Anomalous Quintet

Anomalous Quintet

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Unusually original jazz with elements of funk, blues, rock, and soul music, featuring syncopated horns and slap-funk guitar


“Originality punctuating every tune”
“A quality production to the end”
“Makes me truly sit up and take notice”
“Anomalous Quintet, as an innovative, skilled group,
comfortably captures my vote.”
—Ronald Jackson,

“Pushes the envelope of jazz to the hilt”
“Fresh and innovative”
“Beyond the scope of predictability”
—Sheldon Nunn,

“Newsom's finger-picking approach to the guitar is absorbing”

“Supremely funky”
“York absolutely sizzles”
—The Oregonian (Portland)

“Refreshing and punchy…full of smart melodies and solid arrangements”
—The Jazz Society of Oregon

Anomalous Quintet is the project of guitarist and composer, Jason Newsom, who formed the group in Portland, Oregon in 1997. They have released three CDs to date, and all have received outstanding reviews. Their latest release, Simple Forms, includes nine original blues-inspired and groove-infected tunes. Each reconstructs a basic song form with catchy melodies, bold saxophone arrangements, and tasteful, sizzling jazz improvisations.

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Written By: Jason Newsom

(c)(p) 2007 Sparging Worts Music (BMI), performed by Anomalous Quintet


Quintessence (1999)
Life on an Oblate Spheroid (2005)
Simple Forms (2008)

Set List

Originals with a groove that will tear the paint off your car. Some funk covers of jazz tunes, such as Footprints and Blue Trane.