Annet Artani

Annet Artani

 New York City, New York, USA

The powerhouse vocals of Kelly Clarkson with the stage presence and fashion flair of Gwen Stefani.


Annet Artani, a native Greek-American New Yorker, has performed musically and dramatically since she was seven years old. Throughout her career, Annet has incorporated influences of R&B, pop and rock music into her work. She has also begun to experiment with some of her Greek roots, by infusing Greek instruments into her pop style.
Annet has performed in theatrical productions in New York and Greece, often in lead roles thanks to her big, belting voice. She first started collaborating with several accomplished writers in New York such as Jeff Franzel, who has written for NSYNC, and Alex Forbes, who has written for Cyndi Lauper and many others. She showcased her music at venues around NYC and was chosen to be showcased by the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and graced the stages of hot spots like the Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, and The Living Room, often to sold-out crowds. She began to develop a following around town, landing her a spot on the Bitter End’s famed Songwriter’s Circle.
Soon after, Annet auditioned to be a background singer for Britney Spears. Within a few days, she performed with the teen idol, and was asked to join her world tour. She shared the stage with Britney in concert, and on the biggest TV shows in the world, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ‘Britney, Live in Las Vegas’ (HBO), The American Music Awards, and the San Remo Festival. During their post-tour relationship, Annet and Britney also wrote songs together. Their ballad “Everytime”, was included on Britney’s In The Zone CD, and skyrocketed to number one all over the charts. “Everytime” received the MTV European Music Award for Best Song of 2004. It has also been re-released on Britney’s Greatest Hits album and recently remixed on Britney’s “B in the Mix” album..
After the Britney tour, Annet moved to Hollywood to start collaborating with other writers in order to really pursue her songwriting and recording career vigorously. Aside from Britney Spears, Annet has written songs for other artists such as Brie Larson on Universal Records, Italian pop star Lauretta Pausini, and had a song on a popular daytime drama, “One Life To Live”, etc.
After the success of “Everytime”, Annet was called to be on a popular TV show she had auditioned for months before in NY called “Fame Story”; which was a reality show similar to The Real World and American Idol which took place overseas. She soon moved into the reality show “house” in Athens, Greece. Her very first performance on the show, where she sang her bluesy rendition of “Endless Love”, caused ratings for the show to skyrocket 7 pts in one night. She quickly became one of the most popular personalities on the show.
After the show, she signed with Virus Music and she released her album “Mia Foni” (One Voice) which went gold in the Greek/Cypriot market. Upon the album’s release and success, Annet was chosen to represent Cyprus in the biggest song contest in Europe, called Eurovision. She sang a beautiful ballad called “Why Angels Cry” under the vocal direction of famed coach Doc Holliday.
After Eurovision, Annet traveled to Stockholm, NY, LA, Miami and Vancouver to write music for her US crossover. Her debut single “Alive”, which she co-wrote in Vancouver after coming out of an abusive relationship, has received 5 stars on Itunes and is breaking out worldwide. The music video also debuted to 5 stars on AOL Music. She hopes her message of strength will resonate with other young women.
Annet also made her first US concert appearance for NY radio station Party 105, alongside Sean Kingston, Kid Cudi, Justin Bieber and Deborah Cox. Her stage show combines the powerhouse vocals of Kelly Clarkson with the stage presence and fashion flair of Gwen Stefani. Annet is a true star whose live performances always leave the audience wanting more.


Alive-(Ultra records debut - licensed by ladies footlocker,current radio play)
Set Yourself Free
Nothing Lasts Forever