A non A Mousse

A non A Mousse


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Written By: AnonA Mousse

I am Akon Suma
I eat everything in sight
I come out of the light
Into the darkness
I am a big black bug
I'm ready to hug, I'm ready to snuggle up
everything in sight
I am the Nature of the Beast to say the least
Gonna cut all the trees down
Gonna dig up everything under the ground
every nickel and dime of every little teeny weeny bit of gold
Gonna dig it up
I'm a big black tractor, gonna mow your lawn to the dirt
Make it hurt
To see the sight
Of the might of...
I am, I am, I am AKON SUMA

etc., etc., on the subject of mass consumption,
overeating, overtaking, over everything,
very spontaneous ad lib lyrics through the character of
AKON SUMA (could be a DC comic anti-hero like Magneto for

this is a hard-metal protest pro-environment song about

over consuming and its possible ravages.

Thank you