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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Hit the Snooze button, take me to 'Another Dream'"

We have heard of the "American Dream:" the hope for prosperity, success and stability. A local rock band, represents the same idea: searching for a place in the world.

Another Dream i a three-member band finding their niche in the music industry. In May the door of opportunity opened for the band with the release of their self-titled album. They also won Battle of the Bands two years ago in Cheyenne.

Christian rock with a punk influence is how drummer Matt Thomason described the band's sound. Lead singer and guitarist Peter Blomberg said, "If you're not a Christian, you can still appreciate our music and lyrics." Thomason said the band's main audience is aimed at the 15 through early 20's age group.

Caleb Blomberg, Peter's brother, completes the trio on bass guitar and as backup singer in the band. Peter said: "Sometimes working as brothers complicates things. The guys are two of my best friends, but sometimes we're (Caleb and I) brothers, not friends." He added, with a laugh: "We fight. Matt probably hates us."

Peter writes all lyrics for the band. He said: "My inspiration for lyrics comes from stuff that happens in my life: relationships, saying goodbye, suicide, and following God through life, through struggles."

The band meets monthly to practice for upcoming shows so Calbe and Thomason can write their instrumental parts for any new songs Peter has been working on.

Peter and Caleb are originally from Albin. Peter, 22, is a third-grade teacher in Burns. Caleb, 19, is a full-time student majoring in teaching at Laramie County Community College. Caleb also substitute teaches on the side. Thomason, 22, who lives in Greeley, attends Aims Community College as well as Colorado University in Boulder. Thomason is majoring in architecture.

Peter started the band two and a half years ago in Laramie while he was attending the University of Wyoming. The original band had four members. Peter said the group got together to compete in a battle of the bands at UW. Another Dream has gone through many changes throughout the nearly three years they have been playing: "A lot of people just moved away, and we had to replace them. It's good though. We get enormously better with each change. When Matt joined, his style of playing fit us perfectly."

The current trio compiled their new album released in May. Caleb says, "It's our first professionally mastered EP (six song set)." Peter explained it includes songs he wrote five years ago as well as new material. The album can be purchased for $8 at shows and $9 at Ernie November or online at

The band has been touring throughout the MIdwest for the past two summers. Caleb said that while touring, they played mainly in coffee houses or venues found online. He explained: "When we play live, it's very energetic; we show a lot of emotion on stage. One of our keys is to connect with the crowd at every show on a personal level."

The group plans to tour the Midwest as well as the West Coast next summer to promote their new album. Peter explained, "We'd be ready to record now if we had the money and the time, but we really want to focus on selling the new album before we release another one."

All band members agreed they would like to tour fulltime as soon as it is possible. Peter explained, "We are doing things now to get by," but all three hope to be able to make a living from their music eventually.

Currently, Another Dream plays one or two shows a month in the Cheyenne area. CAleb said, "We try to do a show every weekend, but the scheduling gets tricky because of Pete's teaching and school."

Caleb said the band usually plays at The Warehouse, a venue in south Cheyenne. He also mentioned the band will be opening for Remedy Drive for a weekend youth retreat in Nebraska in late November.

Entry costs vary with each show, Caleb explained. He said different venues determine how much the band is able to ask for as profict. Most shows cost around $5 at the door. - Jen DeMoney (Laramie County Community College "Wingspan")


Self-Titled EP (June 1, 2006)
Acoustic EP (June 1, 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the two years that Another Dream has been together, they have seen many members come and go. But through it all, they have only grown stronger. Their 2nd EP (self-titled) came out in June with old and new songs recorded by their current and best lineup yet! Drawing influences from bands like Thrice, Anberlin, Underoath, MxPx, and more, the cd features a blend of heavy rock and punk. The cd starts with a catchy verse and sing-along chorus on Standing here… and from there takes a journey through, not only a punk sound, but also heavy and emotional ballads on songs like Who am I and I Found. The cd ends with the aggressive punk sound of Chronicles. Although, the cd features some of the band’s best work, it does not completely capture the essence of Another Dream. It is just a small taste. The band really shows its strength live as they play the songs with so much passion and emotion, one cannot help but want to move along with the music. It was from their live show that they were named the #1 band in Cheyenne after winning the Cheyenne area Battle of the Bands. They have also shared the stage with national touring bands: Superchick, Seventh Day Slumber, Ever Stays Red, Kids in the Way, Last Tuesday, and many more. Songwriter Peter Blomberg shares about about the band and their focus...“I try to write songs with originality. I hope that people can connect to the different struggles that I have had with God, faith, and saying goodbye. Through music, I want to inspire people to search for something more in life and know that there is some good in this world despite heartache.” The band shares this vision and wants to connect with people on any level that they can. They truly have a heart to play, serve, and see this world change and take them to…..

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