Annie Hall

Annie Hall


Pop Soundtracks for Folk Stories. Our style is a meltin’ pot where melancholy, irony, west coast ballads and sixties pop music meet.


Annie Hall were born in summer 2004. They are trying to put their name over folkpop songwriting scene. No list-fillers in the first album, which runs from Wilco to Elliott Smith, from Bob Dylan to Big Star in a hand a green card for USA in the other a fork to eat Brescia’s casoncelli. CAROUSEL is their second Album out NOW!


Ghosts' Legs

Written By: Fabio Dondelli

Red shoes near my bed
And I wonder what you’re thinking
I wonder what you’re thinking of

I’m giving you my pledge
And I’m standing near the river
Sleeping on the river side

The day is done
So I can be
In your dreams

I’m crawling through your legs
Searching for the reason
Keep searching for the reason why

You scrawl inside my mind
Your imaginary pictures
Your abstract thoughts

The day is done
So I can be
In your dreams

Morning News

Written By: Fabio Dondelli

Here I am my friend
Praying for the end
This non sense war that has begun again

Here I am today
People in decay
Every life is turning upside down
Please take children away

Everything is wrong
Everybody’s flown away
Everybody’s gone I feel I’ve got something to do

If you had one wish what would you wish for?
I think I’d use it to disappear from here

Here I am again
Shot by morning news
Another body strewn, nothing to do
Please take children away
Please take children away
Please take children away


Annie Hall - DEMO (2005)
Good Old Days - EP (2006)
Cloud Cuckoo Land - LP (2007)
Golden Bread - EP (2007)
Carousel - LP (2009)

Set List

Our typical set list take 45 minutes of original songs (from 10 to 15 songs).