Annie McQueen

Annie McQueen


Singer/Songwriter in Folk/Country genre with amazing vocals and Celtic instruments. Honest and sincere.


Annie McQueen was raised in the steel city of Sheffield in the North of England. Her childhood was heavily influenced by Country, Celtic and Folk Music as both parents are accomplished Musicians; often playing in and around Yorkshire at various venues including local bars, pubs and jam sessions in the country.

It was these performances which lead Annie to sing along with her parents and sisters, often being asked to perform solo accapella with her sisters providing beautiful, melancholic harmonies. This was the start of the young, 14 year old captivating vocalist cutting her chops on the live circuit, singing with professional musicians, without realizing the effect and draw she had on the general public.

After graduating from University of the Arts, London, she dedicated her life to Music by session singing, singing in various bands, writing her own material and recording demo's for various producers.


Save A New Memory For Me

Written By: Annie McQueen

Save A New Memory For Me Annie McQueen

Verse 1
Will I ever see your smiling eyes again,
Feeling you breathing across my willing skin,
Have the wealth of your beauty once again,
Will I ever see your smiling eyes again.

Oh I hope you havent changed since back in Spring,
That the world hasnt brought you down too far,
And I hope you have the heart and glory, mmm, that I remember

Keep my shoes right by the door,
Keep my clothes upon the floor,
Remember that I'll come home,
So while you're playing along without me,
Moving on and singing on,
Save a New Memory, For me.

Verse 2
Will you listen to the stories of what Ive seen,
While we walk along the purple, lonely fields,
I'll never let you down although Im not around, oh ohhhhh,

Chorus x2

Save a memory
Save a memory for me
Save a memory (Memory)
Save a memory for me...(to fade)

Set List

- She's All About the Love
- Save A Memory
- Crazy
- Fields Of Gold (Cover)
Approx 20 mins in total.