Annika Fehling

Annika Fehling


An international sound with the lyrical and vocal sensitivity reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris.


Annika Fehling is a truly hard working singer/songwriter from the medieval town of Visby on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland. She's on the road a lot, she runs a singer/songwriter club, arranges and participates in songwriter-retreats. And she is a proud parent of a small child. On top of all this she's working harder than most to develop herself as singer and songwriter.

Already with the first single “Oktoberbarn” (October Child) from 1993 it was obvious that Annika was incredibly talented. The single was an instant hit in Sweden. But she did not stick to the winning formula from that single. Instead she’s constantly been challenging herself by exploring new musical and lyrical paths.

Over the years Annika has tried her hands on jazz, pop, ambient, folk and she even participated in the Swedish qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest (»När en stjärna faller«, 1998). She’s been co-writing with several local and international songwriters and she’s done hundreds of gigs. And step by step Annika has become one of the most accomplished and exciting Swedish singer/songwriters.

Annika Fehling has released six albums. The most recent is “Good For You: The Best of Annika Fehling”, a compilation album with two brand new songs co-written with Dana Cooper (Nashville).


Oktoberbarn (single 1993)
JazzFehlings (1996)
Älskar Du? (1997)
När En Stjärna.. (single, 1998)
Från Insidan (1999)
Live (2001)
Hey You (single, 2002)
Fåglalåt (single, 2002)
Åkessonger (2002)
Det händer igen (single, 2003)
Ängel mot min kind (single, 2003)
Orange (2004)
Happy on the Red (2005)
Angels in Disguise (single 2005)
Good For You (single, 2006)
Good For You: The Best Of Annika Fehling (2006)

Set List

15 songs
appr 60 minutes
No covers