancing zinderella, twirling my umbrella

Ref: Cos when you`re queer, you`re so dear
And you don`t have to be
so straight

My nails are always polished
And mye teeth is always clean
But the magic is in the wonder
of all that`s in between
It`s in the queer, that`s so dear
And you don`t have to be
so straight

My room is always tidy
and my bed is neatly made
But when they go for sunshine,
I prefer the shade
Is it just a failure
or could it be success
To shake up all the people
– and leave them in a mess!

Ref: Cos when you`re queer, you`re so dear
And you don`t have to be so –
square - that’s so dear,
And you don`t have to be
so straight

Lyrics/melody: Anne Lorentzen/Yari Knuutinen

All rights reserved

Happy Home

Written By: Anne Lorentzen

Happy Home

Lyrics and music: Anne Lorentzen

Love is the grain of a flower
Love is an open book
Love works around the hour
Love’s everywhere if you look
Love is like a stranger
you’re passing in the night
She passes in the manger
but you know just what you’ve recognized

But you’re too happy home
happy home
But you’re too happy home,
happy –

Here is another scandal
here is another war
You’re walking round in sandals checking the stocks once more
Terror make you ask
what constitutes the human mind?
But it is not your task
to unify the human kind

Cos you’re too happy home
happy home
You’re too happy home,
happy –

Not for a million horses
would I sacrifice our home
Not for a million horses
would I leave
Not for a million horses
would I go out there alone
Not for a million dollars
I believe

Cos I’m too happy home
happy home
I’m so happy home
- I’m happy

Contact information:
Postal Address:
Tartar Productions
Anne Lorentzen
Furuveien 9D
1450 Nesoddtangen
Phone: (office) +47 66 91 74 04/ (cellphone) +47 92 600 214

All rights reserved Anne Lorentzen
The song is registered in the name of Anne Lorentzen at TONO (NORWAY).
The song was written in 2002, but has never been broadcasted or released as a recording, only performed live by Anne Lorentzen.


Anne Lorentzen: Krim (Lorentzlyd/NMR, 2006)
Anne Lorentzen: Såre Sinn (Supernova, 1999)
Anne Lorentzen: Lykkens Narr (Grappa 1997)

Set List

Anne Lorentzen dedicates herself to make a concert a communicative event, where storytelling and soundscapes is being used to make the concert a seamless and floating experience. Its generally a "sit down" experience, which speaks just as much to the mind as to the body.

Her setlist is a mixture of her own songs.