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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"The Up’s Of Down! Local Music Spotlight: Anonymous Culture"

There is a lot to talk about with the man they call Anonymous who was born Anttwon J. Thames IV.

With the buzz surrounding his music videos, mixtapes, and high energy performance in Dallas and throughout Texas, Anonymous Culture Release the album Alive in April of 2011.

Anonymous Culture brings the circus to town with this album. Alive is filled full of club beats, swagger anthems, and thoughts of the best southern hiptastic life one can live, and it’s all you need to entertain all who enter the big top of Anonymous’ greatest show on earth. So get your popcorn and cotton candy ready, for this ring leader is just getting started.

Anonymous Culture

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

For fans of: Pac Div, The Cool Kids, Lupe Fiasco

Highlights: LaLaLa, Alive, Poster Boi

SDU: So first, tell our readers about your background since they’ve probably only seen clips of you here and there on the Sundown United Facebook fanpage.

AC: Well – To start from the beginning, I’ve been rapping my whole life, but started seriously rapping when I was 17. At that time, I met my first manager who took me through artist development and with that experience I started to become the artist I wanted to be – one who defies the norm of what people are used to. I then released a couple projects and have just been working hard ever since to get my artistry to a level where people can see it and appreciate it for what it is. In a nutshell, AnonymousCulture is an artist that’s just been working hard to get to bring a new level of artist to the fans.

SDU: I just finished listening to “LaLaLa” and you are representing Dallas through your lyrics. Your lyrics to your hooks are on point. Tell us a little about “LaLaLa”.

AC: I made “LaLaLa”, even after the release of the Alive Album in April, because I’ve always wanted that 3-song punch. I felt like I had 2 songs in Last Call and PosterBoi and I was always just looking for that third song.

So I was out at the club one night and I heard the Gena song, ‘My Dip in the Club’, and when I heard it, I knew it had the sound that I was looking for in my third song. I tweeted the next day that I was looking for a beat like that and, surprisingly, the actual producer of that song, J White, contacted me. He lives in Mesquite so we met up, made the ‘LaLaLa’ song and turned it around in like 2 weeks. Then we just started working it and it was like magic.

SDU: Do you feel like Hip Hop is dead (With regard to the movement it made in the 70's thru the 90's)? Is it less of a Culture?

AC: No, I think it’s (Hip Hop) stronger than ever. I think that the fact is – people are afraid in hip hop. Hip-hop is so judgmental. In every other music genre, you’re allowed to try things and experiment and reach in different places. But in hip-hop, people think that you’re supposed to stay in this realm and it’s supposed to sound a certain way.

I think hip-hop is most definitely not dead. I just think it’s more experimental now. Hip Hop is a culture. So you can’t say that it’s supposed to be like this because if it was like this or just that certain way then you wouldn’t appreciate it as much. You have to have a good balance in everything. I guess people forget about that.

SDU: So it sounds like you feel that Hip Hop is just going through changes?

AC: Most definitely. It’s starting to experiment. It’s starting to evolve. It’s not dead. You just have to look for it now. It’s not as simple as being in one spot like it used to be anymore. You used to could always go here and here to find hip hop and now you have to go and find it, because there’s so much music out now. The internet has allowed the people to be able to put out so much music that you can’t just say ‘Now I’m going to go to the Source magazine and finding all the good new artists’ or “I’m gonna go to whoever/wherever” that you used to. So I think it’s most definitely not dead, it’s just evolving. Because if you look for hip hop, it’s most definitely still around.
SDU: Drum kit or Synthesizer?

AC: Synths for me. Because I’m more of a pop artist. I look at myself more as a pop rapper than a true hip hop rapper.

SDU: Living or Dead musician/artist who would be your Super-Team Mash Up collaboration?

AC: Mmmm….Wow!…Me, Stevie Ray Von, Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye would do a song called “Love” and it would just be guitar riffs and subtle drums. I would want Stevie Ray Von and Jimi Hendrick because since Jimi showed Stevie how to play and Stevie’s from Dallas, they would mix well together because they would kinda battle against each other as far as playing. So I would get like the best guitar-playing. And then, with Marvin Gaye’s voice on the hook and singing under my vocals and titled “Love”…. I think that would be a really tight track.

SDU: I saw 3 hours to Austin short documentary. Honestly, I forget how hard it is to make a break. You have to make sacrifices and your family has to make sacrifices. What do you want to tell fans and aspiring artists? What does it take to do this?

AC: It might sound like a joke, but to be honest, the main thing you want to do is…definitely… if you don’t have any responsibilities, keep it that way. Because the more responsibilities you develop, the harder it is for you to focus on being successful. Like, look at it like a pizza and the more people you have the more slices you have to make. It’s kinda like the same thing you have to do with time.

Music is not about who is the best person. It’s not about who does something the best. It’s all about how much time you put into it and how hard you work at it. So, when you hear someone say that you can’t knock their hustle, that’s what they’re talking about. That’s the pizza. The pizza is time. And the less things you have to divide your time, the more successful you’re going to be.

So that’s what I tell people. If you do have responsibilities, then you have to make sacrifices. Some days you’re not going to see your kids. Or some days you’re not going to see your wife. Some days you’re not going to be able to do things that you want to do for fun, because music will turn into a job. And you just have to learn to stay focused and keep driving that.

SDU: Finishing up – What is the future for Anonymous Culture and what can SDU and your fans expect to see?

AC: Most definitely, you guys can expect to see us doing more shows around Dallas and the Metroplex. Expect to see more shows and see more products out. We’re going to be giving out more cds to people. “I Am a Culture” is going to be releasing some new designs and new looks as we move toward the future with the brand. We’re also working singles and we’re going to continue releasing videos for those with Dream. Work. Conquer. Films and Jeff Adair. I’m also working on a new mixtape project entitled The Annexation of Puerto Rico. So yeah – Just a lot of great stuff. You’re going to continue to see and hear about me and the stuff I’m doing. Hopefully you’ll love it all! - Sundown United


Creating more than a name for himself, Anttwan Thames aka AnonymousCulture, is pioneering a movement of self-acceptance. Hailed as one of Dallas’ most promising emcees, Anonymous has been praised for his crisp delivery and even sharper wit. He has dropped two mixtapes and an album, The Intervention, all available for free download at his personal website. Mr. Thames is also the voice behind the theme song of Deion Sanders’ little league team named the Truth with the record having the same title. The song was featured on the NFL Network during the airing of a small feature focusing on Deion Sanders’ Truth Camp. Anonymous is no newbie to the 35 Conferette, this will mark his second performance at the music festival. Check out his current single, Poster Boi, produced by Xavier Marquis. - Team FNI


Rapper, Anonymous Culture out of Dallas, TX , sent me his latest video for “Last Call,” produced by Vybe Beatz. I liked the overall concept of the video.

You know how you hear a song from one of your favorite artists. It touches your soul so much you feel the words, then they release a video that is nothing like the song? Well… this isn’t one of those videos. Shoutout to the director, @Jeff AdairFilms! I’m very impressed with the work Anonymous Culture is putting in with his music. - FlyWidIt Blog

"35 Conferette Day 1: Keep Denton Beard!"

The main band I wanted to see on Thursday was Whiskey Folk Ramblers, who I’ve known for some years; I figured I could get some good interview footage from them. I whiled away the hours before they went on by going to random shows. Pinebox Serenade were okay, but I think their formula is a little stale. High-energy hip-hop act Anonymousculture were a refreshing break from the indie rock. Anonymous’s music is available online for free; he’s about to release a new mixtape, so check out his site for more info and free stuff. Mmmm…free stuff. - RADIO SILENCE

"Recap: NX35 Conferette Day 1"

"...Finally around 11 we managed to make our first pre-planned performance in Mr. Poster Boi himself, AnonymousCulture. He was as polished and energetic as we've ever seen him, and though we've caught his performances a dozen times or so in the past, last night's intense showing was the first to give us chills. You heard it hear first, this guy will be nationally famous sooner rather than later. Or perhaps internationally even, as he told us after his set that he was jetting off to Vancouver for another show tonight..." - Subservient Experiment

"Video: AnonymousCulture’s new song, “Poster Boi”"

Are today's kids as poster-obsessed as our generations were? Case in point, I've met very few peers my age who didn't at one time or another have Green Day's Dookie poster plastered on their walls.

And some are just plain iconic. In most people's minds just the words "Farrah Fawcett" or "Jim Morrison" immediately conjure up iconic poster images. Just as modern day professional athletes keep track of which players have the top-selling jerseys, famous persons of years past used poster sales as the same sort of status indicator.

Do they still even make posters? Do Wal-Marts still have that giant, numbered, flip-book display full of iconic 24" x 36" imagery? If not, then AnonymousCulture's soon-to-be-released "Poster Boi" maxi-single, produced by Xavier Marquis, sure stirs up those feelings of nostalgia -- back to a time when folks hearts weren't worn on their sleeves, but rather tacked them up on their walls.

I've already heard it described as "the song that will make [Anonymous] famous," and I think before too long those same people will start to think of its video in the same way. But that's totally understandable, I mean, who wouldn't want to be put on a poster? That would certainly make one feel pretty "baller" I'm sure. - Pegasus News

"Introducing…….Anttwon “AnonymousCulture” Thames!!!!!"

Anttwon “AnonymousCulture” Thames is a budding rap artist from Dallas, TX. He is making huge waves in the dirty south. He has sold the usuage rights to the NFL network for a song that he wrote for Deion Sanders little league team, titled “The Truth.” Him and his production recently submitted a pool of beats to Konvict Music and Darkchild for a placement opportunity. He has already completed an album “The Intervention” which you can download for free here at Currently, he is know pushing his new buzz single “Poster Boi” which is becoming a huge smash in the Dallas, TX area. My Review: personally, in my opinion, the song is BANANAS!! The beat, the hook, and everything is catchy. Hopefully, the single can get the much need exposure it needs because I can guarantee you. You will love this song! Visit his site to listen to “Poster Boi” and find out more about this AMAZING up and coming rapper. - Supremefabulosity

"Yesterday at NX35: DJ Mom Jeans and Others at Andy's Bar"

Then AnonymousCulture, playing his first live set since releasing his album The Intervention, started and ended his set with impressive a capella verses, and, in between, had hands swaying left and right. - Dallas Observer

"The Guestlist with Anonymous"

And one of the biggest factors leading to our prediction is the upcoming album by little known Dallas rapper Anonymous????. While he had already done enough in our book in the way of mixtapes and EP's to earn himself the 'Best Rapper in Dallas' nickname whenever we've written about him in the past, the sneak peak of his newest LP that we were fortunate enough to hear is going to set the bar at a level that will be hard to match, let alone top. - Subservient Experiment

"Bonus MP3: AnonymousCulture -- "Summertime""

Pleasant Grove rapper AnonymousCulture is on the verge of staging an Intervention on the music world.

This will be a little different than a real-life intervention, though. In a real intervention, you think you're about to have a party, only to have a bunch of friends and relatives bitch at you about all the things you're doing wrong. In the case of AnonymousCulture's debut album, at least judging by the handful of tracks he sent along last week, you'll get the party--without the bitching. - Dallas Observer

"NX35 Inside Scoop Blog"

Last night of NX35! Some recommended artists you should check out:

Anonymous Culture at Andy's Bar. Anonymous Culture is a Dallas based hip-hop artist - The Shorthorn

"Anonymous Culture - An emcee that actually relies on talent"

A rapper usually surrounds himself with an entourage on stage, hype men to get the crowd all worked up. I couldn’t be lucky enough. This guy was a solo act-literally-he would invite a singer or a guess emcee one at a time. He actually used his talent to sway the crowd. Imagine that, an emcee that actually relies on talent. - The Shooter's Ledger

"Dallas emcee AnonymousCulture preps new Effin Rite mixtape"

AnonymousCulture seems to hit harder and harder with every new release, and the aptly-named "Poster Boi" is no exception. Effin right it's not. - Pegasus News

"Vox Pop, Rd. 1: JMack vs. AnonymousCulture"

?This week, for the first go 'round of our new weekly, online hip-hop battle competition, both of our top performers--JMack and AnonymousCulture--chose to go the a cappella route with their submissions, opting to let the merits of the lyrics stand on their own without a backing beat.

Bold move. - Dallas Observer

"AnonymousCulture Gives Hip-Hop an Intervention" - Pegasus News


The Annexation of Puerto Rico (2017), AnonymousCulture
I Am A Culture (2015), AnonymousCulture
HULK Entertainment Compilation Vol. 1 (2015), AnonymousCulture - Various Artist 

GreedyBam (2013), AnonymousCulture
Idiotic (2012), AnonymousCulture

2 Fast (2017)
Bald Fade (2017)
Dixie Cup (2017)
Flavor (2017)
I Gotta Meet Ya (2017)
Last Call (2017)
Looking Like (2017)
Showtime (2017)
Sweet Pack ft. Sedrick Stylez (2017)
Hunnit Bandz (2015)
La La La (2011)

"The Truth"(2010), AnonymousCulture (featured on NFL Network)
“Single Ladies Cues” (Centric Network) 
“Black Ink Crew” (VH1)
“LA Hair” (Women Ent)

**Music Videos**
CPK [Artist Profile] 2017
Legend Has Begun [Official Video] (2017)
Baby [Official Video] (2017)
Go Getta [Official Video] (2017)
Too Fast [Official Video] (2012)
Otis [Viral Video] (2011)
La La La [Official Video] (2011)
La La La [Behind the Scenes] (2011)
CPK [Artist Profile] 2011
In the Sky [Official Video] (2011)
Alive [Official Video] (2011)
Last Call [Official Video] (2011)
PosterBoi [Behind the Scenes] (2011)
PosterBoi [Official Video] (2011)



AceCulture, He's not just a rapper, he is a Culture. A fresh, energetic artist, with an in your face lyrical approach to writing music. Full of substance provided to him from Life experiences along with snappy attention grabbing hooks, AnonymousCulture's music promises to provide listeners with eargasms after eargasms and a plate of food for thought.

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