Annie Dukes

Annie Dukes

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Rock Garage Rock




"Tension by Annie Dukes"

The sisterhood of the traveling musicians, or should we just call them Annie Dukes. When a death brought Cassidy Lee, Emma Moseley, Michelle Spaulding, and Lindsey Michelle together, Annie Dukes was formed to create a unique sound that brought us to the punk rock Riot Grrrl attitude with a subtle hint of Dixie Chicks thrown in.
“Tension” is the first single from the band and easily one of the best introductions that an all-female band could accomplish. “Tension” is all about that female complexity, how women are shady, dark, warm, and loving. Women are the core of the message that the Annie Dukes quartet wants to deliver. It’s like the modern Meredith Brooks national feminine anthem, with lyrics that describe the power of the feminine trajectory and vocals that bite at the right moment. There’s no denying that the vocals are also what drive this song forward and push it as far as the listener could go. The string guitars are also electrifyingly good, taking listeners on a road trip across central America where diners and bikers pass by and lonely hitchhikers strain to catch the next ride.
Freeing, trespassing, and revolutionary, Annie Dukes’s “Tension” is not a tense song, but a rather chilling testament of the power of the feminine voice. These ladies are rocking it and making no apologies for that. “Tension” makes anybody want to take a dip into the unknown, and if she’s lucky enough to be a woman, she’ll know what to do when the time comes in. - Rock Era Magazine

"904 Creatives Podcast"

904 Creatives Podcast hosted by StArt Now inc. & 904 Now App interview with Cassidy Lee and Emma Moseley of Annie Dukes. - 904 Now App

"E.A. Poets approved/bands we like - Annie Dukes"

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Annie Dukes. I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked the energy of their music.

I was impressed with this band from the very first seconds.

The singer’s voice is biting and she manages to awaken your most rock spirit in you. The harmonies of the background vocals are perfect and the overall sound is magnificent.

These girls are not here to joke and they take things seriously. Their sound is powerful, free, and epic.

As soon as I pressed the play button I imagined myself on a Harley while driving aimlessly through the countryside of central America. This music makes you feel free and gives you the right energy to start the day.

It’s official gentlemen the heirs of the ZZ Top are the Annie Dukes.

A band to keep under the radar because these girls have a bright future ahead of them.

Tension is Annie Dukes’ Single Out Now! - Edgar Allen Poets


On vous invite dans l’univers musical des puissantes ANNIE DUKES. Le groupe féminin composé de Cassidy Lee, Emma Moseley, Lindsey Michelle and Michelle Spaulding nous a offert l’explosif ‘Tension’, savoureux et anthémique.

Rock avec une touche de punk, et surtout des performances vocales qui vous happe sans effort, c’est ce que vous allez trouver dans ce morceau, un véritable hit qui vous donne motivation et pouvoir.

On l’écoute en boucle chez Indiechronique, et on l’admire pour sa qualité, son authenticité, sa force musicale. ‘Tension’ aura le même effet sur vous : - Indiechroniquedaily

"Annie Dukes’ first ever release, ‘Tension’, is a hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll classic"

Rounding up the first week of 2022’s Spotlight tracks is a stone-cold banger from the all-female classic rock act Annie Dukes. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, the band have just released their first-ever single called ‘Tension’, and it’s a cracking, hard-hitting, no holds barred tune. Crunchy, wailing guitars, thumping drums, and some incredible vocal performances are the order of the day on ‘Tension, and there’s honestly so much to be excited about already from this brand new act. Recorded in just two days, the track shines a light on female empowerment and finding the strength to live the life you want. “Our music is on topics that push boundaries for women,” says the band. Influenced by a wide variety of acts – Led Zeppelin, Drive-by Truckers, Heart, CSNY and The Black Crowes to name a few – Annie Dukes are ready to make their mark on the scene. And we at Indie Top 39 are right behind them! 

What does the song mean to you? 

This was the first song the band wrote together. It is about female empowerment and finding yourself. 

Who do you hope the song resonates with the most? 

We hope that ‘Tension’ resonates with anyone who has been scared to live and go after the things they want. We hope it gives anyone who needs it the strength to push outside of their comfort zone. 

Tell us about your creative process and how the song came to be? 

‘Tension’ came to be from a creative idea and guitar riff that turned into a band collaboration. It was the first song we wrote together as a band and started to form our sound. 

What do you hope to achieve with this song? 

We hope to reach a bigger audience and make an impact to the music industry as women in rock ‘n’ roll.  - Indie Top 39

"Annie Dukes - Tension (Alternative Rock)"

This damn cool indie / alternative rock band from Florida should be known! Four talented artists from Jacksonville, who call themselves Annie Dukes, create a solid guitar sound with their music that is guaranteed to catch your ears. We are happy to share their new single ‘Tension’ with you today, an energetic and steadfast title that convinces with memorable melodies and plenty of dynamism. We found this really successful and full-bodied distortion to be particularly catchy, which runs through the entire arrangement and gives the song a full and powerful base.

Decelerated and extremely grounded rock drums set 'Tension' in motion with a casual rhythm and, together with the fat bass line, bring plenty of punch into the depths. In no case did we want to miss the expressive lead vocals in focus, which give the song a distinctive face. When listening to it, make sure that you turn up the volume control, because Annie Duke's music should be heard loud! Check out the new single on Spotify, you won't regret it: - Berlin on Air

"Annie Dukes - Tension - Debutant"

Guitar music arguably made its way out of the popular mainstream around the turn of the previous decade, but through musicians such as Annie Dukes and her invention of tracks, we can assume that the endangering is not entirely complete. Coming straight out of Jacksonville, the all-female original rock and roll group motivated to deliver a purely exuberant RnR sound that seems to be decadent in the present day.

The singer-songwriter opens up her discography with the release of her debutant track Tension — a Britpop stylized rock and roll ballad comprising electric guitar riffs, staccato percussive performances and an assertive message to deliver through its lyricism. Annie Dukes does not shy away from songwriting that may be labelled ‘too strong’, making Tension a thoroughly upbeat ambitious rock and roll anthem tailored for immediate upliftment of both energy and self-construal.

Dukes’ vocal performance appears self-assured and directive-oriented, ushering in her music an ethos of confidence and credence that resonates marvellously with the listener. Her vocal performances are coupled only with the stimulating and prompt electric guitar licks that ode to the genre’s Britpop heydays, providing Dukes’ music a hint of nostalgic reminiscence of the erstwhile glory of conventionally guitar-driven music. Annie Dukes has only just begun, but her music presents itself with no diffidence or introversion. Instead, it is driven with self-reliant femininity that becomes indicative of the sort of thematic affiliation Dukes tries to build through her music.

With Zeppelin and Black Crowes inspirations, the group remains tightly knit as ever with Cassidy Lee (bass), Lindsey Michelle (electric guitar) and Emma Moseley (lead electric guitar), with Michelle Spaulding on organs. - Sinusoidal Music


Still working on that hot first release.



     Rock n roll is forged in pain and catapulted by tragedy. It is polished with unwillingness to travel any other road. That electricity brought four northeast Florida women together as one, creating the band Annie Dukes.     

Annie Dukes is a female fronted rock 'n roll band out of Northeast Florida. The band formed after a death that connected each member.      

Cassidy Lee of Jacksonville, FL made her name playing, writing and touring the east coast leading her to spend time in Nashville. Recently, Lee appeared on The Voice, now playing bass and vocals in Annie Dukes.    

  Emma Moseley of St. Augustine, FL on electric guitar and vocals, fronted Emma Moseley Band for 8 years making multiple tours out west, including stops at SXSW and landing her as direct support to national acts. Mitch Easter recorded and produced the bands sophomore album, 949.     

 Lindsey Michelle from Chapel Hill, NC on electric guitar and vocals, won a Carolina Music Award for best female R&B artist in 2013. Moving to Jacksonville, FL in 2014, she quickly plugged into the local music scene. Her experience and natural ability to find harmonies pulled the girls individual vocals into one unison voice and is a feature of Annie Dukes.  

    Michael Monahan (Mony) of St Augustine, FL studied music at Columbia College in Chicago. Spending 6 years with the internationally touring, pop punk band We Still Dream, The band received millions of streams on Spotify but after parting ways, Mony joined Heart to Heart, touring as direct support to national artists, leading him to drum for multiple projects in reggae, soul and funk. Meeting Annie Dukes in 2021, the band was complete with a dynamic, heavy hitter, the girls get to call Mony Duke.      

     Annie Dukes are currently recording their debut album and looking forward to the fall release. For booking, please contact