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Annette Campagne

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | INDIE | AFM

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Artist at the top of her game"

This fourth solo album from singer songwriter ‘Annette’ showcases an artist at the top of her game. Not only does she offer well-crafted lyrics infused with strong and evocative images, but she manages to present them using varied rhythms and melodies. The songs are never predictable, which is the mark of someone who masters their art.
And then there is the beautiful voice of the artist, a voice both sweet and very strong, where ferocity gives way to serenity, where sweetness folds into fury and sadness alternates with joy.
Paul Savoie Magazine ‘Liaison’ - Liaison Magazine

"The essence of life"

Papillon amiral is a wonderful tableau of paradoxical portraits about the essence of life, offered up by the richness of Annette’s songwriting and performances. The evocative beauty of this album comes to life through her sultry yet strong voice, and is accentuated by some ingenious arrangements. From beginning to end, the harmony, accuracy and power of the proposed music captivates, making PAPILLON AMIRAL a gem waiting to be discovered '
Marc Lalonde des ondes - Marc Lalonde des ondes

"Music with flare and finesse"

Annette redraws the contours of her world and convenes us to a colourful setting from outside and from within, a naturalistic setting of music and words filled with flare, finesse and glowing emotion.

Maud Cucchi, Le Droit - Ottawa's Le Droit

"Authentic album with some shining moments"

'Annette Campagne’s singing remains impeccable and her presence brings a boost of confidence that gives life to the eleven songs of “Papillon amiral’. ‘…she manages to provide a very personal and authentic album full of effective melodies and shining moments’.

Jean-Étienne Sheehy (Francopresse) - Francopresse

"Authentic pop rock songstress"

Canadian songwriter ‘Annette’ is back with a new album, the 4th of her solo career. "In a pop-rock sound, it's an album marked by the authenticity and by the gentle strength of this artist whose music is an hymn to life."
The Express Toronto - The Toronto Express


By Pam Mytroen
Times Contributor
“I like to rock it up a
bit,” says Annette
Campagne. No kidding.
The former Hart Rouge
singer owned the stage
at the Prince of Wales
October 16th in
Assiniboia with an ambush
on guitar and confident
vocals. Her husband
Dave Lowlor accompanied
on keyboard,
revving up her folk style
with jazz and blues and
walking it back home
again to the story-telling
Though growing up in
Willow Bunch and singing
everywhere with her
large family, this was her
first time performing in
Assiniboia. “I made it
big,” she said, sliding into
several of her own compositions
such as “This
Life With You” and “You
Gotta Laugh”. With her
pure sweet vocals
Campagne proved she
can wrap her voice
around the highs and
lows, and her hands
around any style she
Campagne invited her
sister Solange and her
brother Paul to the stage
in the second half of her
show. An impromptu
“Wheat Pool Song” revealed
what it was like
for her as a child. “Our
Dad rented us out.” she
said, “We sang at funerals,
weddings, Co-op annual
meetings, and of
course the Wheat Pool
Board gatherings.” The
audience laughed along
with them when they ‘improvised’
some of the
words and notes, but enjoyed
the taste of her
childhood - the harmony
and fun that Campagne
grew up in.
The Hart Rouge trio
showed what they’re capable
of in “Plant Your
Annette Campagne Performs in Assiniboia
Annette Campagne performs with the Assiniboia Community Choir. Also on stage is Annette’s husband, Dave Lowlor on the keyboard,
her sister Solange (right) and her brother Paul (on far right).
Fields”. This call to plant
and to pray for rain is like
a beautiful beckoning to
return home to family and
After releasing nine albums,
and entertaining
audiences in Manitoba,
Quebec, the U.S. and
Europe, the singersongwriter
has returned
to her prairie roots and
calls Regina home where
she parents, teaches, directs
a French gospel
choir at the university,
and performs.
Though she’s enjoyed
success, Campagne admits
that there’s been
pain on the journey. She
spoke of how she has
learned to forgive. “Forgiveness,
though we
think we’re doing it for
the other person, is
something we do for ourselves.
This heavy burden
is lifted from us.” She
wrote, “Only Forgiveness
Knows,” a meaningful
tribute to grace.
Did the Assiniboia
Community Choir put the
moves on Campagne or
the other way around?
Our Choir showed their
true versatility, singing
Gospel, “I’m Saved,”
and “I get Joy” as background
for the lively
Campagne. They remembered
their choreography
and got the entire
audience grooving.
“Wow; Amazing; I like
her stories” were some
of the comments the
young people had for
Annette Campagne.
She’s proof that our province
grows and inspires
outstanding artists.
As premiere concert
for the year, Campagne
set the tone. Assiniboia is
once again privileged to
have the Assiniboia Arts
Council - sponsored by
OSAC, Sask. Lotteries
and Conexus - bringing in
world class talent to our
stage. - Assiniboia Times

"Pop-folk-rock with juicy gimicks"

"Sauter de Haut must have been in the works for a good while for we can honestly say that it's a very complete album. Annette's songwriting invites us to savor every line and her music, a mix of pop-folk-rock, is filled with juicy gimicks." Paroles et music - Paroles et music

"Album that stands out above the rest"

"Sauter de Haut? (Jumping from high up) This is a very fitting title for this release. Marc Perusse has produced with Annette an album that stands out above the rest."
Sylvain Cormier - Le Devoir

"Far more soul than one would expect"

"Annette's fine singing and simple acoustic guitar suffice to give wings to a spirit-lifting ballad. Solo, she can fully exploit her beautiful voice in a nuanced and emotional fashion. She has far more soul than one would expect" Carl Witchel - The hour

"Themes that resonate with women but equally touch men"

"Writing both lyrics and music, Annette is not afraid to address themes that resonate with women, but her songs equally touch men(...) with some great arrangements, rough guitars and beautiful vocals". Marie-Christine Blais - La presse

"Undiscovered dimensions"

"This first album reveals some undiscovered dimensions. Annette's writing is apropos and her songs have content and depth. Sauter de Haut has character" Manon Gilbert - Journal de Montréal

"Annette's first solo project"

"Sauter de Haut", Annette's first solo project, is probably the best album released by a female artist in Québec in years. She recounts her experiences with a combination of flair and modesty to make her more than just an interesting writer. Definately someone to discover" Laurent Salulnier - Voir Montreal

"Long awaited album like a warm prairie wind"

You gotta laugh – Annette Campagne

This long awaited album is like a warm prairie wind sweeping through a field of wheat. It makes you feel good and comfortable all at once. It has hints of familiarity. The music is great and the lyrics are even better. This album captures a lot of emotion, It will make you want to pack up your car and take a road trip to where the fields are yellow, the sun is hot and the horizon never stops, where life is simple and music is sincere. I love it! This album is on heavy rotation on my ipod that’s for sure.

Natalie Bernardin, directrice générale
Réseau des grands espaces (Réseau de diffusion de l'Ouest et du Nord)
- Nathalie Bernardin

"music with Duke Eatmon, CBC"

Music with Duke Eatmon

"You Gotta Laugh" - Annette - Folle Avoine Records

Former Hart-Rouge member and Franco-Saskatchewinian Annette Campagne
returns with her first English album with fabulous results. Heavily
influenced by the great folkie singer-songwriters of the 70's like James
Taylor and Carly Simon, Annette takes the genre and makes it all new again.
Light funky rhythms , gorgeous melodies and introspective lyrics makes this
one a winner. "For What It's Worth" and the title track are must listens..
- CBC radio one

"Fransaskois songstress Annette Campagne pens songs for healing"

Fransaskois songstress Annette Campagne pens songs for healing
When Regina’s Annette Campagne writes songs, like those on her new album, I AM, her goal is to pull listeners into a state of mindfulness.
DEVIN PACHOLIK Updated: October 17, 2018

Annette Campagne celebrates her new album with a concert at The Artesian in Regina on Oct. 18, 2018.

Listening to music is a fine way to distract yourself
from everyday tedium, but great songwriting and an open heart can have a spiritual healing quality. When Regina’s Annette Campagne writes songs, her goal is to pull listeners into that state of mindfulness.
The singer-songwriter hopes to rejuvenate a hometown crowd on Thursday at the Artesian to promote her latest album, I AM.
Campagne has been working as a French and English musician for 30 years, starting as a founding member of the family band Hart-Rouge before going solo in the mid-1990s.
Only days before a recent phone interview, Campagne was recognized with a SOCAN Classic award in Montreal for the Hart-Rouge song “Inconditionnel.” She said receiving the honor was a bit of a surprise, considering she penned the hit over 20 years ago.
“It was a very nice night. It didn’t make me miss much,” she laughed, “That song in particular makes me remember the only thing I regret in my whole life: my 1980s hair.”
For her, music has become more than just a means to awards, glamour or even hair trends. Campagne’s new album I AM promote the themes of healing and spirituality that now define her writing. Songs like “Drink Deep” and “Where Peace Resides” from her fifth solo record capture these ideas through introspective lyrics.
“It was never like that in my 20s or even my 30s. I always wanted music to be healing for people. I used to sing songs to exercise the bad things happening in my life. But now it’s different. I feel as though I’m in a really good place ... My music is not just to entertain now, it’s also to bring a more profound essence to life.”
I AM, released in September, came to her quicker than usual, with some songs only taking three hours to compose. As she said, “Sometimes it felt like I was plugged into something. In my experience, those are the ones you really feel, and they are more lasting songs. They mean more to people.”

In today’s climate of social media saturation and socio-political divides, the world can seem more grim than it really is. For Campagne, she hopes her songs give people an outlet to find peace.
“The world needs more healing and heart-centred people. I hope these songs will appeal to them.”
Of course, she’s no stranger to having a good time. Songs like “Groundswell” have a rocking rhythm with a classic blues underpinning. The upbeat jam comes with a strong feminist message about finding inner strength and projecting it outward.
“Feminism has different connotations for different people,” she said. “But for me, I’m a feminist in the sense that the feminine way of looking at things is important. Women are stepping up to the plate for equality. We don’t want to go over the top, but we need equality if we want to heal.”
The album release party for Annette Campagne’s I AM takes place at the Artesian in Regina on Thursday, Oct. 18, 8 p.m., with a full band and guests.
On Thursday, Oct. 25, she will perform at Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon. - Leader Post

"I AM album review"

To say Annette Campagne keeps the listener on their toes with her newest album, I Am, is a complete understatement. Chalk full of driving beats & rhythms, soaring vocals and lyrics to motivate even the most down-trodden, Annette provides exactly what this world needs more of; hope, light and motivation to do the best we can for ourselves & those around us.

Canadian Beats - Canadian Beats


Folle Avoine: au Rythme du courant
Hart Rouge: Hart Rouge, Inconditionnel, Dernier mois de l'année, Blue Blue windows (english release), La fabrique, Bonsoir Québec(live in Québec city),
Annette: solo release, Sauter de Haut
Annette: first English solo release, feb 2009, You gotta laugh

Annette Campagne: J'peux pas demander mieux, 2010

Annette: Papillon amiral, november 2014 

Annette: I Am, release spring 2018



Boasting a 30-year career as an international recording and touring artist, it is a testament to faith and determination that this Canadian singer-songwriter is still producing great music and songs. Singing in both English and French, Annette Campagne was a founding member of the iconic vocal group Hart Rouge before embarking on a solo career, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments: Twelve albums, several radio hits, and multiple tours across Canada, Europe and the United States.

 Her two latest albums garnered a Western Canadian Music Award win (2015) and nomination (2018). ‘I don’t know how I feel about being called a veteran, but I’ll take it, for if I’m still doing music today it’s because I know that music is healing’.

 And healing and empowering her music is! Pushing just the right amount of alt into her music, Annette is at the top of her game with ‘I AM’, her 5th solo album, featuring an array of pop rock songs that acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and strength of the human spirit.

Tinged with a bit of philosophy and humanitarianism, Annette offers up a heady mix of melodic pop and roots flavoured-rock that perfectly captures the tumultuous times we live in, but without the angst. She uses her versatile voice to cut down to our most raw emotions, the ones we drink down with a chaser, stirring the pot just enough to nudge us along in our quest for a better world and creating the space for hope and faith to emerge.

These are conscious empowering songs born of the belief that we are all masters of our own destiny. Inspiring, generous and earthy, they are the work of an artist whose mettle has been tested. Personal yet universal, strong yet poignant, ‘I AM’ features some gritty guitars, catchy melodies and exquisite vocals.


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