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Powerful voice focused on inticing hooks and intelligent lyrics. Currently in negotiation with a NYC label.


“Soul Unravelling” is the much anticipated debut album by Ann Vriend.

A prolific writer and tremendous music lover, Ann has been putting words to music since her early childhood, much of which was spent “fooling around” on the piano in her parent’s basement.

Meticulous and thought provoking, infectious and imaginative, Ann is passionate about the craft of writing pop music. She approaches it with the flair of an artist and the love of a fan. Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Leonard Cohen are a few of her major influences. A timelessness exists in Ann’s work, creating a familiarity that seems as though you have known her songs for years.

Ann has already reached some impressive milestones in her career including: performances at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, New York City’s Bitter End, Fez and Arlene’s Grocery, demos recorded at Sony Studios NY, command performances for a number of major labels, and first place in a songwriting contest. Add to these a steadily growing and active fan base. All of this has come about in the space of only two and a half years.

Currently she works with an impressive band of college classmates. As “Ann Vriend and the Dropouts” they perform regularly about town, and The Dropouts are the core band on “Soul Unravelling”.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Ann has already written enough tunes for her next album. Ann Vriend is an ambitious young artist with an exciting career ahead of her.


Soul Unravelling

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99% Original material.