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"Pulling from many directions"

"Guelph songstress Ann Marie Pincivero hit the nail on the head when she named her debut album Magnetic. People will be drawn to it. They'll be drawn by Pincivero's polished songcraft, which is simultaneously accessible and unconventional, familiar and original, challenging and effortlessly listenable. Pincivero describes her music as "pop indie" which is succinct and technically accurate, but doesn't quite sum things up. Magnetic is a genre-jumping collection of eclectic tunes that range from rock to electro to roots (and even a surprising snippet of hip hop)..."
see article online at: - The Record

"Pulling from many directions"

"According to her website, Pincivero has penned more than 250 songs over the past few years -- a prolific output that she has whittled down to the 12 diverse tracks on Magnetic...she's got kind of a Sarah Mclachlan-meets-Ani-DiFranco thing going--her delivery is impassioned and confident. And it seems songwriting is a cathartic release for Pincivero, since her lyricism is deeply personal and at times heart-wrenching...such songs are offset by more optimistic numbers like Children Stay Wild, a carpe diem ditty with celtic-style instrumentation and Life Extraordinary, which has the jaunty bounce of an east coast jig. Pincivero wears her heart on her sleeve -- as clearly evidenced by the album's penultimate track, My Heart is on My Sleeve -- and she is not afraid to bare her soul. Magnetic is bound to live up to its name by attracting people keen to listen."

Article by Colin Hunter.
See it online at: - Guelph Mercury

"World-Record Attempt"

"Ann Marie Pincivero sings at Manhattans Pizza Bistro and Jazz Club Saturday afternoon. The Keith Thompson Songwriter's Cafe, Manhattans and Ruff Entertainment are trying to set a record of 200 hours of non-stop original music starting this weekend."

This article appeared, along with a large colour photo, on the cover of the Guelph Mercury on Monday November 6, 2006.

We did set the record (and actually played for an extra hour for a total of 201 hours.) Manhattans is in the current issue "Guinness World Records 2009" on page 104 for human achievement team efforts -- Concert (Multiple Artists.) 69 of us performed in total during that span from November 4-11th. All original, non-stop with just 1 minute between songs & 5 minutes between set changes/artists.
We did it! & it was a blast! Thanks to Thomas Aldridge, Keith Thompson & Sue Hertendy for making that event possible! - Guelph Mercury

"Songbird Cafe"

I have appeared several times in the local paper, SNAP Capturing Life and Entertainment, after singing at the River Run Centre.

From the August 2008 issue:

"River Run Centre's popular Songbird Cafe had to move indoors in July, as a downpour changed the plans for an outdoor performance. Songbird Cafe, with host Keith Thompson, features some of the best singer/songwriters in this region..."

The colour photo features Host Keith Thompson, Nabi Loney, Ann Marie Pincivero, Daniel Richard, Erica Lewin, (co-creator, organizer) Sue Hertendy, Nigel Barnes & (percussionist) Billie Fairley. - SNAP Guelph

"Queen's Quarterly is a jewel among academic journals"

After my first poem, "Leonard Cohen," was published in the Queen's Quarterly, it was mentioned in the arts section of the National Post on October 20, 1999.

"Even the poetry shines...I particularly liked Ann Marie Pincivero's 'Leonard Cohen' which begins:
'Sitting on his brown couch
drinking evian and eating
chicken sandwiches
he told me I had eyes like
Leonard Cohen
eyes so dark and deep
they could swallow you whole
eyes that could seduce anyone'"

article by John Fraser

- National Post

"quotes from emails Aug 30/08"

"Her voice and delivery reminds me of Dolores O'Riordan from the Cranberries."

"I think the songwriting is pretty good -- catchy chorus and well structured. I could see a lot of female performers using this repertoire. She's got a good voice. You can also mention that I can't get the chorus of 'shine' out of my freaken head."

- Universal Music

"Ann Marie Pincivero uses art to promote good vibrations"

Thanks to Jillian Toman for this review in

"Ann Marie Pincivero has an uncanny way of drawing you into her positive, light-hearted philosophies on life, in particular those gravitating towards the law of attraction. You see it in her writings, for which she has been widely acclaimed; you feel it in her music, like the latest 12-tracks album, Magnetic, full of original songs exuding inspiration and gratitude." - iN Magazine

"Painting with sound"

"Ann Marie Pincivero has a heart for art. She's a local singer-songwriter who is also a visual artist and actress, and on Tuesday night (Oct 28) in downtown Guelph her music takes to the fore as she is playing a CD release show for her album Magnetic..."

"You're not only a musician, but an actress and a visual artist as well...which of the three is closest to your definition of 'art' and why?"

"I suppose deep down that the visual arts are what I consider 'art.' However, you can paint with sound as a musician and paint with emotion as an actress. Art is expression."

This was a full page article featuring Q&A and a photo by Ned Bekavac for the Guelph Tribune.
You can see the online version at: - Guelph Tribune


"Magnetic" is Ann Marie's debut Pop Indie CD



Ann Marie Pincivero has been a prolific songwriter for the past few years. A regular at the Keith Thompson Songwriter's Cafe, she has been featured several times at Manhattans Music Club singing her original songs and playing guitar. She performed 11 hours during the 201 hour Guinness World record-breaking event November 2006 for the longest concert of continuous original music. She has also appeared at the River Run Centre numerous times, as well as other local venues with Kevin Brown. Erin Radio has featured her in their "Songwriter's Spotlight" show on Sundays (CHES 101.5 FM and can also be heard around the world at and the "Time Warp" show with Dave and Lee, performing with Kevin Brown and Saturday Morning Show with Ronia Michael. Ann Marie grew up listening to pop music. Her idol was Madonna, the Queen of Pop. Ann Marie's voice has been compared to Sarah Mclachlan, Alanis Morrissette, Jewel, Dolores O'Riordan and Natalie Merchant though she has her own unique style. While she had no formal vocal training, Ann Marie was apparently singing before she could talk! In school, she performed in local talent shows. Also a born writer, she has penned a number of short stories, a novella and countless poems. Her poetry has been published in "The Queen's Quarterly," "The Dalhousie Review" and "Green's Magazine." Her love of music and writing became intertwined when a friend taught her to play basic guitar chords a few years ago. She began putting chord progressions together & the lyrics came flooding out. She now has over 250 songs and continues to write. Her pop CD "Magnetic" was recorded at Erinwood Studios, produced by Kevin Brown. While the songs began as acoustic, skillful sound engineer and multi-talented musician Kevin Brown transformed them into pop songs in the studio with his brilliant instrumentation and mixing. Her pop indie CD “Magnetic” is an eclectic collection of 12 songs with diverse influences ranging from rock to folk to hip hop. The CD release party was on Tuesday October 28th at the Stage at 33 Macdonell St, Guelph and featured a powerful band including Kevin Brown & Kent MacMillan on guitar, Peter Turpin on bass, Dylan Dawson on drums, Ambre Mclean on backing vocals and keyboards, Ann Marie Pincivero on lead vocals and guitar. Special guest Keith Thompson will open for the band. Ann Marie has also done background vocals for other albums and local artists including "Lick," "Electric Bulldog," Newfoundlander Michael T. Wall and Kent MacMillan. Aside from being a performing songwriter, she is also interested in collaborating with other artists and working with music publishers, producers and singers as a non-performing songwriter.
An award-winning University of Toronto grad, with a B.A. in English, Drama and Art, Ann Marie's unique passion for the arts extends beyond music and literature to art and theatre. As an actress she has performed in various plays and musicals and has appeared in television and film. Most recently she was in a comedy short film "Speed Dating" which was shot in Guelph. Her song "Magnetic" was also used in the film. As a visual artist, she has shown her original acrylic paintings in local galleries and shows including Manhattans Music Club, hoot! gallery, "Art on the Street" and Wyndham Art Supplies' "Art in the Window." She also donated a few original paintings to the Red Ribbon Gala Aids Benefit earlier this year.
Ann Marie believes that art and music nourish the soul. Being able to express yourself creatively and then share that expression with others is among life's greatest gifts.