Annunciata Corazzini

Annunciata Corazzini


Each song takes you away and then brings you back with driving primal rhythms, angelic vocals against a backdrop of the 12 string guitar. The Rhythm Gypsy weaves and spins songs of longing, lust, love and most of all hope that in the end when all things are said and done, the spirit lives eternally


Annunciata Corazzini is as unique as her name. Like a gypsy she goes from town to town weaving and spining stories of her journey through life. "What motivates me in this tough business is the reponse I get from those who have purchased my CD or heard my music on the radio. I remember I did a gig at the 'Ghost Ranch' in New Mexico which was owned by the late artist "Georgia O'Keefe" and during the show I noticed a woman in the audience singing my lyrics and I thought, how could she know my songs? After the gig she came up to me and said she had bought my cd a couple of years ago and it had brought her through a very dificult time in her life. That's what keeps me going."
Annunciata's Music is different. She is not influenced by any musician that is out there now. She incorporates world rhythm with percussion from Africa, Native American, SouthAmerica, Ireland, and the Middle East. She often uses her harmonies as a rhythm pattern. She plays her 12 string like a drum. Her lyrics are emotional without sounding obscure or preachy.

Set List

My typical set list consists of mostly originals with some covers.
When angels cry
Are you Lonely
Rhythm of the Drum
Winter Wind
Millers Crossing
And I did Weep
More Than Friends
Ahoh( thankyou)
Time Will Tell
Gypsy Mama
How do you know I'm not an angel?
The Hunter
Page of Wands
If you want me
The Prodigal Son
Don't give up
All things new
Chant of the Desert Gypsy
My Libertine
Oh Father I do ask for death
Red Tail Hawk
Joni Mitchell
Indigo Girls