Ann Pence

Ann Pence


Ann's soulful vocal style complements her poetic but unsentimental lyrics. Turn down the lights and listen.


Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Ann Pence has recently released her 2nd CD, "Gotcha Day," a suite of songs about the process of adopting children from China. As "auntie" to her friends' girls adopted from China, Ann wrote songs that describe the adoption experience from various points of view. The first song, Another Life, describes the half light of a child's life between abandonment and adoption, and the last song, Forgiven, is the song of the adopted girl who has grown up and gone back to China, searching for the thread that connects her past and her present.

All songs are available at iTunes and other on line music stores.

You can visit and listen to 2 minute clips of all songs.

Songs from Dog's Life and Gotcha Day receive regular airplay on KNBA 90.3, Whole Wheat Radio (, and several other internet stations. Whole Wheat Radio has some of Ann's songs that have not been recorded elsewhere.
Ann has opened for Peter Case and Dayna Kurtz.


Another Life

Written By: Ann Pence

Box like a cradle
Waiting all night
Little hands open wide
To the dawn of another life

Left at the gate
In the jade-green light
Laid down by love
In the arms of another life, another life

Love is not one country or one culture or one name
Love is blind; that’s not an empty saying

Named by your mother
For a bird in flight
For a safe journey home
Fly home to another name, another life

We belong to love wherever love is we shall be
I will fly to you and you to me
I will fly to you and you to me


Written By: Ann Pence

I can feel you as I am walking
Out along the dragon wall
I have come back and I am searching for
Something I can’t see at all
I have no pictures, I have no letters
To tell me if this is my home
But my past is waking from a slumber
Deep inside these stones

Little flowers need lots of water and
Sun to start them on their way
They will grow if the soil is right
And the roots are given room to stray
I have traveled 8,000 miles
Just to feel my feet on my own land
Sometimes flowers need to be divided
To do the best they can

You let me go but I’m here so you’ll know that
I have forgiven you

Sometimes silence speaks so loudly
Without saying anything
Explanations can make you wish you had
Stopped your questioning
Sometimes stories I tell myself can be
So much better than the truth
I believe you loved me and you left me
and that’s what love had to do

You let me go, but I’m here so you’ll know that
I have forgiven you
I have forgiven you

Deep & Blue

Written By: Ann Pence

Your love's just like a snow storm
In the summertime
It feels just like a sharp thorn
On a velvet vine
I thought I'd earned my place in the sunshine
but I'm down in the deep and blue.

I ask you why, you don't say too much.
You look at me, but we never touch.
I look away, I look around, I look at rain
And I'm down in the deep, oh yes I'm down in the deep and blue.

Blue sky, you turned away
Blue sky, you turned to grey
Cover me, deep and blue.

Well I could stick around for that long goodbye
I could reach in my heart, but I'll never know why
Every man's made of stone when a woman cries
And I'm down in the deep, oh yes I'm down in the deep and blue

Blue sky, you turned away
Blue sky, it turned to grey
Cover me deep and blue.

Can't Walk Away

Written By: Ann Pence

She stands in the corner
Near the broken frame
That held their smiling faces
Before the babies came
A bird is singing far away
On the branch of a willow tree
In the yard of a house on a street in the life
Of a happy family

But she can't walk away
She asked God, and he said No
No, she can't walk away
It hurts her, and it shows
It's a hard choice, but she knows
She can't walk away

Your grandfather told you
"Leave me, I'll be fine."
So you took your kids to Houston
Left your grandfather behind
His house half under water
His home where he was born
He stayed and watched his worldly things
Surrender to the storm

He can't walk away
He asked God and he said No
No, he can't walk away
It hurts him and it shows
It's a hard choice, but he knows
He can't walk away

Sometimes things look easy on the outside
After all the struggling is done
But choices start with questions on the inside
In the end you're gonna know which way to go
you're gonna know
If you should stay or walk away

Final chorus:
Sometimes we can't walk away
We ask God and he says No
We just can't walk away
It hurts us and it shows
It's a hard choice, but we know
Everyone says we should go
But we can't walk away


Gotcha Day - 2005
Dog's Life - 2000

Set List

Solo: originals, a few covers (Kris Delmhorst, Stan Rogers, John Gorka, Rosanne Cash)