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Seattle, WA | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Seattle, WA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
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"Anomaly Music Collective: Breaking the Mold IN the PNW"

Creating things is hard enough. Finding the right people, means, and timing for sharing the things we’ve created is even harder. For Northwest artists, these difficult and daunting tasks just got a lot easier to handle, thanks to Anomaly Music Collective.

Founded by three local artists, Spencer Stumpf (aka Treyis), Ramon Jones (aka R0ME), and Chase Transeth (aka Clifford), Anomaly’s main goal is to create something that deviates from the standard or expected norm in music collaboration and promotion. If their first release is any indicator, they’re well on their way.

The collective currently has 30 Northwest-based producers on the project, including many of our favorite local artists like Eliminate, Kozmo, Sixfour, Qreepz, Thomas Crowne, and more. Of those artists, 22 are featured on the collective’s debut release, Volume One, which came out March 1st. That’s right; 22 new, original tunes from nearly two-dozen Northwest-based artists. We could get used to that.

“When you have a collective of artists that you can share a tune with before releasing it, and get honest feedback from other musicians, it’s helps everyone get better at what they do. That’s what Anomaly is ultimately about: helping all artists, no matter what style of music they make, get better at their craft.” – Ramon Jones

Anomaly doesn’t stop with EDM releases, though. While that may be the focus now, at the collective’s humble beginnings, the team has much bigger plans. The collective would like to eventually cross over not only into other genres of music, but into other arts, like graphic design. Collaboration is the key to much of what Anomaly wants to achieve, and doing so across platforms could yield remarkable results.

They’ll also be hosting and sponsoring local events in the future, and plan on working with local venues within our buzzing scene. They’re currently partnered with C89.5FM to produce the AnomalyPNW Podcast, where local artists will be showcased regularly.

Anomaly is exactly the type of project Northwest music fans should support. The focus is on the art, the artists, and creating music that will span generational differences, disgust genre purists, and challenge each individual to achieve greatness outside of their comfort zone. The Northwest is better with groups like Anomaly involved, and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in 2016.

Let us know what you think of Anomaly’s debut release, and how excited you are for a local collective like this taking hold in the Northwest. Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter! And don’t forget to check out our new friends Anomaly over on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud pages! - Dance Music NorthWest

"Local Spotlight: Anomaly Music Collective"

Announcing the Anomaly Music Collective, which will officially start debuting releases on March 1st, 2016! Started by local Seattle based DJ/Producers Spencer Stumpf aka Treyis, Chase Transeth aka Clifford, and Ramon Jones aka R0ME, Anomaly Music Collective is a Pacific Northwest based artist collective.

Listen to Volume 1, the first release from Anomaly:

Anomaly’s main goal is to:

“Create something that deviates from the standard or expected norm in music collaboration and promotion.

Anomaly members came up with the idea about six months ago, after wanting to make a difference while making music with a meaning:

We hit a point where we all decided that it was time for a change in where we were putting our efforts in and that we wanted our efforts to be have more meaning to the music community in the PNW. We are dedicating all of our time in this music community from here on to helping artists young and old develop into better musicians and collaborators.

Collectively Anomaly members have over 20+ years of nightlife and music promotion experience. Anomaly commences operations with approximately 30 PNW based music producers under their belt. Some of Emerald City EDM’s favorite local artists are members, including Kozmo, Ainslee, Eliminate, Enzo, Justin Hartinger and Mike.Ill; among others.

Anomaly’s goal in this is to improve the amount of collaboration amongst all music artists of all musical genres and styles – not just electronica:

We feel that electronic music is constantly evolving and we want to stay at the precipice of innovation. Through Anomaly we want to do something that has never been done before in this area of the country; that is, unite all musicians under one common goal; producing music that will span generational differences, that will tear down the walls of genre purists and challenge each individual artist to achieve greatness outside of their comfort zone.

In addition, Anomaly will be working with Andrew Luck, sound and technology specialist at the learning research organization foundry10 and Anomaly Music Collective artists, on a variety of educational events. Andrew has been working on a variety of projects with sponsorships from Ableton, Creative Live, Keith McMillen Instruments, Mackie and Izotope to provide in class tutorials/educational courses where kids can get hands on experience with production software and hardware that they may not have had access to before. foundry10 explores the advantages of digital music education in its charitable youth programs. Anomaly is currently working with Andrew on educational music production events that will be open to the public and you will hear more about those in the near future.

Anomaly has also partnered up with c89.5’s Keano Martinez to run the AnomalyPNW podcast where they will showcase their artists and other local talents that deserve the exposure.

Although our starting base of artists are mostly electronic music artists we are heavily encouraging artists from other musical facets to contact us. We want this to get to the point for example where an emerging violinist can work with a dubstep producer who is collaborating with a vocalist and a guitarist. The possibilities are endless. There is so much talent in the PNW and we want to unite us all. We also plan to release sample packs and kick back fund to those artists who contribute to them. There have been people who have had their doubts about this but we are pushing on to make this something that will be around for the next 20+ years. We want to be truly innovative and continue to help evolve music in the PNW.

Our goals for collaboration don’t just stop at music. In the very near future Anomaly will be collaborating with a variety of graphic designers as well to produce what we are calling Flash Sales. In addition to our standard merchandise we will offer limited edition one time sale items that will highlight the work of local graphic designers and the majority of proceeds for those piece will go directly to the artists.

We will also be throwing/sponsoring private events from in the future and will also participate in night take overs at the local venues in Seattle. The majority of profits from merchandise sales will go to putting on community events such as production workshops, community gathering such as BBQs and jam sessions, as well as sponsorships and music equipment for under privileged kids.


Contact and Demo submissions: - Emerald City EDM

"Close out Summer with the "Anomaly BBQ and Beats" get together."

We’ve had our eye on the Anomaly Music Collective for a while now, particularly since their first release back in March. Although the collective itself is fresh on the scene, its members have been around for a while, and want to help young producers as they develop their craft. For those who produce and/or DJ, and even for those who don’t, the Anomaly crew will be putting on a fun event Sunday, August 21 at 2 pm.

Come one, come all to the far north end of the beach at Golden Gardens to enjoy some food, jams, and the sunshine with your friends, and of course the Anomaly crew! Bonus points for those who bring sides, snacks, and their own beer since it will be limited. So besides a classic barbecue, what’s going on? There will be a beer pong tournament with a $10 buy in, but otherwise the event is free. The winners win a cash prize and an Anomaly tank top for each player.

Now for the business side of things. There will also be a show and tell, as well as a production Q&A throughout the day. So if you’re a producer, be sure to bring your tracks with you. You could get some valuable input and advice from other like-minded artists. Anomaly Collective is all about producers helping producers, and that’s only the beginning.

“The PNW music scene is about sticking together and building each other up to create an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Our mentors and colleagues share that same vision and we are blessed to have their support.” -Ramon Jones

No matter how long you’ve been in the production world, bring what you’ve got (on your phone is fine)! If you’re not a producer, be a homie and bring some chips for the squad, because this is a day for sharing and having fun. If you love their vision, bring some cash to support Anomaly by buying some of their merchandise. Bring your friends, bring your dog, bring your mom!

Where: Golden Gardens – Far north end of the beach
When: Sunday, August 21, 2 pm
Who: Aspiring producers, people who love music, dogs who like the beach
How much?: Free! (Beer Pong Tournament is a $10 buy-in)
What do I bring?: If you’re a producer, your music! If not, your beach-dancing shoes

Stay tuned for Anomaly Collective’s next big release, coming this Fall, and we’ll see you on Sunday! - Dance Music NorthWest


It’s a goal of ours to support emerging projects in and around the dance music scene whenever possible, and we get to do just that today. It is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest track from Washington’s Kozmo, part of the debut release from the newly born, Anomaly Music Collective.

Having just revealed their existence to the public today, the Anomaly crew is introducing themselves properly with a compilation album bursting at the seams with dank beats and dope tunes. Kozmo‘s tune ‘Ow Now Brown Cow’ is among them, and he certainly went all in on it. The collective is based in his hometown, so he cranked things into overdrive and created an absolute beast of a track. Garbled, alien gibbering can be heard behind walls of mid-range bass and booming 808 kicks, giving things a distinctly otherworldly feel as everything pulses towards the last note. The rest of the compilation bumps as well, so be sure to check it all out; best of all, you can download the whole album for the low, low price of free!


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Drum & bass has been in the spotlight like never before as of late, due in part to the rise of artists like Ivy Lab, Halogenix, Alix Perez, and several others. Their unique approach to the genre has inspired producers from around the globe to try their hand at good ol’ half-time, and it has generated some excellent results.


Case in point: Subduktion‘s latest track, ‘Sentral’, freshly released via Washington’s Anomaly Music Collective. The young music maker does an excellent job of fusing classic and modern styles of drum & bass into one cohesive unit. A spacey, synth-laden intro reminiscent of late nights in crowded warehouses gives way to crisp percussion as the tune unfolds; shuffling hi-hats and punchy kick drums drive the progression forwards until a fuzzy, vintage vocal sample heralds the immediate arrival of the drop. The bass-line hits like a seismic wave, with an undeniable groove that’s sure to put a swing in your step. Round, thumping low-end squalls and stutters fill the empty space, with synth stabs thrown on top for good measure. Whether you’re an old-school head or a new fan of the genre, Subduktion should please your ears; best of all, it’s a free download. Check it out after the jump; happy listening!


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"Anomaly Takeover at SUBstation"

Anomaly Music Collective showcases live sets by featured artists and producers like Clifford, Corporate, Droptonix, and more, for a night of dancing or whatever people do with glow-sticks sometimes. - The Stranger

"Breaking the Boundaries of Music Genres: We Are Anomaly"

If you were scrolling through your Facebook News Feed about two weeks ago, I’m sure most of you noticed Anomaly Music Collective’s logo proliferating posts and profile pictures of some of the PNW’s well-known local DJs and producers. This sparked questions and intrigue as to what the image meant and what the project was about. Yesterday, Anomaly Music Collective went live and those questions were finally answered. After speaking with the founders and artists involved, it is clear that they are all looking to make a big impact on the music scene in the PNW.

Anomaly Music Collective is a PNW artist collective that was started by local DJ/Producers Spencer Stumpf (Treyis), Chase Transeth (Clifford) and Ramon Jones (R0ME). The mission of Anomaly is to “Create something that deviates from the standard or expected norm in music collaboration and promotion.” The founders collectively have over 20 years of nightlife and music promotion experience and have developed as artists in the local music scene. “Our original inspiration came from the want to leave a long lasting legacy on the Seattle music scene. We have all done club promotions at some time in our music careers and felt that we wanted to do something more meaningful that would be more rewarding for us musically and impact our community. We are stoked! I’m blessed to be working on this project with my best friends,” says co-founder Ramon Jones.

As of now, Anomaly has 30 PNW based artists, with the goal to improve the amount of collaboration amongst artists in any genre or style of music. The majority of the artists involved are electronic music producers, but that will not be the case for long. “We feel that electronic music is constantly evolving and we want to stay at the precipice of innovation. Through Anomaly we want to do something that has never been done before in this area of the country; that is, unite all musicians under one common goal; producing music that will span generational differences, that will tear down the walls of genre purists,” says Jones. With access to a variety of artists, resources, and inspiration, there will be more opportunities for those involved in Anomaly to push the boundaries of their music. One of the artists in the Collective, Tony Apfelbeck (from Cartographer) said, “We are bound to hit roadblocks when we feel like what we’re making is stale or it all sounds the same. That’s when it’s great to have access to a group of other creators who are doing it completely different.”

Anomaly has partnered with c89.5’s Keano Martinez and Andrew Luck to help realize their vision of uniting musicians and helping new artists. Andrew Luck will be working with Anomaly as a sound and technology specialist at the learning research organization foundry10, as well as with Anomaly Music Collective artists on a variety of community educational events. Keano will run the AnomalyPNW podcast to showcase the artists in the Collective as well as other local artists for exposure.

Anomaly Music Collective has big plans for the future and its involvement in the PNW music scene. Be ready to see private events thrown and sponsored by Anomaly, as well as night take-overs at local venues in Seattle to showcase local artists. The majority of the profits from these events and merchandising will go to putting on community events and funding sponsorships for music equipment for under privileged kids through their educational events. Co-founder, Spencer Stumpf noted, “We have a schedule of future releases lined up with the artists we currently have on board. We are also constantly scouting and listening to demo submissions, looking to expand the Collective with quality talent. Besides expanding on artists we also plan to start our merch line this year as well as host production workshops for anyone who wishes to attend.”

It’s an exciting time in the PNW music scene, with new local talent coming up every day and music changing and evolving. Innovation, creativity, and pursuit of talent pushing the boundaries of every genre will be necessary to keep up with the changes. Anomaly Music Collective provides a place for artists of any genre to have the freedom to collaborate with each other to create something different, while also allowing artists to grow that are just starting out. When asked to give advice to newer artists, Stumpf stated, “Have patience, lots of it. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to stop. Don’t – fight through those frustrations. It takes time to find your niche and sound. Also, try not to rely too heavily on sample packs and presets. Don’t feel pressured into making a certain type of music just to please others. Do it for yourself, be happy with what you create, work on your craft and your audience will come.”

Anomaly Music Collective is here to change the way we think about music – breaking down the walls of genres and expectations associated with being an artist in a specific genre. This is evident after listening to the first compilation put out as they went live yesterday. The 22 tracks included range in genre and vibe to provide a good picture of what we should expect from Anomaly in the future. As Stumpf said, “We have a great variety of artists here in the PNW, and I feel like if they come together they can create something really special and innovative. To create that new sound that people look up to.” We are looking forward to what Anomaly Music Collective brings to the PNW music scene in the future. - The Tune Wall


We released:
Anomaly Volume 1
Subduktion - Sentral
Gruv1- Tell Me
Safe Space - Beat Back
Anomaly Volume 2 is set for release November 1st 2016



Anomaly Music Collective isn't a band per se; rather it is a collective of artists who are constantly trying to push the promotion of local artists and help new producers through the development of their technical skills. Our biggest strength is information sharing. When you get 10-15 producers in the same room magic starts to happen. When everyone can put their flaws on the table; everyone can give constructive criticisms and help everyone get better. 
On the more macro side of things we also throw events for the producers in our city to have the opportunity to showcase their talents. Through paid gigs where they don't have to fill an 100 person guest list to get a 30 minute slot or have to compete with the pressure of headlining acts. 
We also coordinate with local music production educators as well as graphic designers to give them all opportunities to express their creativity.