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Anne's Cordial


Anne�s Cordial may be newcomers to the New England music scene, but with their unique instrumentation, tight vocal harmonies, and intriguing arrangements, they are already creating a stir. The Providence-based trio performs original songs and reinvents blues, bossa nova, and New Wave 80s hits.


Anne's Cordial play a musical cocktail of folk, blues and retro songs with enchanting three-part vocal harmonies and unique instrumentation of guitar, harp and keyboard. Described as everything from "chamber folk" to "neo-classical," Anne's Cordial is a bright new voice in the New England acoustic scene with skillful arrangements of old and new songs.

Like their female-fronted counterparts the Wailin' Jennys, the Ditty Bops and the Andrews Sisters, the beautiful vocal harmonies of Anne's Cordial is what most listeners first remark on, but each band member is a versatile musician as well. Natalie Markward, who arranges most of the music, alternately fingerpicks, slides, and solos on jazz guitar; E. Reed Ferenbaugh interchanges ethereal solos and bass accompaniments on harp; Eva Kendrick, who plays keyboard and writes most of the original songs, sets lyrics "alternately chilling and sweet," and Joe Auger on a scaled down drum kit adds the perfect backdrop for any style.

At an Anne's Cordial concert, you might hear bossas from the 1960s, New Wave songs from the '80s and original folk-influenced songs that tell fable-like stories. Anne's Cordial has a knack for incorporating many genres, but reviewers occasionally tune in to the fact that most of the members are classically trained musicians. "Anne's Cordial can make a Christmas carol sound like they've got the blues and then turn around and make Robert Johnson's "Hellhound on My Trail" sound like a piece of Medieval music," remarked reviewer Rick Massimo. "I've never heard a Sonny Boy Williamson tune poised as if a fugue was about to break out," wrote the Providence Phoenix.

In 2009, Anne's Cordial the eponymous Anne's Cordial EP, with tracks produced by Joe Auger and Qorq Productions and M. Spogga Hashaway and the Land of Blerk Productions. The Providence Journal praised Anne's Cordial's "beautiful vocal blend" and commented that through their original and cover songs "it all comes out sounding like themselves." The album, which features four original songs and two covers, is available on the Anne's Cordial website, at gigs and on iTunes.


Night Terrors

Written By: Eva Kendrick

Something's always in the darkness
someone's always right behind you
I always sleep with one eye open
never know what might find you

The night terrors are slowly fading
I don't feel so alone anymore...

Someone's looking in the window
something's rising from the ground
my mouth's full of molasses
I can't make any sound.

the night terrors are slowly fading...

Don't wake up screaming at the ceiling
don't wake up fallen on the floor
don't wake up clinging to the side of my bed anymore

Don't let the bedbugs bite
they'll keep you up all night
don't let the sandman steal your dreams.

Just stay away
from the horse that's gray
it's never what it seems.

Don't wake up screaming at the ceiling...

And I'm flying, like a crow in the air
til I'm caught on a wire, I can go anywhere.
I'm always flying away.


Anne's Cordial EP

Set List

A blend of original songs, blues, jazz, bossa nova, and 80s new wave hits. Our sets typically range from 30 to 60 minutes, but in playing for events and weddings we have longer sets available as well. Here is a recent set list:

Hellhound On My Trail -Robert Johnson
Help Me - Sonny Boy Williamson
Faceblind - Original (E. Kendrick)
Sweeter Each Year - Original (N. Markward)
Under the Milky Way - The Church
Night Terrors (E. Kendrick)
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars - Jobim
Cold Black Stone (E. Kendrick)
Seafood Mama