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The best kept secret in music


"Dreamy and Dreary"

Live Review
Dreamy and Dreary

Thursday, April 6, 2006 - 3:00 pm

It’s pouring rain in Santa Ana as I write this, which means it’s most likely snowing in Big Bear—and this, in turn, means great news for you and me. In fact, if were it up to me, it’d snow in Big Bear every single day for the next five years, if only so Ann Lynn’s Pool brothers—Josh and Matt, singer/guitarist and drummer, respectively—would have no choice but to hole themselves inside a cabin and keep writing the types of songs that are typically found only in the basements and garages of Pacific Northwest bookworm bands. But that’s purely selfish and, thankfully, not the case: after all, this is Southern California we’re talking about, not Oregon or Washington, so our snowstorms dilute rather easily into rainstorms, affording Josh and Matt the luxury of ditching their small-town solitude once or twice a week—a week!—to join band mates Tim Stafford and Steve Dunlap for shows in the Big City—or, well, Costa Mesa. Specifically: a Thursday night at Detroit Bar, with Ann Lynn playing middles on a bill between LA’s honest-to-god stellar sad-pop sextet the Minor Canon and last-minute fill-ins/Pixies-in-a-can/twin construction dudes by day, rockstar duo by night Hell at Night. It was all so dreamy (and dreary) that for a night Detroit became Seattle: on songs such as “Coward’s All the Rage,” Ann Lynn proved Death Cab for the Wilco set, delivering infectious-if-not-very-threatening melodies bolstered by Josh’s gotta-get-out-of-this-place lyrics and the band’s Barsuk-or-Bust! precision. And yes, at times, Ann Lynn were a half-step away from being labeled too whitewashed or derivative, but fortunately it was a big half-step—you can write off a band for listening to Transatlanticism too much, but you can’t write off the thruth: wedding rings on every young band member’s left hand; references to late nights with a Bible and a pack of cigarettes; whispered memories of the snow falling outside the window. Turns out small towns and freezing temperatures will always make boys pick up acoustic guitars and start confessing secrets; we just forget sometimes we’ve got one or two of those towns—and a handful of those boys—close by.

- OC Weekly

"IEMA's, SCMA's, OCMA's"

Best Song and Best Indie Band @ The Inland Empire Music Awards (

Best Indie Band @ The Orange County Music Awards (

Best Indie Band @ The Southern California Music Awards ( - Music Awards

"The Pools Go Lakeside"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 5:47 PM

Ann Lynn's Pool brothers strive for folky transparency in their music. The band's songs-melodic, heart-wrenching country-esque indy rock that tickles your sensitive side-conjure memories of a young Bob Dylan blending with modern music by The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco.

The influences commingle creating compositions chock full of emotion helping their fan base blossom. Josh and Matt, singer/guitarist and drummer, in that order, spent the first half of 2006 picking up Inland Empire and Orange County music awards (the other half of the band, Tim Stafford and Steve Dunlap, live in Orange County and Long Beach), and landing their EP “What Love's Meant To Be” on iTunes.

The Pool brothers, who have spent most of their young lives in Big Bear short of a stint in Redding, combine small town angst with big city dreams. Their songs overflow with yearning, hard luck, introspection and finding balance while transitioning from care free youth to adulthood.

Gigs at Detroit Bar, Chain Reaction, Tangier and other hipster havens in Orange and Los Angeles counties have taken the band from a tiny practice room in their parents' home in Big Bear Lake to drawing raves from audiences and earning fervent fans at lower elevations.

But Saturday, July 15, the other half of the band puts pedals to metal to conquer Big Bear Lake during a city sponsored concert at Veterans Park on Big Bear Boulevard at Knickerbocker Road in Big Bear Lake. The concert is free and open to the public. Concert time is 2 to 4 p.m.

The band also performs July 22 at Anthem in Riverside and July 25 at The Prospector in Long Beach.

- Big Bear Grizzly

"Inspiration From Dylan To Dad"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 11:50 AM PST
Sketches By Arrissia Owen Turner

Ann Lynn never shows off her great legs or sports short skirts. And she won't remind you of a field of daffodils.

Ann Lynn is four shaggy guys who play folky indy rock, two of whom were born and raised in Big Bear Lake. Josh and Matt Pool make up the band's nucleus.

The girly name comes from the brothers' parents' middle names. “When I was writing I wanted a name that described a lot about me,” Josh says.

“Every once in a while it's fun when people think we're a girl,” Matt says.

Their dad, Bob Pool, who owns Sleepy Forest Cottage in Big Bear Lake where the guys hold down their day jobs, gave the boys their start, buying them each drum kits. He was a 1970s rock ‘n roll drummer in younger years.

The band's first E.P., titled “What Love's Meant To Be,” comes out Jan. 16. And the band's song “The Scene” shares company with nominees for best song at the Inland Empire Music Awards at Casino Morongo Jan. 19, along with a nod for best band in the indie rock category.

Things are happening fast for the brothers from a slow town. The songs started as a solo project for Josh while living in Redding. Then Matt joined in, they moved back to Big Bear, and in the last year they pulled a band together, adding bassist Tim Stafford and guitarist Steve Dunlap.

Within months they were booking shows at The Lab in Costa Mesa, DiPiazza's in Long Beach, Chain Reaction in Anaheim, The Cat Club in Hollywood and now they have two big shots at getting their names on the lips of hipsters, a Jan. 15 show at Tangier Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles, and a Monday night residency at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.

Gigs at the venues helped jump start music careers for many indie rock faves like Richard Swift and Matt Costa, and Ann Lynn hopes to be the next. Which helps since living in Big Bear stalls getting the word out about their music. “Our fan base grows slower,” Matt says. Most musicians work the scene, going to other bands' shows to promote their own bands.

Josh and Matt are each married, Josh is a father of two, and they live 7,000 feet in the air. Luckily for them they've received a few breaks. Lifelong friends Luke Macmaster and Derek Heule, also originally from Big Bear Lake, have already broken into the Costa Mesa and Silverlake scenes with their band The Colour.

The four friends played in bands together since before middle school. “A lot of our songs are about break ups with friends with bands,” Josh, the seemingly more sensitive of the two brothers says. Josh is the singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist, Matt plays drums.

“Music is a blessing and a cure,” Matt says. Both say depression can be a blessing for a musician. “It's the best time to write,” Matt says.

“Redding had a lot to do with Ann Lynn's sound,” Josh says of the year he spent up north after graduating high school. “I'm always nostalgic about that time when everything was new.” While the experience wasn't full of keggers and girls gone wild, it was inspiring musically. “It was a dark time,” Josh says.

That's where the folk influence creeped into the brothers' musical styles, which had ranged from punk rock to emo to their current incarnation, which could be compared to The Shins or maybe something like a Wes Anderson soundtrack. They list Wilco on their short list of influences, Death Cab for Cutie, and reluctantly, Bright Eyes. The king though is Bob Dylan.

“There is such a naked honesty with folk music,” Josh says. “It's being alone and being able to express yourself through music. Sometimes that honesty touches on the challenges of having a family and playing music. “It's a huge inspiration in our music right now: family, struggle and the joys of family life,” Josh says. “What Love's Meant To Be” is written for Josh's 2-year-old daughter, Esmé.

If the band does break big, they're ready to leave behind their sleepy mountain town for the big city. They're also ready to rock. Now as a foursome, the band hopes to bring in more influences like The Beatles and their unlikely hero Tom Petty.

“He's like a god to us,” Matt says. “The simplicity of his songwriting, the acoustic tendencies, we're drawn to that.” The brothers enjoy discovering artists from different eras to see where different sounds originate.

“Just when you think you've heard it all, someone like Emmit Rhodes hits you out of nowhere,” Matt says, referring to the artist's song “Lullaby” they discovered from the “Royal Tenenbaums” soundtrack.

It all creeps into Ann Lynn's music eventually. And with any luck, onto a Wes Anderson soundtrack.

[Ann Lynn's music can be found at The 7 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15, show is at Tangier Restaurant and Lounge at 2138 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 666-8666.

The Inland Empire Music Awards Jan. 19 are at Casino Morongo at the Key Club in Cabazon. Starts at 8 p.m. February's Free Monday shows are at Detroit Bar at 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 642-0600.

Contact reporter Arrissia Owen Turner at (909) 866-3456, ext. 142 or by e-mail at]

VIEW ARTICLE AT: - Big Bear Grizzly

"This Week in Red Hot Rockers"

Thursday, 16 February 2006
By Arrissia Owen Turner

Ann Lynn Nominated for Best Song and Best Indie Rock band at the Inland Empire Music Awards in January, Ann Lynn (made up of brothers Josh and Matt Pool) zipped down the mountain roads from Big Bear Lake to Casino Morongo in Cabazon. Thankfully, they took both categories—Ann Lynn was on fire that night. Well, Josh was at least. His car lit up on the way and had to be towed. And Matt? He got a speeding ticket en route.

Things are happening fast for the brothers from the sleepy ski town. Within months of forming, Ann Lynn played shows at DiPiazza’s, Chain Reaction and Tangier. Plus, for the month of February, the duo scored their big hipster Monday-night residency at Detroit Bar, which is considered to be a turning point by many groups.

“Music is a blessing and a cure,” Matt says about the constant struggles of musicianitis. Both say depression goes hand in hand with rocking. “It’s the best time to write, though,” he admits. Josh’s sardonic love twists dominate Ann Lynn’s first EP, What Love’s Meant to Be, which hit the streets this month. The band’s sound could be compared to the Shins or maybe even a Wes Anderson soundtrack: Bob Dylan, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie and—reluctantly—Bright Eyes are all on their shortlist of influences.

“There is such a naked honesty with folk music,” Josh says. “It’s being alone and being able to express yourself through music.”

And sometimes, it’s hotter than they can handle.

[Ann Lynn performs at Detroit Bar, 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 642-0600. Mon., 9 p.m. Free.]


""...Is Good" w/ Jon Hershfield"

Ann Lynn's live acoustic performance and interview w/ Jon Hershfield for "...Is Good" on KILLRADIO.ORG, 8/21/06.



- "What Love's Meant To Be - an EP by Annlynn" (2006
- "The Sounds When We Move" - Compilation CD (2006 Kazu Records)
- MP3's - (2003-2006
- Annlynn Documentary (coming soon)



Feeling a bit camera shy


Ann Lynn began as a solo project for singer/songwriter Josh Pool in Redding California in early 2003. Josh recorded old and new songs with friend Scott Harvey in a bedroom with an 8-track recording system. Josh's brother Matt played a few drum tracks and within 1 month 5 songs were finished. Soon after, they both moved to their home town of Big Bear, Ca to get married and start families.

In spring of 2005 they decided to resurrect the music. With friend and bass player Paul Chapman, they began booking consistent shows all over LA and Orange County.

After finishing their first EP in September of 2005, Paul moved to Arizona and the original two played shows and released the EP. Eventually friends Tim Stafford and Steve Dunlap joined up and things really began to happen.

To Kick off the New Year, Ann Lynn had numourous press articles and reviews released, including in the Big Bear Grizzly, and in the OC Weekly. At the same time the band brought home 4 music awards: Best Song and Best Indie Band at the '06 Inland Empire Music Awards, Best Indie Band at the '06 Southern California Music Awards, and Best Indie Band at the '06 Orange County Music Awards.

Ann Lynn list such influences as Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Peter Gabriel, Elliott Smith, and Paul McCartney.