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Bitter Hands Resign, set for release on 19 April 2005 in Canada and 3 May 2005 in the USA, is the third full-length release from Ontario dream pop quintet A Northern Chorus.

In 2001, the band emerged from obscurity with their debut release, Before We All Go To Pieces, on micro-indie Black Mountain Music. After a quick two-week Western tour and positive media praise from the west coast, the band aligned with Sonic Unyon for future releases.

May 2003 saw the release of their Sonic Unyon debut spirit flags. The album helped pave major inroads for the band in North America, with strong media reaction, many positive reviews and exceptional support from college radio. In August, the album peaked on the CMJ Core album charts at number 21, making it the highest charting Sonic Unyon release stateside in seven years.

The group toured extensively in support of spirit flags, including two Canadian tours as well as US and UK jaunts. Foreign soil seemed delighted to welcome the band. Leeds Music Scene proudly stated the band was an instant hit live “complete with soaring delayed guitars, warm vocals and some head swayingly beautiful dynamics and chord changes,” adding that “while the band may have influences that are fairly easy to locate, they inhabit a world all of their own… they seem to have created a new musical blueprint.”

In 2004, the band contributed a version of Low’s ‘Slide’ to the We Could Live In Hope tribute album, released by Fractured Discs. Their rendition received a number of rave reviews in the press. Splendidezine says “A Northern Chorus’ ‘Slide’ is the disc’s most heart-snappingly gorgeous cut… it nails everything we love about Low, and comes as close to out-Lowing them as anything else here.”

The band also headed back into the studio in 2004, recording at The Barn in rural Caistor Centre, Ontario with Graham Walsh sharing production duties. Between February and August the band tracked and recorded the eight songs that have become Bitter Hands Resign. It is the first recording to feature cellist/vocalist Alex McMaster, who joined the band shortly before their UK tour, and the last to feature outgoing drummer Marshall Bureau, who decided to leave shortly after the album was completed.

Since the release of Bitter Hands Resign the band has toured North America extensively and received rave reviews along the way. Pitchfork Media says “A Northern Chorus has turned out the record that Death Cab for Cutie might make after taking an on online classical composition course and a near-fatal overdose of tranquilizer cocktails.” The Coast (Halifax) says “ANC has finally emerged from its shell, taking a more passionate intellectual stance than on previous recordings.” Exclaim! Magazine predicts “Bitter Hands Resign won’t just put A Northern Chorus on the map; it’ll help them take over the world one dream at a time.”
Currently the band is working on their fourth full length album due out in spring 2007.


Before We All Go To Pieces-2001 Black Mountain Music
Spirit Flags-2003 Sonic Unyon Records
Bitter Hands Resign-2005 Sonic Unyon Records

Streamed at www.sonicunyon.com/anc