Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh

 Long Beach, California, USA

An eclectic soundscape of groove oriented Bossa Nova, standards and "lyricized" versions of classic instrumental jazz pieces, unified and elevated by the lilting vocals of Anne Walsh. Live shows uphold the quality of the recordings with added spontaneity and improvisation.


Anne Walsh’s new album “Go” (the follow up to her Grammy nominated CD "Pretty World") is the most recent collaboration by the singer and pianist-arranger-producer Thomas Zink. The CD includes a pair Brazil '66 hits, compositions by Cole Porter and Wayne Shorter, obscurities and originals. The music, which is often Brazilian Jazz -oriented, is never predictable, but though it is eclectic there's also a unity that carries through. Anne, whose pure voice unites both the grooving and ethereal elements in "Go", contributed lyrics to two of the songs, and in addition to his work on keyboards, mr. Zink created the arrangements. The results are infectious and rhythmic while being full of adventure and subtle surprises. “Go” is the latest accomplishment in their busy careers.

Anne Walsh was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her family was quite musical with her father Frank being a baritone/tenor with local light opera companies. “My earliest remembrances of music were the musicals Mary Poppins and Oklahoma. I was a toddler when my parents brought me and my brother Michael to see Mary Poppins. As a young girl, I grew to love Simon & Garfunkel, Ella Fitzgerald, Sergio Mendes, Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass and Barbra Streisand - yes Babs; still love her.” Anne studied ballet, embraced classical music, and along the way learned to play piano, guitar and percussion.
After studying voice and music therapy at Anna Maria College, Anne moved to Los Angeles and worked for a time as a music therapist. “I had such a passion for singing that I decided to spend my life singing and teaching voice.” At Orange Coast College, she was introduced to the music of the big band era, and has since sung with various big bands in LA and the Inland Empire. She discovered Brazilian music, worked towards a Masters degree in Music at Cal State Long Beach, and sang in several jazz combos. After graduating with a Master’s in Music, Anne became an important educator, joining the faculty of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Nearly twenty years ago, Anne met Tom Zink when they both performed with a quintet. A decade later they were married.
Tom Zink was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California. “The earliest music that I remember hearing was Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. My Dad was a big jazz fan who used to listen to Symphony Sid’s radio shows when he was a kid. I was saturated with jazz from an early age but also listened to Sergio Mendes, classical music and other styles too.” He took accordion lessons when he was four, switching to piano and organ when he was six. While Tom majored in political science at UCLA, he studied piano privately with Terry Trotter, his goal all along to become a jazz pianist.
Since then, Tom has become perhaps best known for working with bassist Brian Bromberg’s group for the past 25 years. However he has also been involved on a countless number of other assignments as a composer, arranger and producer. “I was not that interested in going on the road, especially after meeting Anne, and this work allowed me to stay in town.” In addition, he developed into a very personal and creative jazz musician.

While Anne Walsh and Tom Zink have worked together occasionally through the years, Anne remembers, “Five years ago we decided to focus our efforts as a team and see where it would take us. We love performing, and many of our performance outlets at that time were apart from one another, which is tough on a marriage. Tom is a wonderful accompanist, he is a very good listener, has a great touch and sensitivity to music. I particularly enjoy performing as a duo” Tom says of his wife, “I love her approach to the melody, getting to the heart of the song with that voice of hers. We take seriously the composer’s original intent with each song while also making our mark on the music.”
Anne and Tom had success a few years ago when they recorded Pretty World, a CD that earned a Grammy nomination.



Written By: Richard Stekol

The soul makes its living
in spite of our mis-givings.
Tell the tale make the sale
then one day we're through.

I roam the streets of pity
compelling for the city.
Skies of grey, clouds of blue
Je vous aime beaucoup.

Life is taciturn and loves' lessons few.
So much love I've yet to learn
to wind up next to you.

So now you've heard my story
of horror hope and glory.
Tried and true,
what'll I do
Je vous aime beaucoup
Je vous aime beaucoup
Je vous aime beaucoup


Written By: Bruce Brown

My bumble bee’s a busy thing
he likes to move from sting to sting.
His wings are always flapping.
You’ll never catch him napping.
He takes a little sip from every flower he sees.

My bumble bee’s a work of art.
As insects go, he’s really smart.
I wish that I could be him, and every time I see him,
I skip a little bee in my heart.

Come to me, my busy little bumble bee.
You got the cutest buzz. Believe me you can shake your little stinger like no one does.

You’re just a bug whose bugging me.
You love to fly and I can see
I’ll never get to keep you,
I’ll always have to beep you, cause you’re my busy bumblebee.

Come to me, my busy little bumble bee.
If I could hold you tight, I guarantee the pollen
will be falling all through the night.
I’m gonna buy a candy bar
and trap you in a cookie jar.
I don’t wanna scare you but I don’t wanna
share you, so promise if I set you free.
You’ll always be my little buzzy,
black and yellow round and fuzzy
Always be my bumble bee.

So May It Secretly Begin

Written By: Joe DeRenzo

When all is still and love begins its one desire,
my heart like the night here its call-ing me.
I see my tears in the rain
and I know of this pain
that I feel for loving you.

As darkness falls and all the lies are catching fire,
my love with my faith here it's saving me.
I dare not close my eyes
to the storm in the skies
that I know is threatening.

Still in the night my heart is yearning.
Waiting wanting your return.
My heart my hope still dreaming.
Show me a way
from the dark to the light
may it secretly start
so may it.


"Pretty World" - June 16, 2009
“In The Still of the Night” was nominated for a Grammy. The Single "Chove Chuva" received airplay throughout the US and internationally. Other tracks including "So May It Secretly Begin" also garnered attention and significant airplay.

"Go" - September 27, 2011