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I'm a producer turned rapper. After only a short time producing I surpassed a lot of of producers who have been at it for years & years. I can do ANY genre of music but ive focused on hip-hop & rock. I'm told I'm a natural on the mic so i'll be recording a lot more songs.


Born Benjamin Daniel Beasley on August 26, 1988. Since he was young music has been his greatest companion and because of his diverse musical exposure to many different genres anything is liable to come out of the production station that is his mind. While once being strictly fascinated with the creation of melodious beats with a full scale of instruments and natural sounds, he has expanded his horizon and can throw down the nastiest rythmns and synths on any dirty south or crunk beat. Never opposed to trying new things he has even gone as far as to begin to reach out to genre's other than Hip-Hop and RnB for his production, the first being Rock. After only one full year of production experience his progress has been incredible and he is getting right up there w/ the best. At this point anything is possible.


All tracks ive done are on my online playlist at