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Too Deep

Written By: Annemarie Radcliffe

Verse 1
Another broken glass
Shattered from my aggression
Light up another cigarette
For our frustrations
He would say
Wipe those Bette Davis eyes
You have no reason to cry
Lick your lips, baby
Taste the vinegar in your lies

Pre- Chores
Then he threw me against the wall
Clinging his fingertips against my jaw
Why won’t you change your ways for me, baby…

Oh, when I feel untouched
Is when I fall in too deep?
Searching for love
That I just don’t know how to keep

And…Even if I tried
I wouldn’t know what to do
Because I can’t see myself
Falling in love
Without hurting you

Verse 2
Another slamming door
Broke his heart again
Caught in the act
In the arms of another man
He would say
Stop being a prima donna
You can’t always have your way
With red lipstick stain of shame
Still smeared across your face

Pre- Chores
Then he dragged me
In front of the bathroom mirror
Look at the monster, you have become
Tame this wild beast or I’m gone
Will you ever change your ways for me, baby…

And I’ll never forget
That night you left
And last things you ever said to me

What you gonna do when your all alone
When the players of your game have all moved on
You see them down the street, with their wives and a couple of kids
Do you think they would stop and say hello!
Or even remember your name,
Baby, I don’t believe you will ever change your way for me
So I guess it’s, Goodbye baby.