Annie Lalley

Annie Lalley


For singer-songwriter Anne Lalley, making things beautiful is as natural as breathing. Lalley’s "spine tingling" vocal style for her original songs ranges from naked tenderness to sultry pop. Her warm wit and humor shine through her personality on stage and animate the light and shadow of her songs.


From the cafes of Paris, to the former Soviet Union, to festivals across the southeast, Annie Lalley delights audiences with her wit, her songwriting and her stellar singing. She has headlined the Savannah Folk Festival, the Flat Rock Festival, the Lake Eden Arts Festival and the Bele Chere Festival and has opened for Tom Paxton, John Gorka and Roger McGuinn.


The Verdict

Written By: Annie Lalley

I know you're honest
I know you're good
You'd never cheat someone
or tell a lie
And any voice that would
dare say otherwise
You can bet their conscience bends
to where money lies

Cause anyone
who really knows you
Anyone who knows you at all
Anyone who really knows you
holds you in their high regard

I see the eyes of
blind justice weeping
I hear the moan
of a truth untold
Words for hire
Words for sale
Stones to tip the justice scale


And so I wish an angel for you
one with wings
to span your life
to watch you and protect you
and guard against
this season's strife


Get A Dog

Written By: Annie Lalley

We don't get along
that's plain to see
I guess you were lonely
and good or bad,
I was company

Although it hurt at first
when I knew it could not be
I've tried to be objective
and an idea came to me

Why don't you get a dog
They're easy to maintain
You can send it to
obedience school
and even have it

Predictable disruptions
like when another dog's in heat
and in the evening, darlin'
it can curl up at your feet

You're less likely
to he burdened
by it's inconsistencies
or have to listen
to those repeats
of its days activities
Give it periodic checkups
for rabies and distemper
And maybe buy it
a little white collar
to ward off ticks and fleas

I just want you to he happy
and prevent another disaster
knowing how you thrive on
your self-image as
Lord and Master

Hence, the logical conclusion
and practical resolution
At the risk of over-selling
(Why don't you)

Why don't you get a dog
Why don't you get a dog
Get a dog!

That's The Way It Goes

Written By: Annie Lalley

Sometimes you're my friend, sometimes you're not
Sometimes you know a lot, sometimes you don't know squat
Sometimes you're my lover, sometimes you're such a bubba
But everybody knows
that's the way it goes!

OH OH...

Sometimes I'm your object of desire
Sometimes I'm like a gun that's just misfired
Sometimes I bring the calm, sometimes I bring the storm
But everybody knows
that's the way it goes!

OH OH...

And when we thought that it was over
And we would never make it through
this last supper together....

Came the words to this song
And the beat that goes on
Just like a phoenix burning in a fire
But everybody knows
That's the way it goes!

OH OH...


"Promise," Get A Dog Music, CD
"Jungle Heart," Get A Dog Music, CD

Set List

Typical set list for two forty-five minute sets:

From the CD Promise -

The Verdict
Get A Dog
Deer in the Wood
Ocean Bed

From the Jungle Heart CD -

Jungle Heart
Golden Box
That's the Way It Goes
Here in This Place
Run Off
Standing On Solid Ground
The Other Side
Comfort Me
Loud Touch of Your Hand