Ann Stover

Ann Stover

 Dallas, Texas, USA

An amalgamation of the best characteristics of everyone you've ever heard. A singer/songwriter in the truest sense. With an oaken voice, witty lyrics, and unique composition. Hooks that you will wake up humming, and an unforgettable stage presence. A standout act.


Ann Stover is a Singer/Songwriter that can not be easily defined. “I want to be an artist that sounds like herself.” Ann Stover has been writing music in some form or another almost her whole life, cultivating a style that is unique unto itself yet easily relatable. She believes that music in its essence is truly about how the audience receives it, not how the musician perceives it to be.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Stover grew up in a musical home. The Grand-daughter of musician Naomi Winningham-Williams, music was a focal point in her life. Singing in public since the age of three, performing is something that has come naturally. This is evident in all her performances. She has the ability to convert even the rowdiest of crowds with her astonishing voice and anthem like songwriting.

Stover claims influences such as Nick Drake, Gillian Welch, Ani Difranco and Muddy Waters. Stover has shared the stage with such great national and local acts as Dan Dyer, Stephanie Fine and Jason Corcoran. She is always looking to learn from her counter-parts. “I have been profoundly effected by live music my whole life, and as a performer and a songwriter I am always listening. Music is my food, my sustenance, music is also my educator, and my medium to communicate…I want to be well fed, well spoken and well read.”

Set List

Set list consists of original material with an occasional cover. A typical 50 min set includes roughly 8-10 songs. If a cover is played it is a rendition of the original, my interpretation of it.