Another Mother

Another Mother


Unsigned Original Philadelphia Rockn-roll band doing the good work and showing the integrity it takes to be around and writing for years to come.


The Another Mother Rock Band; Describing the music can be simple if not deceiving. There is the Telecaster, tube amp, a refurbished jazz kit and a crooning Philadelphia native delivering a mix of powerful ballads and colorful rock-n-roll. The popular nature of the tunes combined with nostalgic textures and themes offers something tangible to the residents of the Delaware Valley. It is music we can all latch on to and be proud to call homegrown. Writer/Producer Jim McGrath has left his rock-n-roll footprint on the stages, in the basements, at the studios, and in some attics all over Philadelphia. Drummer Dave Kovach (aka “the big banger”) has been there all the way, sometimes looking back to find only one set of prints in the sand. Jack Gillespie is on the guitar and Erica Keller rounds out the core unit on bass. The Another Mother Rock Band is an ever enduring force of nature. It is calling upon the hoards of rock-n-roll listeners to come together once again seeking solidarity in a world of much uncertainty. Less than created than plucked from the perpetual continuum, a theory that has critics in an uproar, The Rock Band is gaining momentum with the release of its latest recording; The Highest Frequency. The conduits for this awesome power are James McGrath 3rd and David Kovach who are floating in the ether of fantasy and superstardom. Much more information is available or “mother” at 215-441-1365. We know you want to.


As if You Didn't Know

Written By: J. McGrath

You were looking at someone
You were standing somewhere
You were holding a cocktail
Your soul in despair
Supporting the system and quite unaware
As if you didn’t know

Now I’ve got your attention
In the midst of your life
It’s a short span of living
And a lesson to learn
You’ll get what your giving
And more just to burn
It’s not what you thinking
And just as I thought
You make sure to waste it because it is bought
And just one thing else I needed to say
To watch what I’m buying and how much I pay
As if you didn’t know


Written By: J. McGrath

The dirt is on the doorstep
The rain is in the sky
There’s no burning sun on my horizon
The climate is unkind

And I’ve been
Down that road before

So climb on to my body
And ease my aching mind
Bells are ringing
I’ll be singing
The climate is alright

We’ll take the road less traveled
And live amongst the wood
I don’t know when I last heard it
The leaves beneath my foot

So come into my garden
And eat the fruity, fruit
There’s no thing that you can’t have here
The policies are good

She So Cute

Written By: Hardesty/McGrath


No no no no no no No no no no no no No no no no no no
No no no no no no No...

She so cute, I want to talk to her

She so cute, I'd do what she would like

She so cute, I'd be what she would want

She so cute, Eat candy off her neck

She so cute, I'd be a lesbian

She so cute, I would perform for her

She so cute, I want her to like me

She so cute, She welcome anywhere
She so cute...

No no no no no no No no no no no no No no no no no no No no no no no no No


"The Highest Frquency" album on CD released 2002
"Another Mother Rock Band" demo released 2004
"Yer Dead" music video shot in 24p Jan/05

Set List

All Premium, Original Rock-n-Roll

1. Leave
2. Wonderful Beautiful
3. Drug Dealer
4. Superstar
5. Past Life
6. As if you didn't know
7. Inconsiderate Jim
8. Woman
9. Surgery
10. Running
11. Monkey See
12. She so Cute
13. Dirt
14. Needles (in my feet)
15. Realistic Drinking Reminder
16. Obligatory God Song
17. Postcards
18. Ohhh
19. Another Bloody Sabbath