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The best kept secret in music


"In Harmony Music Festival"

Anna Mae
and The MayKnots
presented a most unusual setthat sounded like
a German pop/lounge act
colliding with Jim Morrison.
- Peace Arch News, Sept.23.2000

"In Harmony Music Festival"

Anna May and
The May Knots created an impression of a time warp fronted by a disco/lounge singer- but one can’t help but like the funky groove the May Knots lay down and Anna May herself is charming and endearing with her accent and comments to the crowd. - Peace Arch News,Sept.10, 2001

"In Harmony Music Festival"

Annemie ( Dave andWayne)
Well-suited to a more intimate indoor stage, Annemie ( Anna Mae )
brought her loungey singing to intriguing originals; her own spare keyboard backing, funky beats of bassist Dave Clairmont and drummer Wayne Turone, combined to make these one of the most exotic, endearingly underrated acts.
- The Peace Arche News, Sept.18,2002


Annemie's first CD "I'm your Pussycat "
can be bought at:


Feeling a bit camera shy


Annemie Meyer is German born, European and Canadian schooled.
Coming from a family of rich performers;
her Opa Wilhelm Meyer was a well-established composer, trompet, accordion and piano player, her father Ludwig Meyer is a skilful magician, a stand up comedian, an amateur filmmaker (he won 1st price with a family movie), a stuntman (freaking out his wife and children on a regular basis) and played the snare drum in a police band, her older bother Ludwig Meyer is a musician and her mother is a writer and poet;
it is not surprising that Annemie loves the performing arts and why she has such an imagination.
Opa blessed Annemie a couple of years with piano lessons and then passed away.
The Christmas that followed, her parents brought her a Guitar. Her and her brother Ludwig started to write original German folk music that they then performed for the adults.
School choirs were big in Germany and Annemie was not going to miss that opportunity.
And great music it was, all the great German composers, Johan Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Friederic Handel, Richard Wagner to name a few.
The performances were powerful.
At home her parent’s were party animals listening to Rock and Roll (they actually saw The Beatles live in a club in Berlin) and of course a lot of Um Pa Pa music while her father was playing the snare drum, dancing, with everyone singing their heard out. Papa would get people to lay eggs, retrieve money from behind peoples ears and perform a couple of his rituals: standing on his head, climbing trees and roof tops, and then jump into his fish pond to do some extravagant fire blowing.
Sometimes the parties would go on for several days, for Europeans are big party animals.
Marlene Dietrich and Sarah Leander were also big in Germany.
In High School Annemie specialized in science and music.
When Annemie finished high school, she somehow found herself in Williams Lake, Canada, B.C. Culture shock you say? That is putting it mildly.
The party was over, at least for a while. She could not talk a word of English.
Escaping Timbuktu she moved to Victoria.
There Annemie took drum lessons for two years and started playing in some pretty cool bands. (See list below)
Enrolling into Vancouver’s Capilano College, she began studying Jazz.
She received a jazz diploma in 1994.
At that time Annemie put together her first band, a Jazz Band.
Sarah Vaughan, Betty CarterBilly Holyday, Bessie Smith, Dina Washington, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and Luis Armstrong among others became her newfound heroes.
Since then, Annemie has written over 50 songs.
Now she uses her talent of imagination for writing, singing and performing her own music. She has a variety of songs that are refreshingly unique and offer challenges for the players of her band and her fans.
Although her first album: "I ‘m Your Pussycat" has strong elements of Jazz in it, it is not all Jazz but an eclectic mix of songs.
Her new Album, that she is working on right now is more folk/blues/pop/ oriented.
Annemie’s influences here are Van Morrison, BB King, Eminem (The master of poetry), Tom Petty, Neil Young to name just a few.
Annemie likes to share her stage with many other talented musicians (The more the merrier), but is also very proud to perform her music as a duo with her multi talented friend Kim Soo Goodtrack. Kim is native born of the Dakota Nation.
She plays the native drum, sings and writes music among other things.
To find out more about Annemie’s other crew, go to or

Annemie’s music history:

Life Performances as Drummer and Singer;

Victoria Folk fest----------------------------------------Stan Taylor’s African Drum Ensemble Check 6 Television life----------------------Disrupt (Punk Band)
Various Clubs in Victoria------------------------------ Clyde Dixon’s Jazz/Blues Band
MC Phersons Playhouse --------------------------------Stan Taylor’s African Ensemble
Arts Club Theatre---------------------------------------- Screaming Poodles
Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Wise hall
and Cop-Op Radio---------------------------------------Jimmy Sidler Band
Various Clubs in and around Vancouver--------------George Malott Band, Back Forty and the Mark Sheldon Band

Recent Projects and Performances as band lieder:

Various Pubs, Restaurants and Coffee Houses:

Purple Onion, Mesa Luna, Chapters, various Starbucks in Victoria and Vancouver, Café Montreal, Java Joint, Naam, Billy Miner Pub and Playhouse Café in Maple Ridge, Galleria Ambleside, Blunt Brothers, Miles of Beans, Chazz’s Coffee, Zigs, Vasco Da Gama, Green Spot Café, El Cocal as well as private parties

Events and Festivals

Music at Centennial Square Victoria, Concerts by the Sea, In Harmony Music Festival
(3 consecutive years), The Kitsilano Show Boat, Kate’s Park Concerts Series, Celebrate Mt Pleasant, Fall Fair at Queen Victoria and Internat