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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Americana Rock




""Soothing vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics""

Singer-songwriter Annie Bacon has a charming new music video to share which she describes as "an ode to the strangeness of growing a human and being its mother." Suitably entitled "The Baby Suite," the song features gorgeous piano accompaniment, a smooth, jazzy saxophone and, of course, Bacon's soothing vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics.

Written while the songstress was 18 weeks pregnant, the tune is all about the utterly strange and wholly incredible experience of becoming a mother, a feeling she calls both "intensely personal" and intrinsically "universal." This is why the video itself features a wide range of mothers and their children, both emphasizing the inclusive nature of the song as well as displaying a sense of wonder in an experience that is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted by society. After all, this is the beginning of human life, and Bacon movingly captures all the excitement, confusion, and indescribable ecstasy that goes along with it.

You can catch Annie Bacon live at City Winery Napa next Tuesday night. - The Bay Bridged

""songs full of empathy and passion""

Singer-songwriter Annie Bacon is planning to record two new songs alongside accompanying videos, songs full of the empathy and passion fans have come to associate with her music.

The first, "What We Said," is about a woman who remains faithful to an unfaithful husband, with lyrics focused on enlightening understanding rather than placing blame. The other, "Nikki's Song" (working title), is an ode to musician Nicole McRory and the struggles she endured as a transgender person, struggles that tested but never overwhelmed her fierce spirit. Like much of her work, Bacon's new material seeks to build bridges of communication between people through sincere storytelling and heartfelt messages.

As exciting as all this news may be to fans, the songstress needs your help. Every musician in the Bay is painfully aware of how costly it is to both follow your dreams and pay rent, so Bacon has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her vision. If you'd like to donate or find out more details about the project, you can follow this link. - The Bay Bridged

""Annie Bacon ... offers that soothing sound you may yearn for""

“SF Bay Guardian Pick for Friday 6/1/12 "Some nights you need to rock out to hardcore, other nights you want sweet and tender vocals over a folk-y melody, the kinds of songs in which the lyrics mean something and the music carries you right along. Annie Bacon, also known for her "Folk Opera" work, offers that soothing sound you may yearn for at her album release show with her OSHEN band (for new album Light to See Dark). Think Americana, with an emotionally driven undertone."” - SF Bay Guardian

""sounds fresh and clear""

"Sounds fresh and clear, new and living" - Jesse de Natale - Jesse DeNatale, Musician

""She . . turns a song into a living thing""

"I expect Annie to be one of the first Sellaband artists to really make it out there. Because she has a beautiful voice, great songs, a live act that works, a wonderful personality, etc... but most of all because she knows music, and she intuitively seems to do everything right to turn a song into a living thing. She uses all her talents just to serve the song where needed. There must be an old blues musician inside her head, telling her what to do." - Sellaband Investor - Naf, Laudanum Forrest, Sellaband Investor

""A true talent""

"The embodiment of a witty comedienne, a talented musician and a spice of Mysti Mayhem sprinkled atop her- Annie Bacon takes the levels of acoustic music to a new audience.

Her catchy compositions, and fun, relatable lyrics put her in a strong position with modern music-lovers. Already evident with her quick soar to 2K, the silent mover has been making herself known throughout the forums and the charts.

The music itself is mainly acoustic, with experimental instrumentation making appearances throughout. The voice of Annie herself is unique and a true talent.

Whilst presenting real issues and personal dilemmas within her songs, Annie manages to constantly keep the audience intrigued by approaching the themes with a wise and fun look back, as opposed to a melancholy viewpoint.

An artist in the vain of KT Tunstall and Maria Mena, with a wide generation of her own ideas- Annie Bacon is a talent that refuses to be ignored, in a very pleasant and sweet manner, of course." - Sellaband Investor - Simon McMurdo, Sellaband Investor

""I've seen the future & her name is Annie Bacon""

"I love music, and many of you know me to be someone who vigorously promotes the artists I truly believe in. Right now I want to grab you by the ears and share with you my considerable enthusiasm for a gifted young singer/songwriter/poet/guitari st/bassist/drummer/arranger and performer named Annie Bacon.

I had checked out Annie's page and heard some good songs which were obviously recorded with limited resources. And then, last Thursday June 5, I saw her live. And I was seriously impressed.

One of the special experiences you can have on SAB (Sellaband) is to encounter highly talented people right on the cusp of coming into their own. Of making their presence felt in a potentially important way.

That night, in a small club in San Francisco, Annie appeared for the first time with her own band, and the pieces fell into place. The energy was huge, it was standing room only, and she commanded the stage with grace and confidence. There was a lovely range of original material movingly and professionally presented.

Had I not known it was the band's first outing, I would never have guessed. She will be recording with them, and it's only going to get better.

Annie's going places, my friends. Check her out, sign on, participate in her progress with pleasure and pride, and enjoy the ride."
- Sellaband Investor
- Ray Baisden, Sellaband


"Astounding show. Astounding. Don't change anything." - Wayne Skeen, Founder/ Ninth Street Opus - Wayne Skeen, Founder/Producer, Opus Music Ventures

""Folk Pop Playfulness""

"Anne Bacon's music buoys the listener upon a gentle surging tide of sweet melodies frothing with folk pop playfulness and just the right dash of salty insights." - Talent Buyer, Amnesia SF
- Sol Crawford, Entertainment Buyer, Amnesia SF

""a contagious song""

"De folkmuziek met Americana-invloeden van Annie Bacon klinkt heel verfrissend. Het nummer "You Are Just An Idiot" is een aanstekelijk liedje. Het zou zo gebruikt kunnen worden in een scéne uit de film "Juno" -, Netherlands

[The folk music with Americana influences of Annie Bacon sounds very refreshing. The number "You Are Just An Idiot" is a contagious song. It could would be used in a scene from the film "Juno".]
-, Netherlands

""she has everyone eating out of her hands . . .""

"Annie Bacon is one of the most dynamic and charismatic performers I've ever seen, and I have seen lots.

She doesn't just play songs on a stage. She creates moments between her and her audience, whether there are 6 or 600 people listening. These moments draw me in time and again. And yes - when Annie plays, it really is "her audience" as she has everyone eating out of her hands and drinking her koolaid by the time its all over.

Oh - and her voice is golden and her songs are smart and simple all at once. When Annie is on stage - its pretty clear that that's where she belongs. I believe her." - Howie Cockrill, Ninth Street Opus / Shift Independent
- Howie Cockrill, Ninth Street Opus / Shift Independent

""playful emotive intelligence""

“[May 2012 Video Contest Winner for LA Thursday] Annie Bacon’s music has a playful, emotive intelligence that ranges through the diverse roots of classic Americana. Annie Bacon and Her OSHEN is merely one of her many projects, and the rock-leaning band backs her vocals with the hooks and rhythms that help her crossover and gain pop audience appeal. ” -


"What we said"
"Nikki's song"
singles, 2016

Stranded Songs
EP 2015

light to see dark
LP 2012

Live at the Red Devil Lounge
LP 2011

There Is No Reason Here (There is only a persistent feeling that we ought to look closely and love deeply)
EP, Ninth Street Opus (Berkeley), 2009

Triumph Over Idiots,
demo 2008

demo 2008

- "Los Angeles Thursday" video (dir. by Gabriel Goldstein) selected as International Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist




Annie Bacon is a songwriter/musician in San Francisco. She aches for a more empathic humanity and her creativity orbits around this. Essentially folk music at its roots, her humanist songs twist and surge under the influence of her past musical life as bassist for renegade rock band Sweet Crude Bill and an obsession with melody. The effect is an emotional, soaring and deeply satisfying set from Annie Bacon & her OSHEN that evokes at once Fletwood Mac, Patsy Cline, and Feist.



Arriving in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001 just days before the Sept 11th attacks, Bacon has been shaped by the increasing complexity of modern life – politically and personally. But it was becoming a mother in 2011 that changed the creative game for her. Not only did the lack of time and sleep teach her to work harder and with more focus, but she learned a secret of parenthood: that explosive overwhelming love for a child can be matched in the opposite by the extraordinary pain of loss.

Leaning briefly and barely close to that loss after a health scare with her son, Bacon’s songwriting experienced a massive evolution. Where before she sang sad songs in the major key, pitting emotions against each other, now she leans head on into the emotional expression of each song, creating visceral cinematic music with her capable band.

Bacon also composed a folk opera in 2009. Haunting folk melodies and harmonies meet operatic hyperbole, creating indelible characters and an unforget-table  musical experience. It was adapted as a verse puppet play by Alphabet Arts for Brooklyn's Puppets & Poets Festival in 2013. More here

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