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Anne Weiss

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1986 | INDIE

Portland, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1986
Solo Blues Acoustic


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"New VT Date and Place: Live Music with Anne Weiss 1/4/13 @ Positive Pie"

New VT Date and Place: Live Music with Anne Weiss 1/4/13 @ Positive Pie
Friday, January 4, 2013
7:30pm until 9:30pm in PST

When: Friday, January 04, 2013
Where: Positive Pie
Plainfield, VT 7:30 PM

Anne Weiss & Friends Friday Jan 4, 2013
Positive Pie in Plainfield, VT 7:30-9:30 pm $5-10 suggested donation - Anne Weiss

"Anne Weiss: 2nd place winner at Telluride's Blues and Brews Blues Competition, September 15, 2012"

Telluride, CO (September, 15, 2012):
Anne Weiss was thrilled to receive 2nd place winner at Telluride's Blues and Brews Blues Competition, September 15, 2012. This was the first time in over ten years that this 16 year festival has awarded a female blues artist one of the top two awards. - Anne Weiss

"CD Review for "Where Folk Gets the Blues" by Jeff Douglas"

I heard about Anne Weiss the best way--by word of mouth. The Portland musicians I respect the most kept telling me I had to hear her music. They were right. Anne has a voice that goes from warm and soothing on a folk ballad to big and powerful when she sings the blues (kind of like Janis Joplin but with more versatility). And Anne also has a way with words, writing most of her own fine songs.

Anne’s music doesn’t fit neatly in one section of the music store. Sure it’s folk and blues. But it’s also gospel and R&B, with occasional hits of Latin, funk and even classical. Her new double-CD “When Folk Gets The Blues” has some of all her styles. It will find a comfortable place on your CD player. Better yet, catch Anne Weiss in person. She’s an engaging performer whether she’s playing solo or backed up by her band and gospel choir.

One more thing. Anne is incredibly generous with her talent. She performs with the NW Gospel Choir for the annual Oregon Symphony “Gospel Christmas”, she teaches guitar and voice, and, best of all, she leads the “Everyone Welcome Community Choir” where people of all ages , abilities and backgrounds can come together and sing together for the simple joy of making music.
Now I’m a big fan of Anne Weiss’ music.

Jeff Douglas
Founder KINK radio
Retired co-host, Oregon Art Beat - Jeff Douglas Founder KINK radio Retired co-host, Oregon Art Beat

"Lauren Sheehan has this to say about Anne Weiss' new album!"

"Beautifully crafted songs with conscience, lyricism and love - sung by
one of the most distinctive and colorful voices in the NW."
-Lauren Sheehan, The "Portland string queen" musician who plays blues, ballads, bawdy, waltzes and originals, and was recently inducted into the Library of Congress as one of the few women recognized for her work with traditional music.
- Lauren Sheehan

"Concert Review for Where Folk Gets the Blues, 3/10/12 at Alberta Rose Theatre!"

What a fabulous, fabulous CD release concert last night - WONDERFUL music and synergy with so many talented musicians brought together thanks to you, your great, contagious energy and love for music - can't thank you enough!! And now I'm getting to re-experience much of your beautiful songs on the CDs! deeply touching...tears..laughter...joyful singing along...and just rockin' on!!
-Linda Silver, fan - Linda Silver

"Community Day/Songwriters Circle with Anne Weiss, Jeff Dawson, and Andy Anderson"

Community Day/Songwriters Circle with Anne Weiss, Jeff Dawson, and Andy Anderson - Music Millenium

"Folk Songwriter Anne Weiss at Juliana’s Art Studio and Gallery"

An Arts Council of Kern press release describes the talents of Anne Weiss, a multiple genre folk song writer who performed at Juliana’s Art Studio and Gallery on Oct. 9 as a part of the 2011 House Concert series.

Annie Weiss, a folk singer who is performing this Sunday.
It’s little wonder that Anne Weiss is described as “unique.” She studied classical piano, joined a street gang, became a mountaineer, developed a guitar obsession, worked as a political organizer, learned to salsa dance, and became addicted to delta blues; and yes, you will hear it all in her music.

Combining contemporary folk, blues, acoustic funk, gospel music, and smatterings of classical phrasing and Latin rhythms, Anne is known for her enormous bluesy voice, great guitar chops, and striking stage presence.

Anne’s first recording work was with Shawn Colvin and Patty Larkin. It wasn’t long before she was opening for Richie Havens and Dar Williams. A decade later, Anne has performed with everyone from power folk singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco to country blues heroes Cephas & Wiggins. She has toured internationally and has appeared at folk, blues, world music festivals, and week-long music workshops.

For many of her fans, Anne’s lyrics are ultimately what set her aside. Poetic, political, humorous, sensual, full of characters and stories, Weiss came to lyrics through her poetic craft. She has received the Allen Ginsberg Award for poems in her recently published poetry book, Making Paper From Leaves (2002).

An East Coaster who now hails from Portland, OR, Anne performs with equal ease as a soloist, with her unusual 5- piece funky-folk “Feel This Band,” or in duo or trio style with supporting musicians. Audiences are drawn to Weiss’s engaging, warm, spontaneous performances, her obvious joie de vivre, and her love of walking out on new musical and cultural edges.

The Gallery is located at 501 18th street and tickets are 22 dollars and 10 dollars for students. For more information call Jill England at 661-324-9000. - Bakersfield Express

"Anne Weiss Enjoys Airplay on Bob Ancheta's Sunday Night Blues Highway on KINK radio here in Portland, Oregon"

Anne Weiss Enjoys Airplay on Bob Ancheta's Sunday Night Blues Highway on KINK radio here in Portland, Oregon - KINK

"Oregon Art Beat interviews Anne Weiss and discovers how Anne uses music to build community."

Anne Weiss uses music to build community. She plays and writes an incredible range of songs – from gospel to blues to folk and everything in between. She started as an environmentalist, and gets lots of inspiration from the nature she finds around her in Oregon.

First Broadcast: 2012
Producer: Katrina Sarson
Videographer: Nicholas Fisher
Videographer: Todd Sonflieth
Videographer: Tom Shrider
Editor: Tom Babich
Audio: Randy Layton
Audio: Ted Cutler
Audio: William Ward - Oregon Art Beat

"Tom's Music Place has created a special tribute to Anne for her birthday, and the release of her new album."

Happy Birthday, Anne, love you, always, Tom - Thomas Carley

"Anne Weiss Announces her Sixth Independent Recording, "Where Folk Gets the Blues.""

The recording is a two CD set called, "Where Folk Gets The Blues," and features Mary Flower, Billy Oskay, David Jacobs-Strain, members of the NW Community Gospel Chorus (the Just Add Soul Gospel Choir) and many more. The CD release will be in Portland, Oregon, on March 10, 2012, 8pm, at the Alberta Rose, NE Portland.

Here's a little more about the project. Thanks again for your support!
More soon,

Anne Weiss's sixth independent recording , Where Folk Gets The Blues, is a double CD set to be released March 2012. - Anne Weiss

"Concrete World and the Lover's Dream"

Click here: Minor 7th: Acoustic Guitar Music Reviews / Acoustic Guitar Artists

Anne Weiss, "Concrete World and the Lover's Dream," Potter Street Records, 2009

I know Anne as a songwriter with sharp instincts and songs that’ll blow your hair back. I had no idea she was such a gifted blues singer too. That little rasp in her voice is perfect for classics like Robert Johnson’s "Come on in My Kitchen" as well as her own songs like the title cut. Her band doesn’t sound like a bunch of side players thrown together, but like a group who hangs out in their spare time, sharing tunes and swapping stories. There’s a great mix of covers and Anne’s originals. She does nothing half way, from the bitterness in "Liar’s Day" -- about the futility of war, particularly this one we’re in -- to the lustful tone of "Special Delivery," delivered with beat box, a slappin’ acoustic guitar, funky horns and a gospel choir. Amen and pass the chocolate. It takes ovaries to tackle Marvin Gaye’s "What’s Going On" but she does it well, giving us enough of that great melody but making it her own with an earthy percussive arrangement. "Fall" is a wonderful anthem about keeping what’s good in this world and willing the rest to fall. She’s a talented lyricist, painting with vivid colors and texture. In "The Song About the Affair I’m Not Having" she sings, "This house of winter / Has no right to call your name / Thirty below wind chills the bone / And I’m bursting into flame." "Sunday River" is a spiritual piece with a gospel flavor. There’s more classic blues in Mississippi Fred McDowell’s " Write Me a Few of Your Lines." Wrapping up the release is one of my favorite Jackson Browne tunes, "These Days." She slows it down, making the words mean even more. Her expressive voice is accompanied by some damn fine acoustic guitar from David Jacob-Strains.
© Jamie Anderson

Anne Weiss' Website
- Minor 7th Acoustic Guitar Music Reviews

"Concrete World and the Lover's Dream"

Concrete World and
the Lover's Dream
Anne Weiss
Available from CD Baby.

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

Man, it's been a while since I've seen Kenny Passarelli's name crop up. He'd been a founding member of (Joe Walsh's) Barnstorm and later involved with Dan Fogelberg, Hall & Oates, and others, but has been, at least to the general public, pretty much dormant for a while, so, like the similar re-emergence of Terry Sylvester recently, catching his sobriquet as producer and bass player here was surprising. It also signified the probability that there'd be some informed music-making going on…and there is.

Anne Weiss is a ground-level singer somewhat in the vein of Maria Muldaur, Martha Velez, and others but a good deal gutsier, earthier, and more believable. She crafts her own songs well, then pulls in some great covers, including an unusually upbeat take on Robert Johnson's Come On in My Kitchen. The session players, presumably gathered by Passarelli, provide excellent backing, and Weiss herself, in the liner notes, makes passing reference to the old A&M days, which Concrete World very staunchly revives. An indie figure since 1994, she's supported such names as Taj Mahal, Richie Havens, Anne DiFranco, Dan Fogelberg, and others, which should give more than a little indication of her integrity in others' eyes.

I've no idea what her three earlier releases sounded like, but this one received the royal treatment, and the singer shows herself to be every inch equal to the requirements for such fortune. Concrete Worl is summer music and, right now, that may be just the prescription to invite the listener to dive in, what with all the biting cold in much of the country. Once broached and its heat begins to seep throughout your wintertime burrow, the hip-swaying finger-snapping delta boogying that follows might be just about all you'll need to keep spirits up and the blood thrumming. Start with the swingin' take on Mississippi Fred McDowell's Write Me a Few of Your Lines and find yourself irresistably caged into the whole disc.

Track List:
I Ain't Got no Reason to Lie to You (John Twist)
The Song About the Affair That I am not Having
Special Delivery
Concrete World and the Lover's Dream
Come on in my Kitchen (Robert Johnson)
What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)
Write Me a Few of Your Lines (Fred McDowell)
Liar's Day
Sunday River
Shadow of Doubt (Gary Nicholson)
These Days (Jackson Browne)

All songs written by Anne Weiss except as noted.

Edited by: David N. Pyles

Copyright 2009, Peterborough Folk Music Society.
This review may be reprinted with prior permission and attribution.

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My only audio references to Anne Weiss in the past were back up performances for other singer/songwriters or cause oriented celebrations where robust energy was needed to rally the spirit. It was with a reverent, listening ear that I hear her new CD titled "Braille," from start to finish, and I was moved by the contents.

Ms. Weiss is completely at home singing the blues tunes on the CD. Her live recording of "If You've Got A Good friend," by Robert Johnson, was a sensual, simple rendition of this song that displayed the subtle work of bass player Donny WRight. He performs in a couple of other songs on the CD, lending that deep, rich quality unique to this instrument. Weiss included some of her bluesy harmonica playing in the break, adding to the many dimensions of this talented musician.

The lyrics to "Buddhas On the Road," is an appropriate anthem for the times we are living in. Although the life of a musician can be more open to the encounters of spiritually advanced people, my experiences is showing me that people everywhere are starting to let their light and love shine through to their fellow man. This piece was well arranged and recorded while addressing the ideals towards which we strive.

Being the singer/songwriter that she is, Weiss is also a social/political commentator of both the past and the present. The words of her songs weave the tales of our journey. Put to her music and lovely voice, even the bleakest events are somehow poignant.

Of all the songs on the CD, the one that really brought me to my knees was the titled "In Bloom." As if the beautiful lyrics, vocals, upright bass and the accordion weren't enough, when Gavin Bondy comes in on the trumpet, my sensory responses were in full bloom.

"Braille" is a nice mix of styles for Anne Weiss. I really enjoyed hearing the softer side of her music--proving her flexibility and versatility as a musician. My only disappointment was not having the lyrics right in front of me, I find the cover jackets to be an important little book but they are available at

(June 2003) - Southeast Examiner

"Live Performance Review"

Nobody Sings, salsa dances, and plays guitar simultaneously like la pequena whirlwind Anne Weiss. A gifted songwriter who does more than just delight audiences, Anne often devotes her passionate art to the support of persons and community causes around the globe.

(February 2000) - New Tune Night

""BRAILLE" review"

Stylistically, Anne Weiss covers the map. She opens with the thundering rock "Buddhas on the Road" and then immediately mellows to "in Bloom," a soft, melodic love song, and then launches into the blusey "Walk Down the Roan." You know right from the start that Weiss will fly out of pigeonholes. She even changes singing styles from the staccato opening "Buddhas" to the more crooning "In Bloom." This woman is versatile.

The overall sound of this fairly highly produced CD is pop/rock with forays into the folkier sounding, lightly produced tunes such as "Roof of Rain," "Me and the Pipet," and "No Regrets." Nine of the dozen songs are originals, with the other three by Richard Shindell ("The Ballad of Mary Magdalene", Skip James, and Robert Johnson. Donny Wright plays a particularly engaging upright bass oh Johnson's "If You've Got a Good Friend" and Weiss's "No Regrets." Weiss knows how to write and she expands beyond the personal with such songs as "Roof of Rain" about socio-economic inequality expressed as an encounter with a homeless family. Most intriguing is her brilliantly written "Me and the Piper," which she describes in her notes as a sequel to John Newton's "Amazing Grace."

Accompanying herself on solo piano, the song is a powerful statement describing Newton's awakening that develops into his passion against slavery. It's the highpoint of a solid, creative work that appeals to a range of musical tastes.

(Winter 2004) - Sing Out Magazine


What do you do when your friends and fans routinely bug you for a tape of your songs? You put yourself in front of a microphone and record them, of course. Recently Anne Weiss did just that in the making of her new tape, "Tomorrow's Gate". "People basically harassed me into making a tape," she laughs. "They'd stop me on the street and say, 'Have you made that tape yet?'" Anyone hearing Anne's new tape would have to agree that those people were right. The only question is, what took so long?

Anne Weiss is an acoustic singer/songwriter whose vocal and guitar styles incorporate new folk, blues, and gospel. A resident of Plainfield, VT, where she graduated from Goddard College in 1986, she recently moved to Burlington. In 1992 she opened for Richie Havens at U.V.M. and in 1993 she opened for Patty Larkin and Shawn Colvin on Geoff Bartley's "Interstates" album.

For the making of her new tape, Anne was able to enlist the help of some of the finest area acoustic musicians (and a few rockers, too). Dar Williams, Mary Goslant and Charlene Patterson helped with backing vocals' Keith Greeninger played acoustic guitar and sang harmony and Jofus, with local worldbeat band, Uproot, played bass. On many of the tracks, the core group was expanded to include Deb Venn on flute, Dave Keller on harmonica, Jamie Masefield on mandolin, Todd Sager on violin, and Alex Chirelstein on electric guitar, in various combinations. Percussion, when it was used, was covered by Phil Carr or Kenny Gulfield on drums and Tom Tintle on congas and rainstick. Despite the sheer number of musicians involved, all were able to back Weiss in a supportive manner and the tape's focus is always on Anne's voice and acoustic guitar.

Anne Weiss has a fluid alto voice, ranging from high Joni Mitchell-type trills to more forceful gospel and blues styles. But what really impresses me about "Tomorrow's Gate" is the songwriting--both the melodies and the lyrics are first-rate. On the song "Angel," all the elements come together--hypnotic guitar, poetic lyrics, and melodic refrain--"And we're standing on a whole world / and we're acting like the world is made up of / little pieces." This is the kind of quality music that deserves a play in anyone's CD or tape collection, next to your Shawn Colvin or Tracy Chapman albums (or whatever you listen to). "Moon's in the Bottom" is another standout, with Anne's atmospheric vocal, conga by Tom Tintle, and nice flute by Deb Venn. On "If I could Find You," it's just Weiss and her acoustic guitar, with ironic lyrics that resonate with disappointed love--"If I said that I missed you, I'd be lying / in your arms" and later "I'd kick you out / if I could find you." Great stuff.

Local producer/engineer, Michael Haveson, did an excellent job engineering the project, which was recorded live to DAT at Low Tech Studio in Burlington. This tape has a nice sonic presence and clarity to it, and is eminently listenable. Ellen Kahler provided invaluable managerial help in the coordinating and scheduling of musicians involved in this essentially live recording.

For the future, Weiss plans to distribute her tape to various labels "who put out the kind of music I like." Silo, a Waterbury, VT distributor of acoustic music, has requested the tape, and Weiss has been asked to contribute a track to an upcoming folk and blues compilation CD put out by Jeff Miller of Noonies Coffeehouse. As for playing out, in addition to her own regular gigs at The Last Elm Cafe in Burlington and the Pyralisk in Montpelier, Weiss was in the Burlington Ecumenical Gospel Choir when they played the Flynn Theater February 28th, and was honored to be given a vocal solo. "I'd like to form an R&B band someday," Weiss admits. "I love to play music for people to dance to."

The Secret of Anne Weiss? In her song "Secret," the refrain goes like this: "If today was your last day/Would you horde your love/or would you give it away?" This certainly isn't her last day, but Anne Weiss is putting some beautiful music out there for us to hear.

(April 1994) - New England Performer


Weiss starts out with a bluesy almost gospel beat "In My Town," which could have been called " in tough places..." about, presumable, her home town. The words are poetic. Reading the lyric sheet is a pleasure. "In my town / the sky scraped the buildings / and you could not see the blue / in my town the trees said prayers / on hostile afternoons..."

"Particles of Rain" wets your appetite for more poetry and the balance of the album flows with excellent writing sung with a sensitive voice reminiscent of Janis Ian spiced with the fire of Bonnie Raitt. The album is dedicated to an Ngawang performing artist who is serving 18 years in prison in Chinese occupied Tibet for making a video of traditional Tibetan music and dance. The kind of passion suck political ignorance evokes runs through Weiss's lyrics and musical soul.

Well record, mixed and engineered at White Horse Studios in Portland, Oregon. Weiss, along with Tim Ellis, Jofus, Sarah Allen, Linda Tomassi, Gregg Williams, Dar Williams, and a couple others here and there have created a great album!

(Juliy 1998) - Victory Music Review

"Live Radio Performance review"

Today's guest was Anne Weiss, a singer/songwriter originally from Manhattan who made Vermont her home until moving to Oregon about three years ago. Anne's music reflects her varied influence and interests--on her CD "Tommorow's Gate," contemporary folk is mixed with blues and gospel, including a passionate cover of "Love in Vain."

Social activism is a significant part of Anne's life and is expressed in moving lyrics. When I first heard her CD, her voice--soaring, dynamic, soulful--in both quiet passages and up-tempo tunes, drew me into her music; her lyrics show versatility, reflective and strong when considering social issues, playful, witty, and hopeful when looking at life and experience. A new CD, "Crossing the Border," is in the works.

One other note: after Anne finished her first live song, I was so focused on her that I completely forgot all my carefully prepared questions and milled around in a place on the air--it's okay; bet our listeners were caught up in the mood, too!

(December 1997) - WCUW

""BRAILLE" review"

Braille is the 2002 3rd independent label release by accomplished singer-songwriter Anne Weiss. It is tastefully produced with a noticeably light touch. Nine originals and three covers offer the listener a variety of popular contemporary folk styles. Wise, caring, pensive lyrics tell personal stories that require careful and repeated listening to understand the story being told. Finger-picked guitar ballads feature sensitive accompaniment by electric or upright bass, electric guitar, cello, background vocals and keyboard, or assorted accent instruments like accordion, harmonica, wind instruments, and percussion. Some songs start up or modulate into full folk-rock rhythms as bass, drums, other instruments and background vocals join in. One song is accompanied only by piano. Several blues, some gospel and gospel-inspired blues, as well as a surprising and upbeat Latin dance number round out the balance of the recording. Though not sensational, her singing voice is very good for both the ballads and the blues, while in the traditionally structured gospel-inspired songs, her voice glides high and growls gently.

Listening for potential popular hits as is my habit, I decided that her excellent cover of Hard Time Killing Blues by Skip James is my favorite number. It was the one I wanted to hear again and again. Her blues guitar accompaniment is as good as it gets: very clean, tight, almost understated, never outdoing her light soprano. Of the three covers on the CD, two are traditional finger-picked Delta blues standards, a style she is definitely good at. I could therefore recommend Braille to anyone interested in hearing a talented woman's version of some blues classics as well as a good original blues tune. Contemporary folk singer-songwriter fans would find several other favorites among her accomplished originals, I'm sure. Many "Braille" reviews are very complimentary.

The "hits" I was listening for would be songs with a universal appeal almost anyone could sing as if they were their own. I was reminded of Joni Mitchell or Suzanne Vega-like folk and folk-pop-rock rhythms, unusual character profile songs and topical social commentaries (Tattoo, Roof of Rain, Me and the Piper, for example). And just as the majority of songs produced by those poetic artists are often individualistic in the extreme, Braille is a unique, very personal repertoire--Anne Weiss's particular way of using metaphors and musical styles to tell listeners about the truths she experiences. Although many of the lyrics seemed structured in too personal a way to learn and sing them myself, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her sing and play the songs at least once. For that reason, I could easily recommend hearing her play in person--once or many times.

By most accounts a lively performer, Anne has shared stages with Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco, Dan Fogelberg, Richie Havens, Greg Brown, Catie Curtis, Patti Larkin, Cheryl Wheeler, Guy Davis, Ellis Paul, Jonatha Brooke, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, Sapphire- the Uppity Blues Women, Sonia, Pierce Pettis, Guardabarranco, and many others. She appears on recordings with Shawn Colvin, Geoff Bartley, Jim Infantino, Patti Larkin, and is featured on several music compilations. Previous CDs include Tomorrow's Gate and Crossing the Border.
- Harmony Ridge Music


New CD Released June 2012!

Anne Weiss's sixth recording, "Where Folk Gets The Blues," is a double CD set and was re-leased this summer 2012. One CD is an all acoustic folk CD with many of the songs live and solo, with one instrumental and Anne's signature songwriting featured on all the songs. The second CD of the set is an all-blues compilation of new and best of/ best loved Anne Weiss blues tunes along with several covers.

Some of the finest musicians of the Pacific Northwest collaborated with Anne on this current CD, including renowned blues guitarists Mary Flower and David Jacobs-Strain, gold recording artist Billy Oskay (Nightnoise). Several of the selections also feature Kenny Pasarelli (bass, Elton John, Joe Walsh, and Stephen Stills).

"Where Folk Gets the Blues," 2012. Currently charting on AMA and 3A radio and receiving international press and airplay.

"Concrete World and the Lover's Dream," 2009. More info/listen:

"Braille," 2004

"Crossing the Border," 1998

"Tomorrow's Gate," 1994



Anne Weiss unleashes her new double CD, "Where Folk Gets the Blues," on the world! Funky, folky, blues, political, poetic, sensual, Anne’s music and songwriting have been called “a meeting at the crossroads of Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, and Aretha Franklin”.

Originally from New York City, Anne now resides in Portland, Oregon. With 6 CDs and book of poetry that gained her an Allen Ginsberg Poetry award, Anne’s first recording work was with Shawn Colvin and Patty Larkin. It wasn’t long before she was opening concerts for Richie Havens and Dar Williams.

A decade later, Anne has performed with everyone from power folk singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco, to Taj Mahal, and country blues heroes Cephas & Wiggins. She has toured internationally and has appeared at folk, blues, world music festivals, and week-long music workshops. Anne Weiss is known for her enormous bluesy voice, great guitar chops, emotional piano work, humor and striking stage presence.

Anne performs with equal ease as a soloist, with her unusual 5 piece funky-folk “Feel This Band”, or in duo or trio style with supporting musicians. Audiences are drawn to Weiss’ engaging, warm, spontaneous performances, her obvious joie de vivre, and her love of walking out on new musical and cultural edges.

*Selected as a 2012 winner for Falcon Ridge's Emerging Folk Artist in Hillsdale, NY.

*Selected feature artist for Lancaster Music Festival in Lancaster, England for October 12 - 14, 2012.

"2nd place winner at Telluride's Blues and Brews Blues Competition, September 15, 2012."

Alice Stuart
Ani DiFranco
Dan Fogelberg
Dar Williams
Richie Havens
Greg Brown
Catie Curtis
Cheryl Wheeler
David Jacobs-Strain
David Keller
Guy Davis
Jonatha Brooke
John Cephas and Phil Wiggins
Laura Kemp
Mary Flower
Sapphire: the Uppity Blues Women
Gabrielle Louise
Ellen Stapenhorst
Lauren Sheehan
Steve Cheseborough
Toshi Reagon and Big Lovely
The NW Gospel Choir with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra
***Solo appearance at NW Gospel Choir with the Oregon Symphony in December 2011

Shawn Colvin
Geoff Bartley
Jim Infantino
Patti Larkin
Keith Greeninger
Mary Flower
David Jacobs-Strain
Kenny Passerelli
Connie Cohen
Juliette Wyers
Burlington Ecumenical Gospel Choir
CD compilations with the Indigo Girls, Greg Brown, Karen Savoca, and others

Aladdin Theater (Portland, OR)
Alberta Rose Theatre (Portland, OR)
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (Portland, OR)
Artichoke Music (Portland, OR)
Berkley Art House and Cultural Center (Berkley, CA)
Flynn Theater (Burlington, VT)
Kwummbwa Jazz Center (Santa Cruz, CA)
Ketchican Tribal House (Ketchican, AK)
Blue Loon (Anchorage, AK)
Outpost in the Burbs (Montclaire, NJ)
Barre Opera House (Barre, VT)
The Wild Duck (Eugene, OR)
King Cat Theater (Seattle, WA)
Seattle Folk Society's Pinehurst Community Hall (Seattle, WA, Feb 2011)
Triple Door, Seattle, WA (special guest with Dar Williams, 2011)
Unity of the Valley (Eugene, OR. Oct 2011)
West Side Theatre (Newman, CA, 2009, 2011)
The Secret Society (Portland, OR. May 2012, Oct 2012)
Walnut Room (Denver, CO 8/2012)
Westcliffe's Summer Music Concert Series (Aug, 2012 Westcliffe, CO)
Blues and Brews Music Festival, 2012 (Sept 2012, Telluride, CO)

American River Music Festival (Lotus, CA)
The Clearwater Festival (NY)
Port Townsend Blues Festival (WA)
Rocky Mountain Folks Fest (CO)
Spiral Rhythms Music Festival (WA)
Champlain Valley Folk Festival (VT)
Burlington Women’s Music Festival (VT)
Davinci Days Festival (OR)
Vancouver Folk Festival (BC) (special guest appearances with Utah Phillips and the Rose Tattoo, Dar Williams, Rebecca Riots)
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (WA)
Port Townsend Blues Workshop (WA)
Spontaneous Choir
Wild Women Get the Blues
Blues Guitar Workshop
Singing for the Vocally Challenged
Multicultural Choir
Wild Mind Poetry Workshop
Songwriting Workshops
Gresham Arts Center & Metro East's Summer Concert Series
Kern's Art Center's Music School Outreach Program / Visiting Workshop leader
Hawaii Music Adventure Camp on the Big Island 2009-2012

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