Annie Humphrey

Annie Humphrey


Annie's songs weave a distinct rhythm as they reflect on a journey filled with stories of love, ceremony, tragedy, hardship, introspection and wisdom. While the stories may be personal, the themes are universal.


Annie Humphrey-Jimenez is an Ojibwe mother, singer, songwriter and visual artist who was born and raised on the Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota.

Annie discovered at the age of eight that playing the piano and guitar came easy to her, and she began writing songs as a young adult.

Feeling smothered on the Reservation, Annie enlisted in the United States Marine Corp at the age of 23. Near the end of her four-year tour she graduated from Police Academy in San Marcos, California. In 1994, Annie was honorably discharged from the Marines.

Since that time, Annie has concentrated on motherhood and music and feels her role as a mother is her greatest accomplishment. "My children are the inspiration for all I do," says Annie.

Annie's music career began out of pure necessity.
With two young children to care for, she began
performing at coffee houses and local events. Over
the years her songwriting has focused on a specific
theme with a message to "Be brave and have a good journey."

Her first recording, The Heron Smiled, won her
national recognition as Female Artist of the Year and Best Folk Recording at the 2000 Native American Music Awards. In 2004, her second recording, Edge of America was released. The title track from this recording was later featured on Chris Eyre's film Edge of America.

Prior to her career as a musician, performer and
recording artist with Makoche' Recording Company,
Annie also studied painting and sculpture.
Now after four years in the making, Annie releases the long-awaited Sound of Ribbons on an Indie Label, Red Cedar Music. The songs mirror and parallel her life’s journey. They are soulful and melodic; and will pluck your heart strings.

Today Annie has three children and is happily married to her husband Mark (also a former Marine). Annie continues to write music and perform, while also pursuing her art career. Her special interest is Turtle Heart, a group she founded that works with youth in her community to promote positive lifestyle choices.


Spirit Horses

Written By: Annie Humphrey & Carson Gardner

Thunder, fire and torrent
Hunger, need and fear
Slavery, grief, confusion
Freedom waiting near
The sound of spirit horses
Hoofbeats in the sky
Snow and blood and ashes
And dreams too strong to die

Find us spirit horses
And teach us how to ride
With seven generations of promise
At our side

Mothers, fathers and children
Creatures young and grown
Called by mighty drumming
Of sacred hooves on stone
The sound of spirit horses
Dancing on a storm
Mercy for the people
Old ways, new dreams reborn



Heron Smiled (Makoche Music) 2000
Awarded Best Folk Recording of 2001 (Native American Music Awards)
Spirit Horses, Heron Smiled (Makoche Music)
Best Music Video of 2003 (Native American Music Awards)
Edge of America (Makoche Music) 2003
Sound of Ribbons (Red Cedar Records) May 2008 Release

Set List

1. Falling Down and Falling Apart, by: Sherman Alexie and Jim Boyd
2. Winter Mornings, Coffee and Cedar Smoke, by: me
3. We need more than love, by: me
4. Beautiful Son, by: me
5. Spirit Horses, by Annie Humphrey-Jimenez and Carson Gardner
6. Hard time, by Annie Humphrey-Jimenez and Anne Dunn
7. Window Gleam, by: me
8. Nightmares and the American Dream, by: me
9. Justice Hunters, by: me
10. Much Sense, by: Annie Humphrey-Jimenez, Carson Gardner
11. 500 Years
12. Much Sense, by Annie Humphrey-Jimenez, Carson Gardner
13. Prison songs #21, by Annie Humphrey-Jimenez and James Starkey
14. Geronimo's Cadillac, by: Micheal Martin-Murphy
15. Storm, by: me