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Annie Handley

Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Reverbnation Quote"

Great video Annie, voice, feel, drums, bass, you're way ahead of the crowd so don't look behind you, there's no one there...Nice pipes Annie, down low and airy, with an edge but smooth like Ricky Lee.. "Earth Jazz" lets say... There you go, a new catagory..
- Accomplished Canadian Producer John Ellis

"Annie Handley – No Shoobie"

Annie Handley with “No Shoobie” is offering a Pop album—a genre we don’t often cover—that should be given a listen. She has passion, joyful exuberance and a beautiful hopefulness needed in these days of slow-core, snooze-pop and depressing sound-tracks from those lacking dreams or a working compass. - Heroes of Indie Music

"Vancouver Island’s Annie Handley"

Annie Handley has released an album, No Shoobie, available on iTunes, and beautifully-shot music video for the song “Bring Me Back Alive” ... - Canadian Music Blog


Music Critic Raven: Youtuber AnnieCanada is my #1 singer pick. She will go all the way.

This is what you call a Music Critic who has no patience. I wrote her tonight and I am posting her talent immediately. I am unable to wait so plan on a second entry dedicated to her. I wonder, am I one of the few whose inherently aware of the talent on Youtube? Those record agencies need to pay me quickly because when a talent like this is found, I get chills and I know a hit song when I hear it. Of all the talent I have seen on Youtube, I am moving Annie to my #1 position. She has hit songs by the number'S. She will get a record contract and is going to be famous and successful. There is no doubt. NONE! Her voice quality is right up there with Sarah McLaughlin and she reminds me of Jewel but has her own sound. All of her songs are written by her and all of them are HITS! Did I already say that? lol. When I hit replay because I must, I know this gal is going all the way. She is spectacular!

When I listen to her its like sitting outside in a calm breeze with a depth to hold you with emotional significance. I am going to work on doing a phone interview with her as well. Annie, your the type of singer and song writer that every agency will be jumping, jumping to pound on your doors, very soon. No need to wish you luck. It's going to happen.
- Raven, Rebuke the World


No Shoobie March 2012



Annie Handley is a talented and exciting artist from Canada's beautiful west coast. Evolving from her early years songwriting and playing as a solo performer and later as lead singer with a rock band, she's now supporting the release of her first full-length CD "No Shooble", (Produced by Canadian music industry veteran Doug Biggs in Comox BC and co-produced by Annie herself.) Her writing touches on many personal and sometimes universal thoughts and feelings but is always infused with with her rich vocals and a bit of that west-coast vibe, sandy beaches and salt-spray

Her album "No Shoobie" is influenced by funk, rock, acoustic roots and even has some jazz and R&B Flare. Similar artists: Edie Brickell, Sara Bareilles, Sade, Meiko, Sheryl Crow. The album has been featured on iTunes under Pop - New and Noteworthy, Indie and Canadiana for several months.

To support the album Annie recently released the first video (for the song Bring Me Back Alive) that has received thousands of views and many accolades, viewable here:

Her summer is starting to look very busy as she heads out to support the album with live performances. Check her website (below) and Reverbnation for dates and locations.

No Shoobie Song List:

1 Bring Me Back Alive (current video)
2 Zing Zing
3 Burned
4 The Garbage Song
5 Could It be
6 A Bigger Thing
7 Time Machine
8 Looking Back
9 The Moon Song
10 Bask
11 Old Bones

Some Annie Handley musical chronology:
1998 Demo CD Produced by Graham Shaw
2009 BC Musician Magazine Top 3 Finalist New Music
2010 Alternative Root Sampler Top 30 Worldwide Search
2010 Indy TV New Music Search Walk Away
2012 3900 Channel Subscribers & 256,000 Channel views Youtube.
2012 Release of CD "No Shoobie"
2012 First video produced for CD "Bring Me Back Alive"

iTunes: Annie Handley or No Shoobie

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