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Annie Fitzgerald

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Annie Fitzgerald - In Good Time"

Annie Fitzgerald: In Good Time

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt noticed that the singer-songwriter genre is making a huge comeback right now. If you're itching for new music to add to your MP3 shuffle, check out Annie Fizgerald's In Good Time ($9). Drawing comparisons to work by Sarah McLauchlan and Sean Colvin, Fitzgerald's debut album features 11 solid songs ranging from heartrending ballads to catchy uptempo tunes. Fitzgerald has the type of soulful voice you won't soon forget and you're likely to hear more of, so jump on the bandwagon early! - Outblush

"Reggae Link, Blog Talk Radio"

“Sarah McLachlan has nothing on Annie, Annie Fitzgerald is simply outstanding…..what a voice……” - Reggae Link, BlogTalkRadio

"Music on the Couch"

“”In Good Time”, the debut effort from Annie Fitzgerald introduces us to a young woman deserving to be heard. The lush orchestration and moving lyrics throughout will capture your attention and imagination. The entire production screams seasoned vet, not raw newcomer and should signal a long exciting career.” - Vinny “Bond” Marini, Music on the Couch

"Annie Fitzgerald - 'In Good Time'"

Annie Fitzgerald’s second album “In Good Time” begins with the gentle “Hero”, aspiring to protect her love, full of sentiment and love. The easy listening album is a great album to just unwind with after a rubbish day at work, drifting off on a riverboat, moving with the tide. Fitzgerald has the oars to steer you.

“Another Sad Love Song” delves deeper into what she can produce, commenting on her inability to hold onto a relationship, beating herself up. There’s more going on in the background, with the previous track depending on her voice, not to detract from the sensitivity.

“Little Girl” reminds me of Norah Jones as she talks of herself, the dreams of her childhood, as she now hits reality in the face. But still has the hope she once had to still go after her dreams. As we move further into the album the tempo increases slightly on the vocal album with “Watch the World Go By”. We are going on a journey, escaping the doldrums of everyday life, letting everything speed past as they have each other, what more do you need. All you need is a blanket to lie on and a cup of hot chocolate to drift off with.

We come back to earth with a gentle bump in “Brothers”, it’s like we are waking up to a hymn, that’s soft on the ear, reminiscing about her brother, the times they spent together as children. She sings with such grace softly drifting through the times that stood out for her. A time in her life that is special to her, as many who have siblings. She could be romanticising, but there’s nothing wrong there, when we look back on our past through pastel shaded eyes we have an idealized vision, that is sometimes better, complemented by her voice.

Finally I hear some bite that I have not yet heard on this album as the guitar kicks in, the relationship is breaking down. Looking back on what has happened, trying to weigh up her options as to continue or not. The bite is lost to reveal a deeply hurt woman with wounds that are still tender and could get worse if not left to heal.

Her voice fits perfectly with the piano with “Old Souvenirs”, as she looks around herself to see reminders of a time that affect her day. This is probably the best record of the album so far, alongside “Little Girl” and “Watch the World Go By”. The song touches on country record, giving room to explore her range.

The album is livening up still with “The Net”. The use of instruments lifts her voice to add more texture. A vulnerable side is revealed, wanting to give more, but cannot. Unable to move on in the relationship, you find yourself wanting to reach out and give her a hug of reassurance.

“Let’s Not Wait Too Long” is a return to the softer side that is the foundation of the album and her sound. Almost whispering to you, “come to me”. ‘I’m not perfect, but that shouldn’t stop you loving me’. Yearning to begin a new relationship, or to take it further, the next stage is not as hard as you think if you take the steps there together.

“Kaleidoscope” is an organised jumble of instruments, with a nice backing track for a chilled out session on the couch. A confused woman, in a messed up world she’s been left in, going over her mistakes and past, trying to figure a way out. More effects have been used to amplify the tracks title and the world she’s trying to encapsulate.

A warm return of the acoustic guitar in “Cellar Door”, with a hint of Willie Nelson coming through the track. She winds up the album on a high, confronting her fears, no longer afraid of the unknown, she’s heading into a new world and she’s prepared for it.

Overall a new sound for 2010 that is more relaxed than marling who has vocally more fire in her belly, but this is made up for here with tenderness of her voice, a gentility compared with Norah Jones. A good debut album from Fitzgerald, definitely one for easy listening fans to go out and buy/download for sure. - M is for Music

"Annie Fitzgerald Debuts in Nashville"

Reviewed by:
Big Poppa
Big Poppa’s Underground
91.1FM Nashville, TN

Annie Fitzgerald (Americana, folk) took to the stage in Nashville for the first time Tuesday night. The Minnesota native joined two other singer/songwriters from the 10,000 Lake state. Annie is out on the road to support her debut album “in good time”. The crowd was a bit larger than normal for a 12th & Porter crowd. Annie delivered with a 7 song set. With her lyrics, vocals, and a great smile…..She is very engaging on stage. If you like Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin then you’ll certainly be entertained and swept away in her songs. Make sure to catch her when she comes back through Nashville in Oct. - Scout 66 - Big Poppa's Underground

"Annie Fitzgerald Drops Excellent Debut Disc at the Ritz"

By Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
September 28, 2010

Annie Fitgerald has a gorgeous voice, material to match, and winning presence. She lit the Ritz stage in Minneapolis on September 17th with a personable glow and fine music, capturing the crowd from the moment she stepped on right up until the show was over.

It was the Twin Cities release for the singer-songwriter's excellent debut disc In Good Time. Produced by her writing partner Matt Patrick, the album's 11 well-crafted songs are performed with solid professionalism. "Little Girl" and "Brother," both on her set list at the Ritz, are tributes to Fitzgerald's family. "Little Girl," a pet name from her parents, is reflective, poignant, heartfelt—and sung with the kind of elegant simplicity memorable ballads are made of. "Brother," dedicated to her brother, gets the same treatment, a haunting gem.

A hands-down standout on the album is "Watch the World Go By" has crossover hit written all over it, nailing a melodic groove reminiscent of Joni Mitchell circa Court and Spark. "Hero" opens In Good Time, compelling, anthemic, qualifying as a signature song. When she sings, "You'll find my power in my love for you," the listener truly feels it. At the Ritz, Fitzgerald acquitted herself as an archetypal country vocalist, leaning heavily on her almost uncanny gift for breaking her voice over a note. She fairly shimmers, threading a melody like she was born to it. The problem with the evening was that lead guitarist Tyler Burkum was too loud. Not overbearing. Just over-the-top enough to compete with and distract from Fitzgerald's vocals. Still, the set, beyond question, was a success. Annie Fitzgerald has served notice: she is a country soul siren with whom one does well to reckon.

Supporting was singer-songwriter Vicky Emerson, a country stylist of amazing ability whose gigs I don't never seem to be able to get to on time. Months back, I caught most of her set at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, missing the first few songs because I was at the lack of mercy of the bus company. This time around transportation did me worse, as I straggled in for her last three songs. I can, however, reliably report that Emerson was in fine voice. Also on the bill, the Brighton opened while I was figuring out how to get there. - Dwight Hobbes - TC Daily Planet

"Annie Fitzgerald - 'In Good Time'"

Annie Fitzgerald - In Good Time
2010, Pin Curl Productions

Minnesota native and Brooklynite Annie Fitzgerald captivates audiences with her own brand of homespun Americana. A regular on the New York City Indie scene, Fitzgerald is known in several major US cities as an entrancing performer with a voice that draws you, wraps its arms around you and just won't let go. With nods to Sarah McLachlan, Patty Griffin and even Ray LaMontagne, Fitzgerald tackles the little moments in life, drawing the significance of each out into the light in songs that flow like water. It won't take long until you are immersed in her first full length album, In Good Time.

Annie Fitzgerald has one of those voices that are hard to classify. Full of beautiful textures and contours, Fitzgerald can run a warm alto to an inspired soprano, transitioning from one to the other with great ease. Fitzgerald's voice seems to have multiple layers, ala Sarah McLachlan, but her sound is very much her own. When first greeted with that voice on In Good Time's opening track, "Hero", you'll be surprised by the simple, heartfelt delivery and utter beauty of her voice. "Hero" is a heart-on-your-sleeve ballad with a future on mix-tapes and as a wedding song. "Another Sad Love Song" is an amazing bit of melancholy songwriting in a delicious Americana arrangement; a bit of pure poetry. Fitzgerald wishes a young friend well on "Little Girl", a sweet song of inspiration and hope for one whose dreams, hopes and aspirations are all as yet unfound. It's Fitzgerald's easy, unaffected delivery that makes this song fly.

"Watch The World Go By" is an invitation to enjoy a perfect moment in love; those times when time stops and you are lost between the streams with that perfect person. Here it is a dream; a wish for love and the eternal what if. The songwriting style here will seem very familiar to fans of Sarah McLachlan, both for its textures and flow but also for the earnest lyrics and delivery. "Brother" finds Fitzgerald reminiscing about childhood in a song that's full of the melancholy of days lost but also the joy of memory. Fitzgerald's vocal performance here is stunning; stark, lonely and full of love. "How Long" has one of those choruses that seem familiar to you the first time you hear it and stick with you long after the song is done. It's a highly memorable tune you're likely to have on repeat.

"Old Souvenirs" touches on the significance of memories of loved ones who have passed on, and the power of objects, even names passed on, to fill our hearts. Fitzgerald finds that near-perfect songwriting moment here where a song is both highly personal and universal, opening a window between songwriter and listener that is tangible and real. Fitzgerald issues a personal and beautiful call to move forward with a relationship that works on "Let's Not Wait Too Long"; playing on a sense of love and urgency driven by the feeling that this time it's right. Fitzgerald's emotions swirl through the song like gusts of wind on a Fall day, moving and churning in a beautiful display of both creation and fear. In Good Time closes with "Cellar Door", a song about looking into the aspects of yourself that most frighten you; the things you'd rather not see. It's a song about crossing the bridge into adulthood, and taking on the fears we have hidden away from ourselves. It's an amazing closing song; a highly mature and introspective piece of songwriting that seems likely to be covered by others down the road.

Annie Fitzgerald shows a distinctive flair for writing highly personal and moving songs on In Good Time. Fitzgerald’s approach is mature beyond her years, and her voice is has the ring of angel song filtered through the rays of sunrise. Fitzgerald will captivate you with her songs, and you'll be waiting for more to come In Good Time.
- Wildy's World

"Twin Cities Radio"

“Annie gave us the show of a lifetime. Her performance on "The Live Sessions" touched each listener’s heart with her simply wonderful songs, magnificent performance, and genuine persona. If you are in the New York area, and you would like to hear some of the very best music in town - Go see Annie Fitzgerald.” - JazzyJ - Owner of Twin Cities Radio on the Net

"SHOF 57th New Writer's Showcase"

January 25, 2006 NEW YORK -- The nine singer/songwriters selected to perform at the Songwriters Hall of Fame's 57th New Writers Showcase were announced today by SHOF Projects Director Bob Leone.

The event will take place on Thursday, March 23rd, 8:00 PM at The Cutting Room, 19 West 24thStreet (between Broadway & Sixth Avenue). Admission is $10.00 & all are welcome to attend.

The featured writer/artists are Michelle Albano, Esseri, Annie Fitzgerald, Gabrielle, Stefani Germanotta, Lauren Hunt, Rachel Platten, Wendy Starland & Erika Weander of Station 23. These songwriters were chosen from among 200 who submitted material for this event by a committee made up of music industry professionals.

The New Writers Showcase program was conceived by Bob Leone, who produced the first such event in November 1990 & has produced & hosted all 56 showcases. These showcases are sponsored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame four times a year.

"Songwriter's Hall of Fame"

"The first thing that pulls you in is her voice; captivating, compelling & dynamic. Then you hear the beautiful melodic lines & the intelligent, thoughtful lyrics in her songs. You watch her play and you cannot help but be impressed by her musicianship. Annie Fitzgerald is a music executive's dream. I look forward to watching her star rise." - Bob Leone, Songwriters Hall of Fame Projects Director (1988-2006)

"Music's Rising Stars Magazine"

"Having been blessed with the gift of a sweet, pure, expressive voice, the graceful girl with dark curls and big hazel eyes, draws inspiration from her keen sense of the world around her. She is most definitely a star on the rise."

- Krystina Rene' Miller

"Elegant Annie"

Annie Fitzgerald and her younger brother John grew up in the small town of Crookston in North Western Minnesota. A dancer from the time she was two, the graceful girl with dark curls and big hazel eyes got involved in theater at age nine and became an award winning choreographer at fourteen.

"I was very lucky because my parents were always great about sending me to different workshops across the country. My mom is a designer, so she would come to market in New York City and bring me along. I was very lucky to have the best of both worlds. I got to get out and be exposed to a lot of interesting things and have the benefits of growing up in a small town."

Having been blessed with the gift of a sweet, pure, expressive voice, she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in music. In 2000, she trained abroad at the Mountview Theater School in London. After graduation, she lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and became a member of the Actor's Equity Association. She was active in the local television and commercial industries. She self-produced a cabaret show "Defying Gravity-A Season of Change" and performed at various venues including Chanhassen Theatres where she was a company member for two years. "In regards to getting distracted on stage, I guess dinner theatre can be full of distractions. It can be interesting to try and stay in character in that context, but it can prepare you for anything."

During her time at Chanhassen, Annie met Billy Barber, a talented pianist and songwriter that she eventually teamed up with to record his original songs. While involved in this project, she worked with Grammy award-winning engineer Tom Tucker at Master Mix Studios and appeared at Dakota in Minneapolis with Billy Barber and the Kenni Holmen trio.

In February of 2005, Annie moved to New York City. "When I moved here, I tried to get involved in as many things as I could. I try to have the attitude that anything that happens too fast isn't going to last. I think I've been very fortunate so far. I started taking a songwriting class at the New School [in Greenwich Village] with a teacher by the name of Henry Gaffney. He helped me get to the next level as far as confidence goes. That class pushed me to not be afraid of myself as an artist or a songwriter and to try and continually push myself into making sure I'm saying what I really feel and getting the message across."

Henry Gaffney encouraged her to contact then projects director, Bob Leone, to become a member of the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and get involved with their many workshops, showcases and open mike nights. "I went ahead and did that and it was probably one of the best tips I could have gotten. It's a little bit like a support group. In joining, I was able to submit my songs and was chosen to be in a SHOF showcase [in March of 2006] and from that a lot of good things have happened. I've met some people that book venues in New York and have gotten some doors opened there. In June of 2007 I was chosen to be on the Best of New Songwriter's Hall of Fame compilation CD. My song, ‘Ain’t That a Shame,' which was co-written with my friend John Lynn was included on the CD. “I felt very fortunate to be among all those other up and coming artists and writers."

Annie also recorded and released a self-titled EP through AtomicK Records in May of 2006, in which she collaborated with engineer and co-producer Karl Demer and co-writer John Lynn. She has her music on several download sites such as iTunes. When she isn't singing, she loves to paint, travel and spend time with her family and friends. She also admits, "I'm a hockey fan! Big hockey fan, so I like to go watch some hockey games."

While she's enjoying life in New York City, she says, "I love Minnesota. My family is still there and I'm lucky enough to get back there quite a bit."

"I'm very, very close with my family and they definitely inspire me day to day." Her brother John is working on getting his masters at University of Minnesota. "We're really good friends. I'm really proud of him.�

Right now she's doing as much writing as she can in preparation of her upcoming full length album and enjoying life as a newlywed to husband, Ryan, whom she married this past March.

Annie draws inspiration from her keen sense of the world around her. "Definitely the little miracles in the day-to-day things inspire me. Human interaction, especially in this city, tends to be a little harder than others. You know, it is what it is, but I always really appreciate having those little moments with people where they kind of take the wall down and are kind to each other."

"I try to spend time going to different museums and taking in the culture here. You never know what’s going to give you an idea for a song, or something you want to convey to other people. I really just want to keep creating music and keep trying to communicate with people that way. I would love to be able to do that on a full time basis. Now you know, of course, you have to pay the bills, so I have a couple of other things that I do on the side that I enjoy as well. But, I'd really love at some point in time to be able to do it on a more regular basis, do some touring. Maybe some day, that will come. Until then, I'll just keep plugging away, taking it day by day."

As for her career, she says, "I try to not get too caught up in it. You can get sucked into the business of music. I'm lucky that I have a couple of people who remind me to make sure that's its always fun, because that's why I started doing it. I hope people like and enjoy my music. I hope that it makes them feel something.�

| written by Krystina Rene' Miller - Music's Rising Stars Magazine


"You & Me & the Sun" LP, June 1st, 2018
"In Good Time" LP, September 7, 2010



Annie Fitzgerald’s music has been described as “a blend of Tori Amos’ intellectual appeal, Sarah McLachlan’s mystical charm and Edie Brickell’s baroque spirit” (Jamsphere). Honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame as an artist to watch, Fitzgerald released her second album You & Me & the Sun on June 1st, 2018. Produced by Danny O’Brien (The Farewell Circuit, Dem Yuut), the album finds Fitzgerald joining gifted musicians and shaping a textured pop sound mixed with the raw vitality of rock-and-roll. Since her first release In Good Time, Fitzgerald spent time a part of the NYC Indie scene, started a family, and welcomed a move back to her home state of MN and a newfound sense of space to create. You & Me & the Sun explores connection, vulnerability, love, and sparks in the span of time navigating the balance between motherhood & her life as a songwriter.