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Review by: Dennis Jennings


Oh God not another chick blues singer! I cringed as I clicked on the song to give it a listen. I admit I am biased toward male blues singers but it is a gender thing. So I had to change mindsets to give this a fair review. Got a match and lit a scented camera so my room had a more perfumed scent instead of the usual male "it don't smell bad in here" aroma. Now I will forget listening for a seminal bass, bawdy lyrics, or screaming harp and guitars.

Ann Pence is a very female blues singer. Her lyrics and phrasing have a melancholic and sophisticated blues sentiment. She does not scream the blues in her songs but subtle tremolos in her voice as she sings the chorus of "Deep and Blue" accents the true feeling that exists there. Her song captures that feeling that of love lost and a life on the rocks.

The only weak point in this song is the electric guitar which tends to interfere with the vocals and is very choppy and not as smooth as everything else is in this production.

This song could be popular on soft-rock format radio station yet the blues feel is genuine. I think this is a great example of "chick blues" and deserves a listen no matter what your gender.

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Reviewer: J. Ford
What an amazing thing to listen to a CD that seems to have been made for you personally! This CD tells the story of all families who have adopted from China in a touching, funny and very appropriate way. What's more, the music itself is lovely to listen to, to dance to, to sing along with. Thank you for this, Anne Pence!

The whole family loves this CD!!!!!
Reviewer: Crooks Family
This is a terrific CD. The songs describe the adoption experience to a "T"! Some experiences are described with brilliant wit, and some are full of love and sorrow. My children, some biological and some adopted from China, as well as my husband and I thoroughly enjoy listening to this CD.

We LOVE this CD!
Reviewer: A.R.
My children love the CD as much as my husband and I do. We got it last week and have listened to it a 100 times at least and I still get goose bumps!

Reviewer: Ann Pytynia
Brought back wonderful memories of our adoption. I recommend this to EVERYONE who has gone through a Chinese adoption and anyone who knows someone who has!

Reviewer: WAHEcoMom
What an incredible CD! We're waiting for our date to travel but our birth daughter and my hubby and I LOVE this CD. I'm sharing it w/all my china adoption buddies!

I love it!
Reviewer: Lorrie
I can completely relate to Ann's songs about her adoption journey. I am passing the word on this one...

Reviewer: Vicki
Such an awesome thing to find!!! A story just like our own only in a song. A must have addition to any out of country adoptive families CD collection. Our daughter listens constantly and knew all the words to the Gotcha Day song in a matter of 2 days I think! Wonderful!!

great item had to get another
Reviewer: D jones
I loved this cd so much that I had to buy another for a friend who was also adopting from China.

Reviewer: Stephanie
Wonderful music, moving songs and great lyrics!

My family loves the CD and needs another for the car !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Cindy McDonnell
My Little flower from China wakes up and asks for Gotha Day every morning. The whole family knows the words and at 2 years old Maya sings along !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a wonderful gift.

A great musical reflection of chinese adoption
Reviewer: Bonnie Messerschmidt
This CD is a great musical reflection of Chinese adoption. We returned in July 2005 with our baby Claire. She is such a gift and this music helps us celebrate that gift. The words are an amazing account of our trip to China. The artist has a great voice and has transformed many feelings regarding chinese adoption into music.

Such a very, very special CD! So heartwarming!
Reviewer: Diane
This CD is truly a treasure! My two China dolls sing the songs all day long and go to sleep to them at night. Amazing that the emotions and details of adopting from China could be captured with so much accuracy, humor and warmth. -


Gotcha Day - 2005
Dog's Life - 2000



Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Ann Pence has recently released her 2nd CD, "Gotcha Day," a suite of songs about the process of adopting children from China. As "auntie" to her friends' girls adopted from China, Ann wrote songs that describe the adoption experience from various points of view. The first song, Another Life, describes the half light of a child's life between abandonment and adoption, and the last song, Forgiven, is the song of the adopted girl who has grown up and gone back to China, searching for the thread that connects her past and her present.

All songs are available at iTunes and other on line music stores.

You can visit and listen to 2 minute clips of all songs.

Songs from Dog's Life and Gotcha Day receive regular airplay on KNBA 90.3, Whole Wheat Radio (, and several other internet stations. Whole Wheat Radio has some of Ann's songs that have not been recorded elsewhere.
Ann has opened for Peter Case and Dayna Kurtz.