Another Random Cause

Another Random Cause


A high-energy pop/rock/punk/acoustic band with a diverse sound that'll keep everyone on their feet waiting for more & leave 'em with a catchy tune in their head- all while having a good time!


Honest, humorous, ironic: the music of Another Random Cause projects an array of genuine emotion that belies their name. Frank Sforza’s lyrics engage the senses with vivid imagery that demands its audience sing along, drive fast and vicariously experience the story lines he illuminates.

While complex metaphors and pretentious wordsmiths dominate the music of Top 40 Radio, the music of Another Random Cause resonates on an elemental plane to invite their audience to climb in the bedroom window of an Everyman’s journey through life, love, faith and the human experience.

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Another Random Cause began with Frank Sforza who founded the project in the sincere pursuit of music and its potential to connect him with others. His unique vocal approach is at once emotional and rock hard. Sforza intelligently surrounds himself with veteran musicians in the talents of Pete Samulis on bass and Matt Pagan on drums.

Lyrics resound as passionate and playful using both electric and acoustic formats to set the tone and explore and challenge the frontiers of what currently defines music genres.
Another Random Cause delivers what many others can only aspire to both a recorded and live performance that is at once exciting, irresistible and relevant to their audience.


April '08 4-song demo cd released, currently in studio for Acoustic E.P. & Full Length CD.

Set List

Standard 30 minute solid original set: California, Inside, Promise Ring, So Long, High School Hallucinations, Ride, I Want What You Need, Young, Our Endless Summer

30 minute - 1 hr. (maximum) original set will include an acoustic mini-set that includes tunes from our soon to be released Acoustic E.P. Move On, Our Valentine's Day, 'Till We Meet Again, Your Turn & several covers