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"Another Option"

March 2009

"None of the band members in Another Option are old enough to buy a beer, but they've played shows in pubs across England. Only one of the four is in college, but they've performed at Universities such as Brown and have been given the opportunity to crash at dormitories (which is really the best part of college). With a name like Another Option, it's no wonder these guys deviate a little bit from the mainstream."

"In fact, it was through Myspace that the band was able to book a two-and-a-half-week tour of the United Kingdom with the English band My So Called Life. The tour which took the group to various English pubs, was an amazing experience for the band."

"Their first van is now scrap metal, but it's in that can that they learned the basics of life on the road as traveling rock stars. That includes sleeping in a van and on radom people's floors from the East coast to the Midwest."

"Touring is better than being at home," Calheta added.

"Another Option is currently gearing up for a summer tour that would follow the Warped Tour, a yearly music and extreme sports fesival. The festival has given a number of bands their start, and Another Option's hoping it'll take their career to a whole new level. The goal is to plan a tour around the Warped Tour, so they'll be playing showing in the morning, at night, and everywhere in between, "We'll push as many t-shirts and CDs as we can, and that will fund us and get us to the next date," Therrien says."

"In addition a new CD set for a spring release, the group will be putting together a live DVD, with material culled from 15 hours of film shot on the UK tour. The band will also be posting slideshows set to their music, using 3,000 photos taken while across the pond."

"Another Option is in it for the long haul, with too many big ideas to give up now. Being signed to a major label and a world tour are just a few of their dreams, but right now the biggest goal seems to be making this into a day job." - SoCo Magazine

"God Save the Queen" God Save the Queen 1/02/09

Middle school isn't generally thought of as a breeding ground for life decisions. Deciding what you're going to do for the rest of your life doesn't often weigh heavily on the minds of pre-teens. For the Westport-based band Another Option, however, middle school is where the path to the music business became clear.
"Another Option formed in my bedroom when we were about in eighth grade," bassist and founding member Andrew Calheta said. "Me and Kyle (Therrien) would write songs with just lyrics before we even knew how to play instruments. We talked to our friend Pat (Macinni), convinced him to get a drum set, we got some mics, amps and guitars and started jamming."
According to Therrien "Both Pat and Doug (Mongeon) left the band on good terms to let Andy and myself pursue what we were hoping would be — in time — a career in music."
Current drummer Ian Provost and guitarist Ryan Flinn, the band's lone import from Milton Keynes, England, brought a new twist to Another Option's initially pop-punk sound just under two years ago and the rest is history.
"We have grown as a band by staying together and staying passionate about what we do for so long. Over the years touring, practicing, recording, writing, and struggling has forced us to grow closer to each other, and has made us better musicians, friends and people," Therrien said.
Another Option's sound is a mix between "real trippy guitar melodies, bass and drums real tight with each other for like a hip-hop flare with extremely catchy vocals," according to Calheta, a sound that area youth have been eating up for years and that has propelled such bands as Blink 182,
Well-known to followers of New Bedford's own punk sons "A Wilhelm Scream" Another Option has met with success out of the gates, picking up legions of fans opening for Wilhelm when they played one of the long-touring bands rare Providence shows early in 2008.
Another Option started touring almost non-stop in 2005 in support of their rookie All About Records release "Sweet Sedative." The boys of Another Option have already toured as far south as South Carolina and as far west as Michigan, but they're not stopping with the United States. Another Option is currently leaving for the "All About Records Invades the UK Tour," a 16-show run with My So Called Life starting on Jan. 3 at The Leopard in Doncaster, U.K. and running through Jan. 17.
"This tour is completely about expanding our fan base to other countries and about getting our music out to different people," said drummer Ian Provost.
When Another Option returns home, the boys will host a homecoming show on Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m., at The Black Watch Pub, 266 Dartmouth St., New Bedford. Cover is just $5.
If you want to check out Another Option before they return home, tracks from the band's 10-song release "The Smoky Trials of 1985" are available for download at, as is an absolutely fabulous cover of hip-hop prodigy Lil' Wayne's chart-topper "Lollipop."
And just in case you're wondering if life in a cramped van on the road with three other guys is worth the possibility of success; Calheta added this:
"There's nothing better than the tour life. Its just your out there and day after day you're doing something you love. The van is pretty comfortable and I don't mind being with these guys. We are good friends, but things do get testy sometimes. Sometimes I take my 4-foot caterpillar stuffed animal. His name is the Guardian. He protects us from Officer Smeeks, but that's another story."
And there will be lots of stories from this tour. Another Option has agreed to keep all of its local fans up-to-date on life on the road on the A.O. on the Road blog at Make sure to check back daily for updates from the road, including exclusive pics and videos, as well as blogs from the locals as they take the U.K. by storm.

Jessica Braley can be reached at - Herald News

"Westport Indie Band to go on Whirlwind Tour in U.K." Westport Indie Band to go on Whirlwind Tour in U.K..1.02.09

They've slept on bathroom floors.

They've "showered" in public restrooms.

They've worn the same pair of pants for six days straight and totaled their tour van.

Today, the local rock outfit Another Option — self-proclaimed as "The Most Optimistic Band on the Planet" — will take four years of touring experience with them as they cross the Atlantic for a string of gigs in Great Britain.

The tour will be rigorous —14 shows in 14 days. It will begin in Sheffield tomorrow and conclude in Cheadle on Jan. 17. The tour will make stops in London and Manchester and will include a performance on a live radio broadcast. They will share the tour with My So-Called Life, a British band with the same indie rock/pop-punk stylings as the Westport-based quartet.

The tour was the conception of Russ Orcutt, the founder of All About Records, a Taunton-based record company that released Another Option's latest CD, "The Smokey Trials of 1985" in the summer of 2007. It was Mr. Orcutt's first experience with putting together a tour outside of the United States. He has previously booked tours of America with bands on his record label.

"I booked and arranged the tour by using MySpace for 99 percent of it," the 31-year-old says. "It was a lot of networking that really picked up once the ball started rolling. I was in contact with British bands who told me where they played their shows and I got an idea of who to contact from there. It took about six months to put it all together."

"There's a huge element of trust to all of this," says Another Option's singer/guitarist Kyle Therrien. "We don't really know many of the people involved. We've got to make sure the promoters advertise the shows and get people to turn out. We've got to make sure we have a place to stay and can get from show to show. We have to make sure we get paid."

Another Option will be using amplifiers and a drum kit from My So-Called Life. They will bring their own guitars, drum sticks and cymbals. In order to avoid taxation on their CDs and T-shirts as they go through customs, the band has already mailed their merchandise to a show production company in Britain.

According to Mr. Orcutt, "The tour will be a success if we break even by selling all of our CDs and merchandise."

Mr. Orcutt has another stake in the tour — he's hoping to sign My So-Called Life to his record label and arrange for a summer tour of the United States for both bands.

Ryan Flynn, a guitarist for Another Option, is already in London, awaiting his band mates — his mother lives in London and he flew across the Atlantic on Christmas Eve to stay with her until the tour begins.

The other band members will fly out of Logan International Airport in Boston and make a stopover in Paris before landing in London.

A Wilhelm Scream, a five-piece punk band based in New Bedford, has done five tours of England. Lead guitarist Trevor Reilly expects that Another Option is likely to find audiences of at least 50 to 70 people each night.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they find people who already know their music and know a lot about them," Mr. Reilly says. "The radio over there is awesome. The best radio interview we've ever done was on a London station and the guy knew everything about us. He had encyclopedic knowledge of music, bands and songwriters, and he was just sitting in for the usual host of the show. Also the geography and architecture is similar to the Cape Cod area, but the food will have them longing for the taste of home-cooked meals."

The local punk act Immortal Alice toured England in 2003. Singer/guitarist Jim Reilly defined the British audiences as "extremely receptive.

"They have a big appetite for original music in England, especially bands from outside their country. We had an amazing time. The people bought a lot of our merchandise and treated us very well. It's important to respect their culture when you're a visitor to their country — do more listening than talking, and be polite."

At 20, Mr. Therrien is the oldest member of the band. Along with Mr. Flynn, drummer Ian Provost and bassist Andrew Calheta are 19 years old. Mr. Therrien works at a coffee shop, Mr. Provost works at a gas station and Mr. Calheta works in a restaurant. Mr. Flynn is unemployed.

The band has been able to pull together $1,000 to rent a mini-van to help with their transportation around England. The only belongings they are bringing are a few pieces of clothing for each of them.

The band also received a fair amount of financial support from Mr. Orcutt.

"It's exciting but scary," Mr. Provost says. "England is the birthplace for so many of the bands that I listen to, I'm almost in awe. It feels like we're going in the right direction."

Another Option was formed by Mr. Therrien and Mr. Calheta in 2004 in Westport. Mr. Flynn and Mr. Provost joined two years later. The band put out their first EP by themselves and sold 500 copies by hand. They followed with another self-produced CD that also sold 500 copies. "The Smokey Trials of 1985" has sold nearly 1,000 copies. It is available on the band's MySpace page (

The quartet has done four tours already, travelling as far south as South Carolina and as far west as Illinois and Michigan.

"We meet better people and musicians with every tour, but we've also met every ridiculous person this country has to offer," Mr. Therrien says. "We're used to getting curve balls and we're ready for anything."

"We've been through a lot, but we've always stayed positive," Mr. Calheta says. "This is likely to be a life-changing experience from the moment we leave — I've never been on an airplane. We've spent a lot of time practicing and saving money to make sure we could do this tour."

"No matter what happens, we're going to put this proudly on our resume," Mr. Therrien says. "If three kids come to our show, we'll play the best show we can put on. Hopefully, we'll sell three CDs or T-shirts and make some more friends."
- The Standard Times

"All About Records Artist, Another Option are Currently In The Studio Working On Their Third Album"



Label Continues To Mold Up-And-Coming Punk Artists

Los Angeles, CA, October 21, 2008 – Small Taunton, Massachusetts indie-label, All About Records, remains true to their roots and goals, giving everything they have to the artists they represent, establishing the foundation for a long lasting career in the business. Mirroring the hard-work mentality of their label, it's no surprise that, Massachusetts punk band Another Option are back in the studio to work on their third studio album only two months after completing promotion for their second album.

Another Option consists of vocalist Kyle Therrien, bassist Andy Calheta, guitarist Ryan Flinn, and drummer Ian Provost. The band is currently on the road in the New England area supporting their sophomore album, THE SMOKEY TRIALS OF 1985 and will round up their tour in the UK in mid-January. Another Option have been on the road continuously since the release of their album, gaining fans one by one, show to show as their tour has relied almost entirely on word of mouth. With copies of their 2005 release, SWEET SEDATIVE continuing to sell today, their diligent investments and hard work mentality are clearly paying off.

All About Records has been flying the D.I.Y. flag since its creation in 1997, showcasing and distributing bands such as Tokyo Rose, Smackin' Isaiah, Farewell Hope, The Action Taken, and Jericho , for the last decade, many of which released their first albums with AAR . Over 500 shows later, the label continues to stay true to their punk roots, supporting the local scene with Massachusetts bands Another Option, Fighting Orion, Run Like Hell, and their lone UK signing, Ten Years.

Independently owned and operated by Russ Orcutt, the label, or "family" as Orcutt refers to it, nurtures the best of the local bands to success, going so far as to have created an all-ages venue to build up the local punk scene and promote the artists. They have previously booked bands like Boys Like Girls, Lost City Angels, Dropkick Murphys and A Wilhelm Scream among many others. Production of the merchandise was opened up in the backroom of the venue, where AAR could ensure that it all stayed "100% D.I.Y" to avoided any exclusive deals.

As of today, All About Records has released over 50 albums from dozens of artists and bands. Tokyo Rose's CHASING FIREFLIES, the bands first EP release, was originally recorded under the label, and is currently in its fourth pressing; its sales continues to rise without any promotion. Smackin' Isaiah, A Wilhelm Scream, The Action Taken, Farewell Hope, and Jericho (now Smoke or Fire), also owe it to the label for some of their earliest releases. - Kelleemack Productions

"Interview with Another Option"

Article by Katie Melody
The Observer
September 23, 2007

If you live in Westport, are between the ages of 14 – 19, and have graduated from the high school in the past 5 or 6 years, then you have definitely heard of the band, Another Option. To be honest, I was amazed how many people here on campus had never heard of them! The band is made up of 4 people, Kyle Therrien, Andrew Calheta, Ian Provost, and Ryan Flinn. Another Option was started when Kyle and Andrew the founding members of the band decided they wanted to start writing music and start a band in junior high. They didn't know how to play any instruments or own any, so they would walk around with buckets at lunch asking kids to donate money for their band, soon enough they had instruments. By freshman year of high school they were playing small venues like bars, schools, and clubs. Now they have gone through their fair share of band members. Musicians had come and gone until they decided to take a different approach at acquiring new members." Ian Provost a.k.a. Ian the Ashman Provolone, a.k.a. Swampy F Baby our current drummer joined two years ago but with no knowledge of drumming at all." says Therrien. Provost, who is also an alumni of Westport High along with Therrien and Calheta, was a bass player for another band in Westport at the time. They knew Ian was a fast learner with a lot of talent whose personality would clash well with the rest of theirs, so with a little knowledge of basic rock drumming they began to teach Ian how to play. Ian progressed just as fast as the guys thought he would to become the drummer he is now. Along the way Another Option was lucky enough to pick up a second guitarist. A native to England Ryan Flinn joined about a year ago. He brought a whole new perspective on how they looked at music. Flinn mixed trippy experimental guitar effects and progressions with the current pop feel the band was going for making our sound more original and interesting to listen to. I asked what inspires the song writing and who their influences were. "We write all of our own music and I [Therrien] write the majority of the lyrics." Their music is influenced by bands they all enjoy listening to together, bands like A Wilhelm Scream (New Bedford MA), The Receiving End of Sirens (Boston MA), Circa Survive (Philadelphia PA), and many more. "All of my lyrics are basically one liner's I think of throughout the day, while I'm driving to school, working, and doing all sorts of other stuff I just put things together as I make them up. I don't think I have ever sat down and decided that I was going to write a song." says Therrien. Now every artist or band has a ritual that they do before a show, right? "Well if being late, then that would be ours." says Calheta. AO has more traditions than rituals though. They have never driven through New Jersey and not stopped at White Castle, or every time when entering a new state, "we punch the roof of the van and holler like a bunch of jock football players with an unhealthy amount testosterone." says Therrien. And so I asked the question it seems every band gets asked, If you could choose one musician or band to work with, who would it be and why? "If we could choose one musician or band to play with it would definitely be John Mayer. Even though we don't sound anything like him I think it would satisfy our 16 year old school girl crushes that we all share for him and his ability to shred the sexiest of guitar riffs." says Flinn. In their CD players and Ipods, you would find a variety of music genres, right now you'd find Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and The Jonas Brothers. I guess it's true, The Jo Bros are everywhere! There are some really exciting things going on for Another Option, in January they will be going on tour with their record label All Around Records (which is based in Tauton, Mass.) in England! It's going to be 11 shows in 12 days, where they'll be playing many different venues. (Which you can see listed on the bands Myspace page listed below.) "We have never played out of the United States and we are extremely excited!!" I graduated from Westport a year after these guys did, and have talked to them on separate occasions and these guys are truly one of a kind.
You can find their full length CD "The Smokey Trials of 1985" released on the All About Records label, and their remix of Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" at shows. You can also find all this at the AAR tent at the Warped Tour. The Cd's are not sold in stores yet, so if you want to get your hands on one, you'll just have to come out to a show!
To find out more about Another Option check out their myspace page @ myspace. com/anotheroption.
There you'll find everything you need to know from tour dates and updates from the band!

Article by Katie Melody
The Observer
September 23, 2007 - The Observer

"Interview with Another Option"

The Villager Westport MA. (Article/Interview)
by Hanna Elmasri
The Villiager
Westport MA

With tests and homework, students can forget what they want out of life- - they just think of getting through the day. Some students though, have a clear path of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Music can be one of the top choices for students across the country.
In Westport, a band was formed by students that are now well known to many fans because of their endless shows they play. Another Option is made up of Ian Provost (Drums), Kyle Therrien (Guitar and Vocals), Andrew Calheta (bass and Vocals) and Ryan Flinn (Guitar).
"Andrew and I are the founding members of the band," Therrien said. "We first realized we wanted to become musicians and pursue music as a career back when we were in junior high."
Another Option went through their share of members. They gained members Provost and Flinn.
"After going through three drummers we acquired a talented musician by the name of Ian Provost," Therrien said. "Ian attended Westport High school with Andrew and me, and had played with numerous bands that we had shared the stage with."
When Provost joined Another Option he was playing guitar as his main instrument, until he was taught how to play the drums.
"Bass guitar was Ian's main instrument but at the time we picked him up he was playing guitar in a band," Therrien said. "With a little knowledge on basic rock drumming we began to teach Ian how to play the drums. We choose to do this cause we knew Ian was a fast learner with musical talent in his blood, and his personality clashed well with all the members of the band. He then progressed at the drums to become the drummer he is today, and with him he brought a whole new style of percussion to the band, adding a little bit of experimental and progressiveness to the musical direction and Pop/Punk genre we were trying to achieve and maintain."
Flinn joined the band as a new guitarist and changed how the band looked at certain things.
"Shortly after Ian joined we picked up a new guitarist Ryan Flinn, a native to England with a very experimental style of playing," Therrien said. "Ryan changed the way we looked at our music. Adding lots of different guitar effects and progressions to our Pop/Punk style caused our musical direction to head even more experimental. Now we are proud to say we have grown out of our junior high pop/punk and into our new progressive pop/ experimental style. A direction that is more mature and has proved to suit all members of the band collectively."
In Fall River, singer Rob Medeiros also is interested in music and makes it his life to prefect his music.
When Medeiros was younger he could not stand anything to do with music. He never thought he could follow in his brother's footsteps when it came to instruments. Then when he started listening to his brother's music his idea of music changed.
"When I was around the age of ten, my brother had actually bought a guitar to play and I actually hated it," he said. "Soon after I found myself picking it up when he wasn't home learning the same way he did- - by ear and reading tabulator. I got a hang of it real soon, things have come along way since then. I've picked up a lot of other abilities and became really open minded to music of all sorts."
For the members of Another Option, they formed their band before they even knew how to play any instrument at all.
"We were influenced by bands like Blink 182, and Saves the Day," Therrien said. "So influenced we decided to form a band even though neither of us played a instrument, or had any basic knowledge when it came to guitar and bass guitar. Our former drummer Pat Macinni came up with the name Another Option and it stuck. Throughout junior high school we all started teaching ourselves how to play our instruments and toward the end of Junior high we started playing our first shows."
Medeiros and Another Option have different styles of music. Their genres are different from one another in their own way.
"I really think my music changes all the time, whatever my mood is really, but for the most part, my genre would probably be along the lines of acoustic/pop/blues/folk," he said.
"Being influenced by bands like Blink 182 and Saves the Day back in our junior high school days caused us to head toward the Pop/Punk genre of music and style of playing," Therrien said. "As members came and went and our lineup suffered more and more changes, our style of playing and musical direction changed as well."
To actually write his music, Medeiros needs to play instruments to hear out his music. Although he has never had professional training, he still knows the base of each instrument he plays.
"I play anything (to a degree)," he said. "I play mainly guitar. Bass, percussion, and piano I can play as well, but I'm not the greatest at them. I never took lessons but it's just simple things I do. I picked up guitar but as many people, I never took lessons, which I regret now. Despite what you think, lessons give you plenty of help when you need it, learning theory and scales will definably help you."
When a writer sits down and thinks about his or hers task they can go blank. Singer/ songwriters have the same problems sometimes. Medeiros dealt with this for a while, but is getting better as he goes along. He sometimes redoes other songs but he does it for himself, he never has other people listen to it or records it.
"I do write my own lyrics, its my week spot really," he said. "I feel I am horrible at it, it's the hardest thing for me to do. I usually get the ideas for my lyrics off of what I see happen to myself in situations, but I never write them on a personal scale. Well sometimes I do, but so they work for other people, not myself. I very often do use my personal experiences to help build the lyrics to have imagery."
Doing everyday things is when Therrien gets his ideas for his songs.
"I write most of the lyrics with the exception of some verses and choruses written by drummer Ian provost," he said. "I would say my lyrics for the most part are still pretty pop opposed to some of the music backing them, but this is a direction we all agree on. I never sit down and write a song. Our songs are composed of one liner lyrics that I jot down as I think of them. Lines pop into my head when I'm sitting in traffic, brushing my teeth and doing all sorts of things, I just try to remember and put them together."
When it gets time to actually record his music, Medeiros does not need to leave the comfort of his own house to work.
"I have my own small studio, a lot of gear, and time learning how to use it has been well spent," he said. "The upside, I have as much time with no pressure when recording myself. The downside, I get so aggravated when things aren't sounding the way I like because I am the one recording it."
Medeiros has been doing a lot of recording recently because he is getting ready for a new album.
"I have recorded older demos and E.P's but after I get all my material for this one it will be another do it yourself project for me," he said. "It will be a more simple layout, but musically very calming for the most part, soft and a lot of emotion."
Another Option has just put out a new album recently, and is hoping for another one for next year.
"We just put out a full length album "The Smokey Trials or 1985" All About Record, and we are currently in the process of writing a E.P. in which we would like to put out some time toward the end of next year," he said.
Another Option is signed to indie label All About Records Taunton MA and are planning to be touring in the near future. They are also continuously promoting their music online and at shows.
"We have been promoting our band and getting our music into the ears of just about anyone willing to listen by touring endlessly and streaming music on the web," Therrien said. "Our music can be listened to on sites like www. myspace. com/anotheroption, www. myspace. com/allaboutrecords, www. purevolume. com/anotheroption, and so many more. We have toured numerous states in the United States like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia and more. Our schedule currently involves a week long tour of the upper east coast of the US and our first ever European tour in England this January. The tour was set up entirely by All About Records and so far includes dates at The Met Lounge in Peterborough, The Esco Bar in Wakefield West Yorkshire, Hoko 10 in Newcastle upon tyme, Parc hall cwmparc in rhondaa, and more dates to be announced."
As for playing in shows in the near future, Medeiros does not think he will be able to. He still does not have enough confidence to play in large areas.
"I get so many responses to play shows and for people," he said. "Sadly I'm just not confident enough in my voice. I never took lessons for that so my voice is always changing and sometimes I just don't know how to control it. I wish I played shows. One day soon I'll get past that fear hopefully."
Music right now for Medeiros is just for fun. He is in no rush to start a full time career with his music, but he does want to someday.
"I'm not exactly trying to get signed right now," he said. "Sometimes I wish, but when I look at it I'm not ready. But it is fun traveling meeting new people by means of it. I traveled to New Jersey to meet the founder of Drive Thru Records and showed him my last E.P. He didn't have any negative thoughts about it, but I wasn't trying for gold anyway. I just wanted an opinion from someone big and I got it- - not to mention it was a fun time meeting bands on tour and hanging all night with him and some cool dudes."
For other singers or bands still in high school, Medeiros and Therrien both say to start learning your stuff young and believe.
"Know your instrument," Medeiros said. "I know a lot of people pick it up like I did, but really, lessons will pay off, even online lessons will help you learn scales, chords, theory, anything really its endless. You'll find yourself using new things and making your own image as an artist and not sounding like everyone else."
"If you like what you're doing and you believe in it, do everything you can to achieve it," Therrien said. "Don't Procrastinate."
- The Villager

"Brookside, Another Option Rock Flagship on Saturday" coverage on summer 08 Tour.
Brookside, Another Option rock Flagship on Friday

Good music. Good friends.

Local pop-punkers Brookside and Another Option will share a bill this Friday, as both bands take to the stage at Flagship Theatre to celebrate the releases of their new CDs and kickoff a small tour together.

The Flagship Theatre is located in the Shaw's Plaza on Kings Highway in the North End of New Bedford. Doors will open at 5:30. Tickets are $10.

The evening will serve as a bon voyage for both bands as they prepare to play three more shows together before touring in separate directions. After leaving New Bedford they will play on common bills in Long Island, Michigan, and Buffalo.

Another Option is promoting their first full-length CD, "The Smoky Trials of 1985." Brookside's CD is self-titled. Both CD's are being released on All About Records out of Taunton.

"Brookside" was originally released last winter on Panic Records out of Seattle. This CD will include three previously unreleased tracks.

This is the first full-length CD from Anther Option. They've already put out four EPs.

"We've found that the promotion on All About Records is much better than our prior experiences," says Brookside guitarist Lenny Machado.

After the dates with their mates, Brookside will continue their tour throughout the Mid-West including Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Their resume already includes four national tours and six regional tours.

In September, Another Option will play a string of shows in the Mid-West. The band is comprised of four 19-year olds, three of whom live in Westport.

"This is something we want to do on a full-time basis," says Another Option guitarist Ryan Flinn, who resides in Cumberland, R.I. "We're excited about travelling to places we've never been before."

The players in Brookside have been able to give touring advice to their lesser-experienced brethren.

"We've told them to be prepared for anything," Machado says. "Most importantly make sure they've taken care of the general maintenance of the van – the number one goal is to get to the gig. The second most important thing is to make sure you get paid. Sometimes you have to be a jerk to make sure you get your money for gas and food. You don't always get the money you've been promised."

The bands have shared stages many times over the last few years.

"We get along very well," Machado says. "We hang out a lot. They've helped us in the past – last winter their drummer Ian Provost sat in with us for 15 shows when we needed him."

The bands met at an all-ages show at the Dartmouth YMCA in 2002 and have been friends ever since.

"We've had a lot of fun, but we've worked hard," Machado says.. "We've come a long way." - The Standard Times

"Interview with Another Option"

NeuFutur Magazine (Ohio based Zine Interview)
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Interview with Another Option
Posted by danica on July 29th, 2008 No Comments Printer-Friendly

Last week I got the chance to ask a few questions to the up and coming band Another Option. They are a New England based Indie/Rock band who is currently on tour with TGL and Brookside.

Danica Grannon : So I've heard you put out a new album recently?

Another Option: Yeah, it was released last Friday (July 18), and we've been on tour since.

DG: Anything new or different about the album?

AO: Yes, the album is totally different. We a had both a new drummer and guitar player, and this album has more of a pop feel to it. We actually recorded the album twice. We were very unhappy with it the first time, but after the second recording we had really found a sound we liked.

DG: I also heard you recently have been signed, if I'm not mistaken?

AO: Yes, we were actually just signed to All About Records. We had issues with getting signed, but when Russ heard the album he liked it and has promoted us since.

DG: So your currently on tour. Who are you most excited to play with?

AO: hmmmm….Probably TGL. We are huge fans of TGL. We also are excited to play with Brookside, I remember growing up listening to Brookside.

DG: So what are doing in your free time? You know between shows and stuff?

AO: Well we play alot of soccer, stay with friends in the area, hang out with Brookside. We really enjoy going to different restaurants while on tour. We also go to malls and push our cd, even though it's illegal. (laughter).

DG: So what bands have you been listening to while on tour?

AO: John Mayer , As City Burns, New Found Glory, and tons more.

DG: What are you doing after the tour?

AO: Well we'll be home preparing to go back on tour.

DG: And when does that start?

AO: September 26 until early October. We typically do shorter tours, just so we can pay more attention to the details. Also so we don't have to cancel or delay a lot of shows, like other bands sometimes do.

DG: What has been your biggest challenge?

AO: Transportation for the most part, we actually got hit by a Mac truck in New Jersey, it completely totaled the van.

DG: What would you say are your biggest influences?

AO: Probably bands like Green Day, Blink 182, and The Offspring.

DG: Anything to add?

AO: Gas prices, they hurt the band. The scene is not as big as it used to, the kids need to come out and support the band. It's not easy buying transportation, gas, and equipment. We would like to see more people at shows giving the bands credit and respect they deserve.

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2008- Single-"Lollipop-the AO Remix"
2008- The Smokey Trials of 1985 (10 songs)
2006- Sweet Sedative (7 songs)



Another Option started touring almost non-stop in 2005 in support of their rookie All About Records release "Sweet Sedative." The boys of Another Option have toured the entire U.S with the Vans Warped Tour, been across the pond to England for the "All About Records Invades the UK Tour," They've had their tour van demolished by a Mack truck, and had their guitarist deported back to England, but there is no holding these guys back! With a new guitarist and a new album they are stronger than ever and are currently on the road, promoting the 10-song release, "The Smoky Trials of 1985." All Summer Long at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour! The album is on All About Records out of Taunton, MA and will be available along with the band members themselves at the All About Records tent on the Warped Tour.