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If you are tired of the same old contentless music they play on the radio then Anonymous is for you. They are the next in line already being handpicked to open us for def jam signee Jason Fox. If you miss that real lyric driven hip hop then you need to lend your ear to Anonymous.


With the current Hip-Hop scene dominated by dance moves, and suffering from an all around lack of creativity, Chicago's own Anonymous and their lyric driven brand of Hip Hop timing couldn't be better. Marshall Sinclaire & Concept tredge forward, unphased by music mediocrity, leaving their peers struggling to keep up. With Influences of lyrical juggernauts such as Nas, Mos Def, Wu Tang Clan, Big Pun, Mass Hysteria and countless others its no wonder they were hand picked to open for Def Jam Signee Jason Fox at the famed Don Hills night club in Manhattan. With a fierce dedication to stay true to the essence of Hip-Hop, they have proven themselves a perfect addition to the Chicago music scene.


Good To You currently Streaming on
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Set List

Set List.

Good To You
Bullsh_t Rap
Oh My God
Hip Hop Fade
Emcees Act
Lucifer Freestyle
Street Fonk

Set Range from 30-45mins