Annique is a fairy tale gone wrong - Elaborate costume and set design, her Dark Fantasy performance is a powerful mix of haunting cello, heavy guitar and Joan Jett-like attitude, Anne Wilson’s husky voice and a vocal range comparable to that of Kate Bush.



This five-foot, one-hundred pound, hazel-eyed beauty delicately tosses her dark flowing hair over her large set of black wings and walks onto the Horseshoe Tavern stage. Now in the centre spotlight, you can see the shiny studs in her leather belt with a set of biker-chick wrist cuffs to match. The scene resembles a medieval-goth-rock convention as a packed floor of shouting fans rush the stage to get a closer look at the dazzling band costumes and the female back-up singer/cello string section, with her expressionless face painted white. This is not a gothic gathering, this is dark-fantasy.

A child actress since the age of five and published songwriter by age eight, Annique is a seasoned songwriter and performer who commands the stage. She has starred and featured in dozens of lead roles for film,( Silence, Touched), television ( The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, Squawk Box, Goosebumps on FOX) and animation( Braceface, Angela Anaconda, X-men, and Cyberchase). She also appears on several music recording’s like Sharon, Lois and Brahm’s “Let’s Dance”.

Annique began to develop her songwriting skills as a teenager and by her late teens she was on a deeply emotional path to self-exploration and personal artistic expression. The result was her debut recording, which earned her third place in the Q108 singer/songwriting competition last year. In 2004 she was also a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition in the rock genre. This marked the beginning of her professional career as an independent musician. This past December, Annique successfully completed the Seneca College Independent Music Production Program, and showcased songs from her new EP entitled "Once Upon A Time" which won her the Jagermeister Sponsorship Award at this year's Indie week. Her songs "Leaving" and Broken Angel" featured on "Once Upon A Time" were also Honorable Mentions at this year's 13th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Competition. This past year, Annique was also invited to meet with the President of Publishing at EMI Records in LA to discuss her music.

Her latest five-song recording is a powerful mix of Joan Jett-like attitude, Anne Wilson’s husky voice and a vocal range comparable to that of Kate Bush. All supported by her hard-rocking band, bold piano style and melodic cello. It’s hard to believe that this tiny fairy-like creature carries such a heavy sound. Her violent voice is buried deep within, traveling through her in upward direction, a transformation takes place, a subtle loss of earthly consciousness, a volcanic eruption, all clues that dark angels are on her side.

Annique is something straight out of a fairy tale. A sweet and innocent character with a dark side beyond her years, that only reveals itself when the lights go down and the music starts. Annique is a young girl with inner demons that possess her at times during her performance. Her songs range from the emotional results of relationships gone bad to the exact details of what she’s going to do about it. Through a unique combination of direct lyrics, elaborate band costumes and genuine expression, Annique shows us how these are demons that we can all relate to.

What is most striking about Annique is that the two personalities within her seem to be in tragic conflict. The result is an extreme dynamic energy shift that can be felt, even by those at the back of the room. Annique is a sensitive soul, whose appeal is somewhere between human nature and animal-instinct. Like an adorable kitten she will draw you in and when you are close enough to scratch, she transforms into a dragon and bites you beneath the skin. With no visible scars, you are left wondering what just happened…wounded by a deep awareness that these two extremes exist within yourself.



Written By: Annique

Do you really love me
Are you sad I'm leaving
Answer me this question
End the complication

Cause I'm gone
I'm leaving you

I'm waiting, constantly saving
constantly wasting my lonely life
just for you

I'm tasting, baby I'm craving
I'm here and I'm praying
that I'm not the one being used

And I cry baby and I try
Come hold me instead of turning your back away

I don't think that you ever did love me, leaving and I did everything for you, well go ahead, screw you, I don't need you fuck you too (x2)

Needing without ever receiving
I'm lost and I'm bleeding inside this pathetic shame

Come save me, baby don't play me
I don't understand why your heart is so hard to tame

Leaving, leaving, leaving

Well go ahead, screw you, I don't need you, fuck you too

Back to chorus

Do you really love me

Time, Teach Me How To Breathe

Written By: Annique

Time goes by so slowly sometimes
And I can't get control over myself
Like a bullet to the brain, like drugs in the veins, I'm gone

And what if I told you the true story and explained, would you go running? Would you love me or rectify my pain?


Cause I can't stop trying to, no I can't stop trying to breathe

And this isn't making any sense at all, for the love that I give and the lust you fulfil as I crawl

I'm lying here empty, so damn thirsty for the truth. I'm here going crazy, can you hear me? I have so much to prove.

Chorus 2

Cause I, I can't stop trying to (can you teach me how to breathe, I'm addicted on my knees)

Cause I, I can't stop trying to (All I want to do is scream, come on, can you teach me how to breathe?)

To breathe, teach me to breathe.
Teach me to breathe x4

Running Away

Written By: Annique

She's there on her own
she's there all alone
she's turned off the phone
but yet, she's still waiting
for someone to call
for something to fall
to end it all
and ignore these feelings

She cannot escape
just hold on and pray
hold on and wait
for her breath to start breathing
there's blood in her tears
blood in her fears
blood all these years
to paint the ceiling

just let it go
then you might know


That she's running away
from the pain
from the rain
only she can create

and she don't know why
but she cries as she lies
to herself once again

She's running away x2

There's no where to go
there's nothing to know
a brand new low
she seems to be reaching
she's so damn confused
alluring a muse
subjecting abuse
for the love she's leaving
just turn off the lights
make everything right
can't see in the night
or the guy she's kissing
where to begin
vodka and gin
another sin
she's running away



Come on little girl
little world
it's a crazy place
you know all the rules
you're a fool
with a pretty face
everything you do
you have done
you cannot erase
give them what they need
set them free
let go of the pain
come on crazy girl
stand up tall
with some dignity
shake that ugly frown
don't fall down
fake mortality
everything you know
let it go
make a get-away
come on little bitch
make a run-away


Broken Angel

Written By: Annique

One down, two to go
Yes I know, the story goes
One down, Two to go
We’re falling

And now, I agree
That maybe it’s, a part of me
One down, two to go
I’m sorry

One down
Two to go
Don’t be afraid
Join the show

And I wish that I was just like you
I’d do all the things you tell me to
But I’m just a broken angel

One down, because of me
My bitterness wouldn’t let me see
When one’s down, they only repeat

One down, two to go
I am selfish, so not worth it
You were trying to save me

One down, two to go
Don’t be afraid, join the show

And I wish that I was just like you
I’d do all the things you tell me to
But I’m just a broken angel

Clip my wings I want to fly
Away from here alone to hide
Please take me away from this hell

As I cry, ohhhhh
Again and again

One down, two to go
Yes I guess I should have known
One down, two to go
I’m sorry

If There's A God

Written By: Annique

Look over the bedpost
Look over my shoulder
Look into your eyes

Searching for something
Searching for meaning
Running from lies

And knowing now
I played you for a fool
Hoping somehow
You’ll play by the rules

But then you tell me that you love me
And that you need me
There by your side

If there’s a god out there
Please listen to my prayer
Cause I’m dying here
Staring at the ground

And I know what I did wasn’t right
But I didn’t want to lose last night
And now I’m crying here
Wanting to be found

Verse #2:
Another night
Another lover
Another taste

Embracing the moment
Embracing the pleasure
The tempting mistake

Cause when you’re in me
I feel alive
And when you’re kissing me
I feel like I could die

And I don’t want to hurt you
When I tell you
It was only one night

(Back to chorus)

Wanting to
Wanting to found

(Back to chorus)


Once Upon A Time EP 2005
Prism EP - 2003

Set List

1. Addicted (Intense & Fast)
2. Now That You're Gone (Rockin')
3. Running Away (Heavy)
4. Time, Teach Me How to Breathe (Intense & Fast)
5. If There's A God (Rock Ballad)
6. Broken Angel (Ballad)
7. If You Don't Want Me (Rockin')
8. Leaving (Hard Rock)
9. Let Me Live (Intense Heavy Rock)