Pop-R&B Artist


Anne-Regina's professional career started with performances of "Carmen", "La Boheme" and Kurt Weill's "Street Scene" with The New York City Opera Company, and The Metropolitan Opera Company, just to mention a few. Anne also starred in the off Broadway production of "Oliver", as the Artful Dodger. As a member of AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), Anne appeared in several TV commercials, such as The Singer Sewing Machine Company, Burger King and several others. In the late 90's, Anne became more involved in writing songs, singing and performing live, and perfecting her own style of pop music. At that time, she met producer, arranger and guitarist John Gatto (The Good Rats) who has had a very successful music career. Both are voting members of NARAS The Recording Academy (The Grammys). As a team they have successfully produced Anne-Regina's first CD, titled "Best Kept Secret" Look for it On Qopel Records.


Don't Keep Me Waiting

Written By: M. Briley/ D. Calitri/ J. Franzel

M. Briley/ D. Calitri/ J. Franzel

I feel a tap upon my shoulder
I turn but you’ve slipped away
I know you’re getting closer
Now all I can do is say a prayer
‘Cause I know you’re out there somewhere


Don’t keep me waiting
Don’t keep me waiting for you
Don’t keep me waiting
Don’t keep me waiting for you

I feel like glass that’s breaking
Making room in my life for you
Look how my hands are shaking
Somehow I always knew you’d come
Behind the clouds I see the sun


Counting every minute till you’re here
Until the moment you appear
I hold my breath until you come
If you can hear me baby
Run to me
Run to me


Vocals: Anne-Regina
Additional Background Vocals: Anne-Regina
Keyboard Harp: John Zych
Original Tracks Produced By: M. Briley, D. Calitri and J. Franzel
Co-produced for “Best Kept Secret”
John Gatto / Anne-Regina for: Cat Tracks Productions
Engineered by: John Zych At: The Tune Cellar
Mixed and Mastered by: Fred Guarino at: Tiki Recording Studios
© 2002


"Best Kept Secret"