Anniston Noose

Anniston Noose


hard rock/heavy metal with thought

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Written By: scott skotarczyk

If flesh and bone define me
then take - instill in one who might need
It's better to render
Of flesh and bone defining
and all that's real in life that I see
It's better still
Near here bury me some day
Deep be the will inside
Don't temp this fate
I'm leaving for another world
Tears - fears - I wonder what they'll say
Return to eternity
But I leave something behind
It's up to you to find
There's lots of gold inside me
These diamonds will the life and I see it's better to render
If I brave the stormy weather
and chase the morning light forever
It's better still
No beast or man will ever be a monument
Ever be warned
Forever be denied
Always be hope
Always be alive