Anodyne is a band that likes to have fun, is influenced by multiple styles from Korn to Elton John and loves straight up regular basic rock 'n roll. The songs have been described as "fun and powerful, very spiritual." One promoter said "you put on a great show and sounded tight." Excellent.


Anodyne is proud to announce their latest CD, The Comfort of Chaos.

Ask the typical audiophile to name their favorite style of music and you’re likely to hear ‘I like everything.’ So why don’t most bands’ music reflect this love of diversity?

One band does.

For the last six years, Orlando-based Anodyne has been serving up tasty slices of American Rock. Their latest effort, The Comfort of Chaos, finds them continuing their unabashed love for variety and having fun.

Front to back, the CD displays a broad spectrum of influences, from old school rock like Steppenwolf to modern bands like Yellowcard, from Coldplay to Britney Spears to Stone Temple Pilots (take a minute to re-read that sentence if you need to).

Anodyne formed in 2001, combining elements of other local bands, with experience ranging as far back as the mid-80s in a variety of singing groups and bands.

Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Carl Creasman pulls most of the songwriting duties. Though songs cover the gamut of styles, all are rooted deeply in subjects close to his heart. Another Creasman hallmark: thought-provoking lyrics of a high order. Unusual, but then again, most frontmen don’t hold two Master’s degrees.

Bass player Chris “D” Delaney and drummer Matthew Porter hold the rhythm section together tight as Lego blocks.

Kyle Williams brings the pain on lead guitar and Greg Coleman rounds out the group on keys with piano chops par excellence.


The Furious If -- 2004
The Comfort of Chaos--2007

Anodyne has participated on the following projects:
Carl Creasman--1996
[no title yet] -- 2001
fluid Christmas--2002
Lullabies for the Awakening--2005
Best of the Blessed Vol 1--2006

Set List

Currently, we have many original songs that we rotate through in our sets. We also have older original material that we can play for longer sets, depending on the context of the gig. Currently we are drawn mostl to the music on our new CD.

We do incorporate some covers and we currently rotate through 10 or so various covers. Again, we actually know about 75 covers that we can play, depending on the context. Our current songs that we focus on for club gigs are: "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf, "I was Wrong" by Social Distortion, "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night, and a great rock medley that includes music from The Doobie Brothers, The Black Crowes, BTO and Bob Seegar. Other bands whose music we have covered include Delirious, Lenny Kravitz, The Cure, DC Talk, Creed, Steppenwolf, By The Tree and Dave Matthews.

We can and have played 3 hour sets with only 15% being repeated songs later in the night. We have opened for nationally signed acts playing only 20 minutes (3