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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"local guy, makes good - music!"

Philadelphia is used to unsung heroes, not rock-stars, when it comes to the ones who
make good around here. Maybe that is why, if you asked a local who is familiar with
Jim’s work what they would say if Jimmy McGrath became a household name, they will
most likely answer, “that would be a shock…but I wouldn’t be surprised”. Because this
is a nice guy who is known for his integrity, staying power and his love for the rock-n-
roll machine.
“I would say the cornerstone of my understanding of all things musical, social,
humorous, my own ignorance and most other human courses of thought, would be the
music of The Beatles. It all started there. They drew their ideas from their musical fore-
bearers just like all folk music and over a course of time used that medium to express
themselves globally. That whole consciousness is something awesome to bear witness to
and I want and need to be a part of it. Even if I’m just supporting cast, the cast has my support!”
-Jim McGrath
- City Paper

"Props From The Internet"

"This stuff has a nice raw quality about it - in the best sense of the word. Organic, Velvets-influenced, melodic rock & roll. Solid hooks, too."

-Jim Brett
Philadelphia, PA - Web Contact

"Demo Review"

Track 1...I liked the mood of the tune & the harmonies...the quirky chord progression matched up w/ the lyrical theme nicely

Track fav. on the disc, VERY original...vocals were very cool, & I liked the time sig/groove...the dark waltzy feel was great...reminded me of a lo-fi Flaming Lips track w/ a bit of Primus thrown in! :)

3...Nice track...recording/mix stood out...Lead gtrs were very cool, as were the keys...the big poppy chorus was perfect!

DVD part was cool too...Jack, u tore it up...if I only I could figure out how the hell I knew u! :)

Anyway, great job...overall very cool was nice to hear something w/ the live feel still intact & not completely overproduced...

Jake Williams
- Williams Press

"Industry Profesional Gives Props"

Sounds really good! I'm looking forward to getting home and cranking it up. :-) - Rusty Crowe

"Hard Rockers even like us..."

I am currently listening exclusively to this crazy song I have to learn for a gig. Until then, I was really enjoying your 3 song release. Particularly "Leave."

Good job on vocals, man!
- Steve Delaney (TEOS)


"The Highest Frquency" album on CD released 2002
"Another Mother Rock Band" demo released 2004
"Yer Dead" music video shot in 24p Jan/05


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Another Mother Rock Band; Describing the music can be simple if not deceiving. There is the Telecaster, tube amp, a refurbished jazz kit and a crooning Philadelphia native delivering a mix of powerful ballads and colorful rock-n-roll. The popular nature of the tunes combined with nostalgic textures and themes offers something tangible to the residents of the Delaware Valley. It is music we can all latch on to and be proud to call homegrown. Writer/Producer Jim McGrath has left his rock-n-roll footprint on the stages, in the basements, at the studios, and in some attics all over Philadelphia. Drummer Dave Kovach (aka “the big banger”) has been there all the way, sometimes looking back to find only one set of prints in the sand. Jack Gillespie is on the guitar and Erica Keller rounds out the core unit on bass. The Another Mother Rock Band is an ever enduring force of nature. It is calling upon the hoards of rock-n-roll listeners to come together once again seeking solidarity in a world of much uncertainty. Less than created than plucked from the perpetual continuum, a theory that has critics in an uproar, The Rock Band is gaining momentum with the release of its latest recording; The Highest Frequency. The conduits for this awesome power are James McGrath 3rd and David Kovach who are floating in the ether of fantasy and superstardom. Much more information is available or “mother” at 215-441-1365. We know you want to.