Annie Wiebe

Annie Wiebe

 San Diego, California, USA

Annie is a young, bitter, barely out of college vivacious comedian with a lot to say. Prepare to be surprised by her sense of smart and humorous play.


Annie Wiebe is a comic who comes originally from Virginia and is now based in Southern California. Performing from the East to the West coast and in both of the main comedy hubs--New York and Los Angeles--Annie has crafted herself into a personable, sharp-witted young comic. She finds the awkward in the ordinary, the preposterous in the mundane, and the laughable in the serious. Fans say she has a great persona and exhibits "a real sense of comfort in bringing the audience along into her world." She's described as "unassumingly cynical." Annie has a unique style of comedy and covers topics ranging from hip hop music to religion to girlscout cookies. The show is rarely the same twice, keeping her act fluid and organic. Her charming, yet edgy on-stage persona never fails to capture the audience and fill the room with laughter.

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