At one point during the opening song of the progressive rock group Anomic’s set, one suddenly becomes aware of the intensity that has swelled to the breaking point. The attack of the drums beating fiercely, the syrupy guitars meandering unapologetically, the forceful bass marching forward deliberately, and the gritty vocals giving voice to all, swirl around the room vigorously until finally giving way to the song’s climatic ending. From there, Anomic continues to compel the listener with layered songs - at times equally as heavy as before, but often richly calm - never stopping and never losing intensity. What’s the secret to the crisp energy? “Half of our set is made up on the spot,” says Junior Zavala, guitarist and vocalist of the group. “It’s great,” adds bassist Andy Smith, “The spontaneity of our set allows for a different performance every night.” The result is a show that is as unique and complex as the members of the group each and every night.

Along with Andy and Junior, percussionist Anthony Maro and guitarist Elliot Schunke complete the group. Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Anomic has thrived in the area’s diverse music scene. Playing with bands such as Dredg and Local H, their popularity continues to flourish locally and regionally, with a growing fan base and increased media attention. When Andy joined Anomic in 2002, he added an element that pushed the group into a new realm of creativity. His new perspective led to hours of improvisational jamming and, ultimately, to frequent studio work that culminated into the band’s first EP.

This independently conceived EP was recorded and produced by Mark Rubel from Pogo Studios and mastered at West West Side Music. Docile Entropy, released in February 2006, is a reflection of the individuals in the band, with each member contributing his own musical tendencies. The EP functions as both a cohesive unit, with songs occasionally referencing one another, as well as a collection of individually significant components. Docile Entropy and captivating live performances prove to be the band’s greatest assets, continually propelling Anomic forward and laying the foundation for endless possibilities.



Written By: Junior Zavala

Circumvent the healing notion, unnatural synthesis,
mustering the jilted image of hermaphrodited cysts,
eliminate the vague reflection porcelain yet
spherical, wallowing with sullen motion through
billowing distress, once around the cadence is clear,
it’s only slightly weathered, just enough to spill the
void, thrusting the waning surface over the endless
hole, covered with crusted shadows skewing the
labyrinth, crossing the final letter, an overwhelming
stench lingers, towards the undefined, so why can’t I
fucking touch you now, await frozen steeple, surrogate
mother of the ascent, porous flock of turbulent
negligence, fucking only what is bent, the old adage
is seeping along the crease, strengthening dependence
on underneath, now the wound is showing her withering
spine, shattering and drooling, no longer mine.


Written By: Junior Zavala

Swollen injunction deceiving molded in silence,
germinating orifices the sustenance, blame the red and
come closer to seek the guidance, Warm, moistened,
nestled, nostalgic memories, I’ve felt this before,
but it was different and alluring and it was so
self-assuring then, contemplate diverging foci
illustrate their sense of balance and unity, breathe
in, calloused broken flesh taken over again, undermine
the core secreting dissonance, feel it in my lungs
again, metastasized by will burning toward the stem,
let it tranquilize let me breathe it in, delicate,
furrowed brow of my anomic melody, wondering, tasting,
soothing, I love the smell, covering this livid sore
watch the wound slip away.


Written By: Junior Zavala

While he’s sifting through the warmth shades of red
make it scenic eschewing sordid plight distancing
itself it’s not needed, compensate for linen frowns
purging negligence, the shivering is perpetual
misguided but it’s not useless, I am the one who makes
you pure, impious entity reverence in your sacred womb
most relevant to me, likened to the holes, this
festering inscription tailors to the host who's
focused on the wound that's nestled in distraction,
sewing what we know to be our only guide, I see what’s
glistening, now we know what’s to come, but we lost it
in the face of piety, and it’s spilling, it makes us
look away, now he’s sifting through the holes, finding
everything he needs.

Five Lamps

Written By: Junior Zavla

Look around tell your sons and your daughters that we
found him, underneath the belief of a tyrant, but we
found him, prying minds to disgrace our agenda and
revive it, to relate you must take what you’re given,
look we’ve found him, but he’s tired and withered from
the holes we’ve inspired, but the holes lie, telling
me I’m failing pressuring me to tell his own sadistic
dreams revealing little boys on their knees in
confession, while the girls prepare meals for the
elders with concession to the tired, withered man
we’ve inspired, doing what we can, revealing me
kneeling in defeat, unequivocally your drone, what did
I say to you, now listen to me, every fucking thing
I’m saying listen to my own sadistic dream.


Docile Entropy EP - 2006

Set List

The current set list for Anomic is the EP. The original songs are as follows: Olor, Turpentine, Maj, Leros, Oracion, Five Lamps, Gray. The sets usually run 35 to 50 minutes.

Anomic plays few cover songs, but will if needed. Such songs in the repertoire are those by Tool, A Perfect Circle, Alice In Chains, Deftones, Mars Volta, and Seether, among others.