Anni B Sweet

Anni B Sweet

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP


The Pop-Folk singer song-writer Ana López (Malaga, 1988) has been adding members to her fans club ever since she put in her myspace some songs. Nowadays, she has her official album and it has her official album and it has meant that fame has exploted.

Anni B Sweet takes part in that small group of international indie artists who, with their music, can affect and reach a wide range of public, indie and no indie. Who could resist of listen that melodies and that crystal clear voice which is able to break and reconstruct itself at the same time? If there is still good taste in the World, “Start, Restart Undo” should be a success.

Anni invents songs since was 7 years old, and it feels. At the beginning, her songs were a capella improvisations that she invented from her father’s backseat, drafts of songs inspired by which she saw or felt in that moment. She was good at doing pop freestyle on samples of a toy organ too. Then, she played in different bands: one band of versions, other who took it seriously and rock n’roll band. At the end of the road (or at the brilliant beginning) in songs who sings alone, we can recognize her personal version of the legacy of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Kate Bush or Cat Power. In Madrid, she recorded a demo with Brian Hunt (ex member of Russian Red, Templeton or Half Foot Outside) and Javier Doria (The Melecotons), and the rest came alone. She obtained total success on myspace, she won a demo competition of Arindelle Records and EGO, number one of the best demos in 2008 according to Mondo Sonoro magazine, shows crammed with people, one invitation to be support band of Antonio Vega or, at last but not least, in capacity as star signing in the FIB… without her album was for sale.

The future of this girl should sweet, like her artistic surname or the songs of this first album. “Start, Restart Undo” says the title, and it wants to mean that nobody can resign oneself but we have to fight (softly) for the life or music which we look forward to. For this reason, we can listen these first twelve songs of Anni B Sweet , with a simple appearance but with elaborated musical arrangement , a sumptuous instrumentation and sonorous jugglings. Brian Hunt do it very well like in the demo.
For the time being, we forget of thinking about the cannon of classic folk and making comparisons with Micachu, St. Vicent and other naughty girls of modern pop art. There are sweet songs too, but these melodies of a park in spring contain difficult questions; doubts about feelings of oneself, daily anxiety, latent trauma… “Mr. D” is a clear example of this expression of feelings. All albums is in english except “Tumbado en mi moqueta azul” which is the only song in Spanish and no composed by her.
At the end, we usually find a ray of sunlight slip in our window : she forget, forgive and win. So we win hearing to her.

Throughout 2010 Anni's music has been published in faraway places such as New Zealand, Taiwan or Dubai; and in 2011 “Start, Restart, Undo” (Subterfuge Records 2009) will be released, amongst other places, in France, Japan, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the U.K.

On the beginning of 2011 Anni b Sweet will played in the famous Dutch festival "Eurosonic", taking the stage in Gronningen's Grand Theatre together with the Swedish singer Jose Gonzalez.
Since last October Anni b Sweet is the only Spanish artist with a video on VH1. The international music video channel broadcasts "Take On Me" regularly. But this is not all, right now Anni also enjoys a privileged slot on MTV France.
Anni published her latest album, “Start, Restart,Undo”, in 2009 and won, amongst other prizes, the Best New Artist award by the readers of El Pais newspaper and the Guille for Best Pop Artist. She was also the youngest singer to take part in the Music Award final, competing for Best New Artist and Best New Songwriter.
Since her latest album was released Anni B Sweet has travelled all over Spain and has visited France, Holland, Germany, the U.K. and Argentina.


"Start, Restart, Undo" - Label: Subterfuge records - 2009

1. 2 Monkeys
2. A Sarcastic Hello
3. Again
4. Burnt
5. Capturing images
6. Deepest Hole
7. Lalala (Video Version)
8. Le t?sHave a Picnic
9. Motorway
10. Mr.D
11. Oh I Oh Oh I
12. Second Hand
13. Song of Pain
14. Take On Me
15. To Roll Like a Ball
16. Tumbado en Mi Moqueta Azul