Another Option

Another Option


This is four young men that are keeping music interesting, maintaining marketability with visually appealing and energetic live performances.Indie roots are over toned by splashes of both the hip hop and pop scene. Combine this with their tour and studio history, this band is poised for big things!


Another Option started touring almost non-stop in 2005 in support of their rookie All About Records release "Sweet Sedative." The boys of Another Option have toured the entire U.S with the Vans Warped Tour, been across the pond to England for the "All About Records Invades the UK Tour," They've had their tour van demolished by a Mack truck, and had their guitarist deported back to England, but there is no holding these guys back! With a new guitarist and a new album they are stronger than ever and are currently on the road, promoting the 10-song release, "The Smoky Trials of 1985." All Summer Long at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour! The album is on All About Records out of Taunton, MA and will be available along with the band members themselves at the All About Records tent on the Warped Tour.


To Every Day

Written By: Another Option

So Lets put or busy life's, our busy life's aside, just you and me, some
vacancy, drowning in a deep sea of blankets tonight, and it may seem like a
stretch, but I'm willing to bet, that the water is over your head...

everyday you look away there's miles of highway between our hearts, and no gas
to fill our tanks, and to everyday, I can never find the words to say, the
clothes to wear, the apologies that could have kept you from going away...

it's always easy to breath, when there's a constant, and carefree breeze, let
the thin air reward your lungs, and put your mind at ease, cause there's no
love, like the hundreds of, miles speeding beneath your feet...


Written By: Another Option

As we packed our bags for the winter, an old so familiar cold ran through our
bones, and now all we have to show, is a waste of love in an abandoned home,
were our hearts will reside until I decide, I no longer want to be

But you'll lie in his bed, his pillows are soft but so firmly support
your head, and you know, you'll look your best, one he finishes the rest...
that bottle back down, so who's suppose to sing you to sleep if he can't sing,
and my brilliant voice is no were to be found, no don't pick up the phone, just
fall in love with that dial tone, cause no matter who you see if your not with
me, your always going to feel alone...


2008- Single-"Lollipop-the AO Remix"
2008- The Smokey Trials of 1985 (10 songs)
2006- Sweet Sedative (7 songs)

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