Annette Cantor

Annette Cantor

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The singer Annette Cantor is a shaman of vocal music. Accompanied by the tampura or the violin, she creates trance music with her etherial vocals which are at once pure and powerful. "Songs to the earth" features her floating improvisations set to american indian flute and ethnic drums


Annette Cantor is a performer of meditative, improvised vocal music and an established recording artist. In her performances she creates ethereal vocals, which are uplifting and deeply healing. Her songs are around themes which concern modern women and men who are committed to a spiritual path. Annette knows how to sing, she received her classical voice training at the academy of music in Vienna, Austria. She integrates that sensibility for pure and powerful sound with the depth of ethnic roots of ethnic drums and american indian flute, playing herself the tambura and the violin.
Since 1995 she has performed in concerts like the World Sacred Music Festival in Los Angeles. She also participates in healing ceremonies, poetry events with Coleman Barks or spiritual gatherings like "evening in gratefulness" with
Her song opens up the heart and the psychy of the listener, leading to healing and transformation, hence she has been called a "vocal shaman".


"songs to the earth" features her hauntingly beautiful vocals offset by the indigenous sounds of the american indian flute.
"songs to the goddess" offers 8 meditations to different goddess figures.
”Adoro Te” features improvisations on Gregorian Chants. She collaborates with renown artists like C.G. Deuter and Patrick Shendo - Mirabal.

Set List

A set consisits of anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes of songs with a meditative and trance quality, like:
1. Gaia Dreaming - 10 minutes 2.water blessing - 8 minutes or 3. healing prayer - 9 minutes.