Another Dream

Another Dream


A shattering blend of rock and punk, combined with hopeful lyrics focusing on overcoming problems in this life.


In the two years that Another Dream has been together, they have seen many members come and go. But through it all, they have only grown stronger. Their 2nd EP (self-titled) came out in June with old and new songs recorded by their current and best lineup yet! Drawing influences from bands like Thrice, Anberlin, Underoath, MxPx, and more, the cd features a blend of heavy rock and punk. The cd starts with a catchy verse and sing-along chorus on Standing here… and from there takes a journey through, not only a punk sound, but also heavy and emotional ballads on songs like Who am I and I Found. The cd ends with the aggressive punk sound of Chronicles. Although, the cd features some of the band’s best work, it does not completely capture the essence of Another Dream. It is just a small taste. The band really shows its strength live as they play the songs with so much passion and emotion, one cannot help but want to move along with the music. It was from their live show that they were named the #1 band in Cheyenne after winning the Cheyenne area Battle of the Bands. They have also shared the stage with national touring bands: Superchick, Seventh Day Slumber, Ever Stays Red, Kids in the Way, Last Tuesday, and many more. Songwriter Peter Blomberg shares about about the band and their focus...“I try to write songs with originality. I hope that people can connect to the different struggles that I have had with God, faith, and saying goodbye. Through music, I want to inspire people to search for something more in life and know that there is some good in this world despite heartache.” The band shares this vision and wants to connect with people on any level that they can. They truly have a heart to play, serve, and see this world change and take them to…..

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Written By: Peter Blomberg

This evil that we left inside
Is killing all our faith
through new lies

If we can learn to doubt
then we can learn to see
through new lies

I tried to look away, as stars were falling down
and heroes died
I will not look away, as I run
For this love is running with me
right until the end

This jesus that we built from gold
he hears the people say
"will you be my hero"

but liars can not save
and these traitors can not see
through this hero

Standing here...

Written By: Peter Blomberg

I knew that I could never know, how you felt inside your heart..
When I called you--out of your comfort..

Does it make nervous, to know that I think of you,
Does it make you wonder why I try and hide..

Because you walked away when you found, how I felt inside my heart..

I'm standing here for nothing, to let you know--I'm all alone
I'll scream your name for nothing, can you find me on your own.

I don't understand myself, I never quite figured me out..
Why I hid and looked away from your eyes.

This empty hand shows, how I hurt you from the inside..

I'm standing here...

One more day to hide more tears, another day to hide more fears, I'll toss them, in the lake of my heartbreak..

Finding my voice finding my tonque to scream at your heart..

I'm standing here for nothing..

I Found

Written By: Peter Blomberg

On a day I needed strength, My heart looked around for another love
I knew a love not of this world, so I held on
I found--love for me
I found--love for me
It's Grace--flows through me
I found
I tried to hide your name, but then I hid who I was
Belief was more than I could do, so I chose to look away from you
Did I look away, in hopes that you'd be far away
Did I pray w


Self-Titled EP (June 1, 2006)
Acoustic EP (June 1, 2006)

Set List

Our set ranges from 20-45 min. depending on the slot. It is all originals except for one cover.