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Wow, Another Cynthia, I totally didn't expect to love you when I first saw your name on this bill. There's just something about your band name that screams "screamo." But you are, like, soooo not screamo. With sample drum noise and live beats backing up new wavy keys and a ton of vocals swirling around each other, you're super awesome in a dark new wave kind of way. It's the same kind of thing that made me drool retardedly over the second Faint record, only you guys have waaay better vocals, and not so '80s-ish arrangements. I'm totally going to be at your Hawthorne Theatre show. Can't wait to buy a copy of your self-titled CD. Sweet! Oh, I won't be surprised when I hear you for the first time on the radio. It'll be like, "Dudes! Told ya so!" - The Portland Mercury

"Official Overlooked Artist Of The Year"

"Portland's Another Cynthia is my official overlooked artist of the year. That's a mighty big compliment and they deserve ever letter in the sentence. What's so special about them? They mix beats, strong and sometimes fun lyrics with excellent musicianship. They produced their own album (great job!) and are practically giving the album away it's so cheap. Do yourself a favor and get this one!" - Ryan Spaulding,

"The Band You'll Leave Your Current Favorite Indie CD For."

ANOTHER CYNTHIA - the band you'll leave your current favorite indie CD for. A 2006 must have for your collection! This is the amazing new band from Portland. They are sporting the best new sound and some truly amazing production values. Together it makes for an amazing new sound.What else can I possibly say? Read on friends, read on. - Rachel and The City, Break Through Radio

"Live Review"

“Highlights of the evening were the flared jeans and fuzzed-out guitar of Another Cynthia, whose energetic performance and emotive stage presence invoked the spirit of the late-'60s psych/garage sound. Plus, I'm a sucker for guitar bands that have keyboards. It just seems somehow right that a rock 'n' roll band should have someone pounding the ivories. It didn't hurt, either, that their sound check was a brief jam on Day Tripper.”
Nick Buono - The Willamette Weekly

"Please, sir, can I have Another?"

Portland band Another Cynthia creates a delicious musical jambalaya

Another Cynthia isn't just another indie band.

The serendipitous collection of six--Ian Mackintosh (vocals, guitar), Abe Smith (vocals, guitar), Jason Mackie (vocals, guitar), Ian Mouser (bass), Jackson Coffey (drums) and Ben Braun (keys/sampler)--have something fresh to offer.

But unlike other bands, Another Cynthia aren't banking on being merely unique.

"You can make something different, but can it also be beautiful?" Mackintosh asked. "I want to hear music that sounds like a cross between Prince, The Beach Boys, earlier Michael Jackson and Led Zeppelin."

He wants to create music that blows people away--and that's what Another Cynthia does.

Working with contrasting musical styles and sounds often reminiscent of music's historical greats, Another Cynthia have achieved their goal of making something like no one's ever heard. Or rather, a hybrid of all the things they have heard and loved, mixed with a modern sensibility and their own flair.

The band recently completed The Mannequin EP, which is available for free download on their MySpace page and shows clear evidence of talent. The nods to the ghosts of music's past and present are clear.

"Pushback," the second track on the album, bears similarity to the electronic styling of Pinback and Electric President, as well as some of the vocal dynamics of '80s and '90s pop-rock. The third track, "Your Rhythm," has Prince all over it. But such comparisons are only skimming the surface of why this band merits a listen. It may seem familiar, but the very real skill of the musicians shines through.

And there are a lot of musicians in this group.

"It's like a family gathering just to have a conversation on the phone," Mackintosh said about working with such a large band. He added that "we're all in this together" and the music is the glue that holds them.

With so many voices, accomplishing anything would seem difficult, but the band manages very well. Smith and Mackintosh often initially collaborate to write the song.

"I write the music and he writes the lyrics. Great art pours from him [Smith]. I feel like we're a team," Mackintosh said. But that doesn't leave out the other band members. Everyone is involved in the creation process, adding parts until finally a layered and complex song is created.

Each member brings that influence into performance as well.

"It's a circus but it's fun. Like a Chinese fire drill," Mackintosh said of Another Cynthia's performance style, which is a study of contrasts as much as their music is.

Performing has changed for the group in the past year. There are more people.

"For the first three or fours years, it seemed like it was just our friends. It's better now. People have said that it sounds like we should be on the radio," Mackintosh said.

Some of the positive response may be due to the EP. Mackintosh produced The Mannequin EP himself, and it sounds remarkably professional. The sound quality is clean and the balance is always right on, which is pretty amazing considering that Mackintosh is a self-taught producer.

He gives much credit to the advice of friends and the advent of the technology that allowed him to complete the project, which kept costs very low. Low cost equals even more accessibility and exposure to new listeners--exactly what Another Cynthia is hoping for."

By: Marcella Barnes
Issue date: 5/2/08 Section: Arts and Culture

- The Portland Vanguard


GIRL GUNS LP: Released 2006
SHOOK: Currently being played on several VH1 Shows
WHAT I WANT: Award winning music video; 2007 VH1 Contest
BRAND NEW CHANTS: Featured in movie; Lit Up
HEAD TURNS: Played at MTV Video Music Awards, 2007
ONE WAY OUT: Radio Single: Currently being played on several VH1 shows and played at MTV Video Music Awards, 2007,
THE MANNEQUIN EP: Released 2008
Let Down: Radio Single



Portland, Oregon based Another Cynthia has been recording and performing as a band for five years. Drawing on the sounds of pop music from the last four decades, Another Cynthia presents something different neatly disguised as something familiar. A musical laboratory of chimey guitars, danceable drum beats, synth sounds, pianos, and fuzzy bass tones frame their earnest lyrics and powerful melodies.

The growing legion of fans already know and new listeners immediately realize that Another Cynthia is leading the way into a new musical era. Not only do they have a strong following throughout the northwest, they have established themselves as a sought after support act for major label touring bands. Their songs have been featured at the MTV Video Music Awards as well as on MTV, VH1 and independent films.