Anne Seier

Anne Seier

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP

Anne Seier has written, composed, recorded and produced her debut-album, “Lo Que Vi” (“What I saw”) - 11 songs in Spanish. "Lo Que Vi” is a Pop/world/acoustic album. In the arrangements and the productions are traces of Flamenco, Latin, Bluegrass and Folk, but due to her Danish Origen, the Nordic melancholic tone is always present. Anne Seier's sound is a mix of near and far. It is passionate pop with a warm sound and personal texts. At live concerts she is accompanied by five friends and excell


Anne Seier is born in the city of Aarhus - Denmark, a beautiful April 28 at the beginning of spring. At a very young age, Anne begins the search of her artistic dream. In her quest for personal expression, she studies music, and is part of a youth group as a drummer. As an instrumentalist she also develops on piano, guitar, as well as dancing and singing. From then on she starts a long path, that she has not stopped walking.

As a fascinating thing she discovers that her voice and her passion generated by the Spanish language, could make a very good combination. She travels and for a while she lives in Spain (Cadiz) in search of new musical horizons and later she moves to Cuba (La Habana). Out of this journey comes the inspiration for writing and composing music in Spanish.

Even with her project in hand, Anne has been involved for many years as a backing-singer in GNAGS, one of the most important Danish groups, with a long history in Denmark. She is also working with other artists in various projects (television - production - concerts)


- "Lo Que Vi" 2010
- "Diaspora Africa Vol1" 2007 (compilation)