Ann S. Wang

Ann S. Wang

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Fun! I have fun through music: writing it for children, singing it with friends, performing on stage. When I can bring diverse people together, I enjoy the music that much more.


In the summer of 2007, because I've dreamt about sharing my song with those who enjoy the fun I have with it, I was privileged to sing and act in "The King and I" as one of the wives in the "Broadway in the Park" series with LimonCarr productions.

So to take my musical act "on the road," to speak, I went from family living rooms to the public stage; and loved every minute of the experience. You can say, the "musical bug" has bitten.


none... for now.

Set List

I enjoy musicals, 80's music, and contemporary Christian, especially. So whether you give me, "My Favorite Things" (from The Sound of Music) or "Wheel in the Sky" (by Journey) or "God of Wonders" I'll sing it with passion!