The combination of musical influences and different sub-genres inside the rock music makes the peculiar sound that is Anonimo. It elevates the lovers of this genre into another dimension.


Anonimo is formed in August of 2000 by Luis Enrique (Vocals) & Cuco (Guitar). who shared a friendship of many years and because of their restlesness and unsatisfied dreams with other musical proyects decided to come together and form what is now known as Anonimo. For the last five years Anonimo has been an active participant in the rock scene in Puerto Rico. It has played in numerous pubs, bars, festivals, shows, television programs and radio. The band was also part of a documentary called Latente Rock in Puerto Rico which was directed and filmed by Victor J. Ramos. They have participated in television shows such as No Te Duermas and Onda Rock broadcasted locally in Puerto Rico. They also formed part of a cd called Rocka & Rollo which is a compilation of puertorican rock bands and is available at record stores and through the internet. Today the band is formed by Luis Enrique, Cuco, Arnaldo, Paco & Axel. Each and every one of them have brought their influence to the band's music. Such influences are The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Doors, Led Zepplin, Guns & Roses, Pearl Jam & Jimi Hendrix to name a few.


Rocka & Rollo - Produced - Melba Miranda
Released - February 21, 2006
Label - Ole Music

Anonimo EP/Demo

Set List

Anonimo has a total of 23 songs in their repertoir and can do up to 3 sets of 35 minutes each. Some songs by Anonimo are:

Camaleon ( Found in the Rocka & Rollo CD and the Anonimo EP)
Vida (Anonimo EP)
El Dialecto (Anonimo EP)
Alma Perdida (Anonimo EP)
Salte del Medio (Anonimo EP)
La Pregunta
Loco SoƱador
Nunca Jamas
En El Medio De La Nada
Sube y Baja
En El Olvido
Tormentos y Lamentos
Sufriendo en Soledad also known as Paco's Blues
Deseo Carnal
Tradicion , Leyenda y Supersticion
Noche Perpetua
De La Mano De Un Angel