Another Passing Day

Another Passing Day

 Three Rivers, Michigan, USA

We play to our best every chance we get no show is "too small" we just love to get an audience and rock out!


A modern metal band from Three Rivers MI, originally formed in late 2008. Justin Latva, Ross Daniels and Travis Cain being as three good friends and music lovers. They wanted to try and form a band. The early stages consisted of late night jams with just a guitar, a bass and a drumset, but with no vocals it seemed empty. Beginning to develop a musical direction in which to pursue they began their search for a vocalist. In late 2009 Brad Hoercher, formally of Dirtknap, Sevenhead scream, and Blast Tyrant hopped on board as the bands vocalist. Simple basement jams began turning into practices and things began to start rolling. 2010 will be the debut year for Another Passing Day.


CD coming Janurary 2011.