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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"cd review"

" GENTLY SMILING JAWS is heavier & more serial-killer-esque than anything else the band has done so far.THE ANOMALOUS builds on their established sound of driving chaos,freakish intensity & fusion of punk,jazz and metal.And it helps that they can pull it off as musicians,too.Cinami,Janelle & Jencks conduct a calculated rampage,characterized by equal doses of choas & creativity." ( The Providence Phoenix April 13, 2007 / by Bob Gulla , also editor of GUITAR ONE magazine )
- providence phoenix


"the Anomalous sound cuts like a rusty knife through lifeless flesh. It's a shapeless shifting noise that takes unexpected detours through all kinds of unpredictable long cuts. (The Providence Phoenix may 12, 2006/by Bob Gulla,also the editor of GUITAR ONE magazine),Anomalous was also nominated in the Providence Phoenix 2006 "BEST MUSIC POLL" for best LOUD-ACT(march 2006)!
- Bob Gulla,also the editor of GUITAR ONE


"The Anomalous combines aggression with dark and experimental passages that surely makes the listener feel all the original feelings that this band delivers. These feelings go from a more hardcore feeling to a darker mood and then to almost death metal that surprises constantly. The music is really difficult to describe and it shows constantly a lot of originality. Ultra fast rhythms are combined with more rhytymic ones and with a lot of experimentation. The vocals are really versatile and they follow closely the experimentation feeling of the music. The guitars sound really big and they add a lot of heaviness to the music and also plenty of dissonances in the riffs. The use of screams and spoken vocals is a trademark here and they give a feeling full of aggression. A crushing release." - MAY 2007-Federico Marongiu / MUSIC EXTREME.COM (Argentina)


2004 "2 songs for free"
2005 "fixation on the negative"
2006 "idiocy supremacy"
2007 "gently smiling jaws"


Feeling a bit camera shy


THE ANOMALOUS is chaos,confusion and complexity. . The band owns and operates it own screenprinting shop, We are able to produce and design our own Shirts, Stickers, Flyers/Posters, Banners, CD's and Covers. TOTALY D.I.Y.